GIJN Video Series - Crime and Corruption

Video Resources for Investigating Organized Crime and Corruption

To share investigative best practices and other lessons learned from our most recent conference, GIJC21, we are releasing a series of videos from the event’s many seminars, panels, and workshops. The first installment in this series focuses on how investigative reporters can better dig into organized crime and corruption around the world.

Illustration of Russian and Ukraine flag combined. Text on the flags read: Investigating Russia & the War on Ukraine

Investigating Russia and the War in Ukraine

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, GIJN has published a series of stories and tipsheets for investigative journalists covering the war. This includes a wide range range of topics, from tracking Russian assets to investigating war crimes. Below you’ll find a list of the useful resources produced by GIJN or reposted from our members and partner organizations. All of these stories have been translated to Russian. Check back for updates.