Global Shining Light Award Submissions Open

The Global Investigative Journalism Network has opened the submissions for the Global Shining Light Award, a unique award which honors investigative journalism in a developing or transitioning country, done under threat, duress, or in the direst of conditions. Top winners will receive an honorary plaque, US$2,000, and a trip to the 2019 Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Hamburg to accept the award in front of hundreds of their colleagues from around the world.

A Funny Thing Happened on Our Way to FOIA

After nine years and over 60,000 requests, MuckRock — the Massachusetts-based news site that specializes in using the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) — has been witness to some pretty impressive efforts to keep public information from the public. In the spirit of Sunshine Week, they compiled some of the weirdest, wildest and downright hilarious redactions they’ve received since launching in 2010.

GIJN’s Data Journalism Top 10: New Tools for Chartmaking and Sonification, 3D Data, Hedgehog Maps, Editable Spreadsheet Images

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from March 4 to 10 finds several interesting tools and feature releases: @FinancialTimes’ chartmaking tool, @datavized’s data sonification tool and a new feature on @Microsoft’s Excel app that converts printed tables into editable spreadsheets, as well as @alice_corona’s discussion of building 3D data experiences, and @alyssafowers coining the term “hedgehog maps.”