Peru’s IDL-Reporteros Stands Up to Prosecutors

Peru’s IDL-Reporteros was facing pressure from the Peruvian judicial and legislative authorities to reveal its journalistic sources after publishing a report revealing alleged acts of corruption in the judicial system. But after a push back by journalists and civil society, prosecutors have rescinded their orders.

GIJN’s Data Journalism Top 10: Footballers’ Salaries, Google Trends and Gender Bias with Pudding

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from July 9 to 15 finds @morgenpost’s interactive slider showing how fast a German national footballer earns your monthly salary, tons of interesting Google search data in its @GoogleTrends data store, @durand101 and @puddingvizgender exposing bias in the UK House of Commons and @EdjNet offering a search engine for 800,000 EU datasets.

Starting Up in Syria: Investigative Journalism in One of the World’s Most Dangerous Countries

Syria is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. But that didn’t stop three Syrian reporters from launching the first investigative journalism organization in the country. They’ve produced a number of investigative stories in exile in cooperation with those still on the ground in Syria, but had to kill many more due to the high potential risks. Moving ahead, sustainability and sufficient funding are crucial to the organization.

The Future of High-Quality Documentaries Reaching A World Audience

Traditionally, documentary films can be a hard sell and haven’t always enraptured audiences. However, these films are now rising to the top of the heap given the possibilities of reaching an ever growing audience in a new battleground — the streaming arena, with the likes of established giants Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Apple.