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Covering the Extractive Industries

Mineral extraction plays a dominant role in many economies and in the lives of billions of people. How can reporters dig into the benefits and costs? 

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Grants and Fellowships for Journalists

GIJN has compiled a comprehensive list of national, regional, and global reporting grants and fellowships focused on opportunities available to international journalists.



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Dataharvest – The European Investigative Journalism Conference
30 May–2 June 2024

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GIJN, Wits Centre for Journalism Sign New Partnership Agreement


GIJN and the Wits Centre for Journalism (WCJ), one of the top journalism and media training institutions in Africa, have announced a new partnership aimed at strengthening investigative journalism on the continent. WCJ was already a GIJN member, but now the two groups have signed an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize a relationship that, according to GIJN Executive Director Emilia Diaz-Struck, will "contribute to advancing the work we do with our regional editors to expand connections between colleagues from Africa and other regions in our network."

UN Investigator: Thousands of Journalists Have Fled Home Countries Due to Oppression, Threats, and War

Source: Associated Press

In a report to the UN General Assembly, UN investigator Irene Khan explained that thousands of journalists have fled or been displaced from their native countries in recent years due to draconian restrictions on press freedom, threats on reporters' lives, and outbreaks of violent conflict and war. Warning that media independence is "shrinking in democratic countries where authoritarian trends are gaining ground," Khan noted that these ominous trends now prevail in one-third of the world's nations. Even journalists working in exile face ongoing digital harassment and physical threats, she added, driving some to abandon journalism.

Last Call for Safe Haven Fellowships for Journalists Affected by War

Source: Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study

Journalists in Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, and other war-torn areas that present a serious safety risk must apply now for the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study's 2024 - 25 Safe Haven Fellowship. This fellowship is open to scholars, artists, writers, and journalists who cannot perform their normal work because of the consequences of war or conflict. The fellowship would last for five months across one of two periods — either from September 2024 to January 2025 or from February to June 2025 — and includes a stipend of €2,500 (US$2,700) per month. Deadline to apply is Noon CET on May 21, 2024.

Applications Open for the Sir Harry Evans Global Fellowship

Source: Durham University

In partnership with Durham University and Reuters, the Sir Harry Evans Global Fellowship provides an exceptional early career journalist nine months in a Reuters newsroom in London, New York, or Toronto to work on an investigative project. Applicants should have between two and five years of professional journalism experience, but the opportunity is also open to those who have worked in an investigative reporting capacity for human rights campaigns, socio-political publications, research projects, or documentaries. The Fellowship comes with a monthly salary of £4,444 (US$5.622) per month. Applications for the 2025 Fellowship opened on May 15.

Submissions Open for EU Award for Investigative Journalism 2024

Source: EUWB Media

Entries are now being accepted for the EU Award for Investigative Journalism 2024 related to stories covering the Western Balkans and Turkey. This annual award, which offers a prize fund of €10,000 (US$10,800) per country, "aims to advance freedom of expression, uphold the rule of law, and shed light on diverse issues affecting national and regional dynamics." Stories must be translated into English, and topics of interest may include organized crime, corruption, political extremism, human rights abuses, and foreign influence operations. Deadline to apply is Midnight CET on June 13, 2024.

UNESCO Report Finds 70% of Environment Journalists Attacked Since 2009

Source: UNESCO

According to a new report, 70% of journalists covering the environment have come under attack in the past 15 years. The report documented 749 members of the press who have been "targeted with murder, physical violence, detention and arrest, online harassment or legal attacks" from 2009 to 2023. Ominously, the rate of assaults and threats has increased with more than 300 of the attacks occurring in the past five years. "Without reliable scientific information about the ongoing environmental crisis, we can never hope to overcome it. And yet the journalists we rely on to investigate this subject... face unacceptably high risks," said UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay.

Venezuela Targets Investigative Journalists in Probe for Missing Oil Revenue

Source: El País

As part of a probe into missing oil revenue, Venezuela's public prosecutor has accused investigative journalists — including two from GIJN member Armando.Info, currently in exile — of being paid by a former oil minister to publish damning stories about his political rivals and plotting to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro. Armando.Info’s co-director described the accusations as an attempt to “silence an independent outlet that has revealed the regime’s biggest corruption scandals,” and believes the accusations are linked to the forthcoming PBS Frontline and Armando.Info documentary exposing systematic corruption in Maduro’s government.

2024 Pulitzer Prize Winners Announced

Source: Pulitzer Committee

The 2024 Pulitzer Prize in the Public Service category went to ProPublica for a blockbuster series on the secret financial relationships between conservative US Supreme Court justices and billionaires. Hannah Dreier of The New York Times won in the Investigative Reporting category, for uncovering a vast network of migrant child labor abuse. Reuters was a co-winner of the National Reporting Pulitzer, for its dogged watchdog coverage of Elon Musk's businesses. It shared the prize with The Washington Post, recognized for digging into the impact of the AR-15 on American society. A special citation was given to the journalists and media workers covering the war in Gaza.

Trio of Journalists Face Prison for Investigative Exposé of Government Official in Italy

Source: Statewatch

Three investigative reporters who published a series of articles on conflicts of interest by Italy's defense minister are now facing up to nine years in prison for soliciting secret government documents and publishing information contained in them. The local prosecutor in Perugia began investigating the trio of reporters working for the newspaper Domani in 2022, after documents they had acquired revealed ongoing financial ties between the minister and the defense industry. After the minister filed a complaint, the prosecutor filed charges to compel them to reveal their source. They have refused to betray their confidential informants.

Deadline Near for IJ4EU Impact Award Nominations

Source: IJ4EU

One week remains to apply for the European Centre of Press and Media Freedom's IJ4EU Impact Award. This annual award, selected by an independent jury, is given to three of the best cross-border collaborative investigations in Europe, with each winner getting €5,000 (US$5,350) in prize money. To be eligible, submissions must have been published between Oct. 1, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2023 on any medium and in any language (although an English language version or summary must be provided with the application). Deadline to apply is 11:59 p.m. CET, May 2, 2024.


Man voting in Brazil while others wait in line to vote

2024 Elections

Global elections in the year ahead — including presidential, legislative, and regional polls in at least 60 countries — will affect more citizens than in any previous year, and will likely reset humanity’s liberty compass for years ahead. This ongoing project will feature an updated elections reporting guide, stories on cutting-edge tools for investigating campaigns […]

GIJC23 conference investigative journalism Gothenburg Sweden


The 13th Global Investigative Journalism Conference (#GIJC23), held in Gothenburg, Sweden from Sept. 19 – 22, 2023, gathered more than 2,100 journalists from 132 countries to hold workshops, share innovative methods, and celebrate a community increasingly facing censorship, corporate hacking, and authoritarian threats. This project is a compendium of GIJN’s coverage of the conference panels.

climate change pledges investigating country commitments oil drilling protest

Climate Accountability

Today, there is plenty of beat reporting and feature writing about the world’s climate crisis. But what’s missing are the investigative journalists, the ones who follow the money and hold corporations and governments accountable for what they have done – and what they haven’t done. GIJN is working to change this. Our Climate Accountability Project […]


Resource Video

Investigating the Extractives Industry in Africa

Africa is home to a substantial amount of the global mineral wealth. The continent, according to the Natural Resource Governance Institute, holds about 30% of the world’s oil, gas, and mineral resources. This includes up to 92% of the world’s platinum and chromium reserves, 56% of cobalt, 54% of manganese, and 40% of its gold. […]

Resource Video

Investigating the Israel Hamas Conflict

Seven months into the conflict between Israel and Hamas, journalists carrying out their work in the region have faced unparalleled challenges. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, as of April 9th, preliminary investigations show at least 95 journalists and media workers were among the more than 34,000 estimated killed since the conflict began on […]

Resource Video

Investigating Elections: Threat from AI Audio Deepfakes

Elections all over the world are endangered by a vast array of sophisticated digital threats. This year, when more voters head to the polls than ever before, AI-driven deepfakes threaten electoral processes everywhere, with potentially disastrous consequences for at-risk democracies. AI-generated audio simulations — in which a real voice is cloned by a machine learning […]

Resource Video

Investigative Journalism and Digital Threats in 2024 Elections

Free and fair elections are fundamental to a functioning democracy. Investigative journalism helps to ensure the integrity of the electoral process by exposing and correcting false narratives and disinformation that can influence public opinion. This reporting not only helps voters to make informed decisions but empowers them to assess the information they encounter, fostering a […]