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Introduction - Africa Organized Crime Guide

Illustration: Dominique Mwankumi pour GIJN


Guide to Investigating Organized Crime in Africa

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This guide was written by Madeleine Ngeunga, Harun MarufGideon Sarpong, Khadija Sharife, Elie Kaboré, Stephen Kafeero, Elza Sandrine Sawadogo, Will Fitzgibbon, as well as GIJN Afrique Editorial Assistant Aïssatou Fofana and GIJN Afrique editor Maxime Koami Domegni. It was edited by Maxime Koami Domegni, Aïssatou Fofana, Nikolia Apostolou, David E. Kaplan, Reed Richardson, and Alexa Van Sickle. Illustrations are by Dominque Mwankumi. Smaranda Tolosano coordinated the translations.

Click here to watch GIJN’s webinar on investigating organized crime in Africa, which was held on Dec. 8, 2022.

This guide was possible due to the invaluable support of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC), an independent civil-society organization dedicated to seeking new and innovative strategies and responses to organized crime.

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Guide to Investigating Organized Crime in Africa — Introduction

In Mozambique, the discovery of large deposits of rubies and natural gas in 2017 was supposed to bring optimism to the cash-strapped country. Instead, it has only brought chaos. Years of corrupt officials looting resources, and of growing organized crime, have fed a radical Islamist insurgency, leading to increased instability, poverty, and human rights abuses. […]

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Guide to Investigating Organized Crime in Africa: Chapter 9 — Other Crimes

The list of organized crimes tearing Africa apart is much longer than the chapters of this guide. Behind the horrific images of thousands of people perishing in the Mediterranean Sea, the deadliest migration route in the world, we must acknowledge, among other things, the action of criminal groups. Behind the drama of African girls and […]