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[{"post_id":1988,"latitude":"38.901915","longitude":"-77.0400424","name":"100Reporters, USA","network_facebook":"100Reporters","network_twitter":"100Reporters","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington, DC, US"},{"post_id":440510,"latitude":"31.9567677","longitude":"35.9233594","name":"7iber","network_facebook":"7iber","network_twitter":"7iber","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/7iber","network_address":"Amman, Jordan"},{"post_id":1325726,"latitude":"0.2769859016810512","longitude":" 32.624670835952855","name":"African Centre for Media Excellence","network_facebook":"ACME.UG\/","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/@acmeuganda8591","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/"},{"post_id":12712,"latitude":"5.6141232","longitude":"-0.1956471","name":"African Investigative Publishing Collective (AIPC), Ghana\/Netherlands","network_twitter":"aipcofficial","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Greater Accra, Ghana"},{"post_id":3999,"latitude":"-30.559482","longitude":"22.937506","name":"African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR), South Africa","network_facebook":"AfricaInvestigated","network_twitter":"AfricanCIR","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"South Africa","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":2157,"latitude":"-23.5329781","longitude":"-46.6514607","name":"Agencia Publica, Brazil","network_facebook":"agenciapublica","network_twitter":"agenciapublica","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/apublica","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"S\u00e3o Paulo, Brazil","network_founded":"2011"},{"post_id":4833,"latitude":"-6.1853574","longitude":"106.8388969","name":"Alliance of Independent Journalists, Indonesia","network_facebook":"ajiindonesia","network_twitter":"AJIIndo","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCOYDdIfokhiWrKSXeji6apw","network_site_url":"http:\/\/","network_address":"Jakarta, Indonesia","network_founded":"1994","network_since":"2015"},{"post_id":440514,"latitude":"36.8064948","longitude":"10.1815316","name":"Alqatiba","network_facebook":"alqatiba","network_twitter":"alqatiba","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Tunis, Tunisia"},{"post_id":12714,"latitude":"-33.9248565","longitude":"18.4161677","name":"AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism, South Africa","network_facebook":"amaBhungane\/","network_twitter":"amaBhungane","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Cape Town, South Africa","network_founded":"2010"},{"post_id":1990,"latitude":"31.9539494","longitude":"35.910635","name":"Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), Jordan","network_facebook":"ARIJNetwork","network_twitter":"ARIJNetwork","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Amman, Jordan","network_founded":"2005"},{"post_id":279457,"latitude":"52.3709076","longitude":"4.8684924","name":"Arena for Journalism in Europe","network_facebook":"journalismarena\/","network_twitter":"journalismarena","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Amsterdam, Netherlands"},{"post_id":12730,"latitude":"10.4805937","longitude":"-66.9036063","name":", Venezuela","network_facebook":"armando.investiga","network_twitter":"armandoinfo","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/ArmandoInfo","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Caracas, Venezuela","network_founded":"2010"},{"post_id":279497,"latitude":"9.9546689","longitude":"-84.1948584","name":"Asociaci\u00f3n de Periodismo Punto y Aparte","network_facebook":"puntoyapartecr\/","network_twitter":"PuntoyAparte_1","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Costa Rica"},{"post_id":2008,"latitude":"-23.5505199","longitude":"-46.6333094","name":"Associa\u00e7\u00e3o Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo (ABRAJI), Brazil","network_facebook":"JornInvestigativo","network_twitter":"abraji","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"S\u00e3o Paulo, Brazil","network_founded":"2002","network_phone":"+55 11 3159-0344"},{"post_id":318647,"latitude":"-23.66403251820535","longitude":" -46.656704461586415","name":"Associa\u00e7\u00e3o Fiquem Sabendo, Brazil","network_facebook":"fiquemsabendo","network_twitter":"_fiquemsabendo","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Sao Paulo, Brazil","network_phone":"+55 11 96303-8050","network_since":"2021"},{"post_id":6021,"latitude":"46.7687489","longitude":"23.5572909","name":"\u00c1tl\u00e1tsz\u00f3 Erd\u00e9ly, Romania","network_facebook":"atlatszoerdely\/","network_twitter":"erdely_atlatszo","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Cluj-Napoca, Romania","network_founded":"2015"},{"post_id":1997,"latitude":"47.493479607672185","longitude":" 19.075376095440575","name":", Hungary","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"atlatszo","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Budapest, Hungary","network_founded":"2011"},{"post_id":2001,"latitude":"44.786568","longitude":"20.4489216","name":"Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), Bosnia and Herzegovina","network_facebook":"birn.balkans\/","network_twitter":"birnbalkans","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/en\/page\/home","network_address":"Belgrade, Serbia"},{"post_id":2002,"latitude":"56.9524332","longitude":"24.2184893","name":"Baltic Centre for Investigative Journalism (re:baltica), Latvia","network_twitter":"rebaltica","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/en","network_address":"Riga, Latvia","network_founded":"2011"},{"post_id":604081,"latitude":"50.033315778182825","longitude":" 14.447172239813927","name":"Belarusian Investigative Center","network_twitter":"BelarusFiles","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UC4n3yRacGMoRrEW0uICUq1Q","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en","network_address":"Prague, Czech Republic"},{"post_id":97079,"latitude":"52.377956","longitude":"4.897070","name":"Bellingcat, Netherlands","network_facebook":"bellingcat\/","network_twitter":"bellingcat","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCFl-GzKYeCW3iWjnQDuxzAA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Netherlands","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":6045,"latitude":"27.4755722","longitude":"89.6274099","name":"Bhutan Media Foundation, Bhutan","network_facebook":"Bhutan-Media-Foundation-514337535302348\/","network_twitter":"BhutanMediaFdn","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Thimphu, Bhutan","network_founded":"2010"},{"post_id":27075,"latitude":"50.450001","longitude":"30.523333","name":" (NGSCO “TOM 14”), Ukraine","network_facebook":"\/","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Kyiv, Ukraine","network_founded":"2015"},{"post_id":318648,"latitude":"52.4830928","longitude":"-1.8861482","name":"Birmingham City University School of Media, UK","network_facebook":"BirminghamSchoolOfMedia","network_twitter":"bcumedia","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/media","network_address":"Birmingham, UK","network_since":"2021"},{"post_id":604074,"latitude":"42.49792604796027","longitude":" 27.472721266241482","name":"","network_facebook":"bivolnews","network_twitter":"BivolBg","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/@BivolBivol","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Burgas, Bulgaria"},{"post_id":2009,"latitude":"42.6977082","longitude":"23.3218675","name":"Broadcast Training Center ProMedia Foundation, Bulgaria","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Sofia, Bulgaria"},{"post_id":2013,"latitude":"43.1395308","longitude":"-80.2654975","name":"Canadian Association of Journalists, Canada","network_facebook":"CdnAssocJournalists","network_twitter":"CAJ","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Brantford, Canada","network_founded":"1978"},{"post_id":440516,"latitude":"42.961079","longitude":"-85.661429","name":"Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ)","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"the_ccij","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"MI, US"},{"post_id":5380,"latitude":"42.439845","longitude":"19.248567","name":"Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro, Montenegro","network_facebook":"","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Podgorica, Montenegro","network_founded":"2013"},{"post_id":2171,"latitude":"44.8076172","longitude":"20.4653685","name":"Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS), Serbia","network_facebook":"cinserbia\/","network_twitter":"CINSerbia","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Beograd, Serbia","network_founded":"2008"},{"post_id":2169,"latitude":"41.9939631","longitude":"21.4328151","name":"Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP-Macedonia, Macedonia","network_facebook":"CenterForInvestigativeJournalismScoopMacedonia","network_twitter":"SCOOPMacedonia","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Skopje, Macedonia"},{"post_id":2017,"latitude":"27.687335031072497","longitude":" 85.30823167725696","name":"Center for Investigative Journalism, Nepal","network_facebook":"CIJnepal\/","network_twitter":"cijnepal","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lalitpur, Nepal","network_founded":"1996"},{"post_id":2006,"latitude":"43.8796637","longitude":"18.4072861","name":"Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN), Bosnia","network_facebook":"cinbih\/","network_twitter":"cinbih","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCvhkCeLeW044_4jS8tcjOcA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/","network_address":"Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina","network_founded":"2004"},{"post_id":2019,"latitude":"37.8715226","longitude":"-122.273042","name":"Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), US","network_facebook":"ThisIsReveal","network_twitter":"reveal","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/reveal","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Berkeley, California, United States","network_founded":"1977","network_phone":"+1 510-809-3160"},{"post_id":2021,"latitude":"33.6844202","longitude":"73.0478848","name":"Center for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan (CIRP), Pakistan","network_facebook":"\/","network_twitter":"cirp_pk","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Islamabad, Pakistan"},{"post_id":318646,"latitude":"6.8948799","longitude":"79.8537443","name":"Center for Investigative Reporting, Sri Lanka","network_facebook":"cirsl","network_twitter":"cirsl1","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Colombo, Sri Lanka","network_since":"2021"},{"post_id":2023,"latitude":"38.901901","longitude":"-77.039685","name":"Center for Public Integrity, US","network_facebook":"publici","network_twitter":"publicintegrity","network_site_url":"http:\/\/","network_address":"Washington, D.C","network_founded":"1989","network_phone":"+1 202 466 1300"},{"post_id":2025,"latitude":"51.5279719","longitude":"-0.1024624","name":"Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), UK","network_facebook":"Centre-for-Investigative-Journalism-CIJ\/276099960477","network_twitter":"cijournalism","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"London, UK","network_founded":"2003","network_phone":"+44 (0) 20 7040 8526"},{"post_id":2027,"latitude":"46.0715724","longitude":"14.4939299","name":"Centre for Investigative Journalism (CPNS), Slovenia","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Ljubljana, Slovenia "},{"post_id":4810,"latitude":"28.5395908","longitude":"77.1434831","name":"Centre for Investigative Journalism India, India","network_facebook":"profile.php?id=100007168484647","network_twitter":"CijIndia","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"New Delhi, India","network_founded":"2014","network_since":"2015"},{"post_id":27070,"latitude":"-11.4389649","longitude":"34.0084395","name":"Centre for Investigative Journalism Malawi (CIJM), Malawi","network_facebook":"cijma","network_twitter":"cijm_director","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Malawi, Africa","network_founded":"2013"},{"post_id":6042,"latitude":"9.0608935","longitude":"7.4639592","name":"Centre for Journalism Innovation & Development (CJID)","network_facebook":"TheCJID","network_twitter":"CJIDAfrica","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCuVd3fYcI99GZtY7CtVksTA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Abuja, Nigeria","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":6054,"latitude":"21.025527956580547","longitude":" 105.85678034977158","name":"Centre for Media and Development Initiatives (MDI), Vietnam","network_facebook":"\/","network_twitter":"MDIcentre","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/home\/","network_address":"Hanoi, Vietnam","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":2338,"latitude":"12.1363889","longitude":"-86.2513889","name":"Centro de Investigaci\u00f3n de la Comunicaci\u00f3n (CINCO), Nicaragua","network_facebook":"centrodeinvestigacionesdelacomunicacion","network_twitter":"cinco2012","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Managua, Nicaragua","network_founded":"1990","network_phone":"505 22775134"},{"post_id":2031,"latitude":"-33.4375866","longitude":"-70.6435547","name":"Centro De Investigaci\u00f3n Periodistica (CIPER), Chile","network_facebook":"ciper.chile?fref=ts","network_twitter":"ciper","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/CIPERChileYT ","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_founded":"2007","network_phone":"(56-2) 6382629 "},{"post_id":279477,"latitude":"-25.9710682","longitude":"32.5795837","name":"Centro de Jornalismo Investigativo","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"jornalismo_de","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Maputo, Mozambique "},{"post_id":2029,"latitude":"18.4511126","longitude":"-66.0567835","name":"Centro de Periodismo Investigativo, Puerto Rico (CPIPR), USA","network_facebook":"cpipr\/","network_twitter":"cpipr ","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"San Juan, Puerto Rico","network_founded":"2007","network_phone":"+1 787-751-1912 ext. 3022"},{"post_id":440522,"latitude":"10.1445678","longitude":"-85.4530295","name":"Centro Latinoamericano de Investigaci\u00f3n Period\u00edstica (CLIP)","network_facebook":"\/","network_twitter":"CLIP_AmericaLat","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCkmpUfEjYCACrWkLrCI3FpA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Guanacaste, Costa Rica"},{"post_id":279494,"latitude":"40.7530225","longitude":"-73.9861561","name":"Coda Media","network_facebook":"StayOntheStory\/","network_twitter":"CodaStory","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"New York"},{"post_id":2165,"latitude":"50.0755381","longitude":"14.4378005","name":"Community of Investigative Journalists \u2014 Foundation 19\/29, Czech Republic","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"Praha, Czechia"},{"post_id":2033,"latitude":"4.5980556","longitude":"-74.0758333","name":"Connectas, Colombia","network_facebook":"Connectas","network_twitter":"ConnectasOrg","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bogota, Colombia","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":2046,"latitude":"4.6301147","longitude":"-74.062207","name":"Consejo de Redacci\u00f3n (CdR), Colombia","network_facebook":"pages\/Consejo-de-Redacci\u00f3n\/68115033929?fref=ts","network_twitter":"CdR_","network_youtube":"http:\/\/\/consejoderedaccion","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bogot\u00e1, Colombia","network_founded":"2007","network_phone":"(57-1) 3208320 ext.4584"},{"post_id":6024,"latitude":"-12.0845153","longitude":"-77.0464481","name":"CONVOCA, Peru","network_facebook":"convoca","network_twitter":"ConvocaPe","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UC2rWp2WtZLbHq0cUuzSghYw","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lima","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":4009,"latitude":"51.4556432","longitude":"7.0115552","name":"CORRECT!V, Germany","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"correctiv_org","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCZ-tUoJJV-18Xtcij_tOgGQ ","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Essen, Germany","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":279471,"latitude":"42.4341413","longitude":"19.2593824","name":"Crime and Corruption Reporting Network \u2014 LUPA","network_facebook":"mrezalupa\/","network_twitter":"lupamreza","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Podgorica, Montenegro "},{"post_id":2048,"latitude":"50.4190925","longitude":"30.6550045","name":"Crimean Center for Investigative Journalism, Ukraine","network_facebook":"\/","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCG10-zIqLSWwDYnaESCOVNA","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Kyiv, Ukraine"},{"post_id":1325652,"latitude":"47.01903636016956","longitude":" 28.84018861074495","name":"CU Sens","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"cu_sens","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCfio33QToA3UWDN4qUUdQLA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/ro\/"},{"post_id":3192,"latitude":"50.0650522","longitude":"14.4268194","name":"Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism, Czechia","network_facebook":"investigace\/","network_twitter":"investigace_cz","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Prague, Czech Republic","network_founded":"2013"},{"post_id":528401,"latitude":"55.6810631","longitude":"12.5714988","name":"Danwatch","network_facebook":"danwatchmedia","network_twitter":"DanWatchDK","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/danwatch2007","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"Copenhagen, Denmark"},{"post_id":440527,"latitude":"35.8978938","longitude":"14.5102961","name":"Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation","network_facebook":"DaphneCaruanaGaliziaFoundation","network_twitter":"daphnefdtn","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"Malta"},{"post_id":2054,"latitude":"40.8075639","longitude":"-73.9637639","name":"Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, USA","network_facebook":"DartCenter","network_twitter":"DartCenter","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/DartCenter","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"New York, US","network_phone":"+1 (212) 854 8056"},{"post_id":44318,"latitude":"50.4190925","longitude":"30.6550045","name":"Data Journalism Agency \u2014, Ukraine","network_facebook":"\/","network_twitter":"TextyOrgUa","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Ukraine","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":44321,"latitude":"41.0082376","longitude":"28.9783589","name":"DataJournalismTurkey (Veri Gazetecili\u011fi T\u00fcrkiye), Turkey","network_twitter":"DagmedyaVeri","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Istanbul, Turkey","network_founded":"2013"},{"post_id":5381,"latitude":"45.48747274681836","longitude":" 9.161090879949896","name":", Italy","network_facebook":"dataninjait\/","network_twitter":"dataninjait","network_site_url":"http:\/\/","network_address":"Bologna, Italy","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":119118,"latitude":"43.142994","longitude":"-77.5447454","name":"DCReport, USA","network_facebook":"DCReportMedia\/","network_twitter":"DCReportMedia","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/DCReport","network_site_url":"https:\/\/","network_address":"Rochester, NY ","network_founded":"2018"},{"post_id":6027,"latitude":"43.999425","longitude":"12.657717","name":"DIG Association, Italy","network_facebook":"associazionedig","network_twitter":"digawards","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/premioilariaalpi","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"Modena, Italy","network_founded":"2015"},{"post_id":5368,"latitude":"47.51526028002103","longitude":" 19.0491036666071","name":"Direkt36 Investigative Journalism Center, Hungary","network_facebook":"direkt36","network_twitter":"direkt36","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"Budapest, Hungary","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":279463,"latitude":"48.8849505","longitude":"2.4036112","name":"DISCLOSE","network_facebook":"\/","network_twitter":"Disclose_ngo","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/Disclose_ngo","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"France"},{"post_id":3615,"latitude":"48.002777","longitude":"37.805279","name":"Donetsk Institute of Information, Ukraine","network_facebook":"\u0414\u043e\u043d\u0435\u0446\u044c\u043a\u0438\u0439-\u0456\u043d\u0441\u0442\u0438\u0442\u0443\u0442-\u0456\u043d\u0444\u043e\u0440\u043c\u0430\u0446\u0456\u0457\/180990075270951?sk=wall","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Donetsk, Ukraine","network_founded":"2009"},{"post_id":4013,"latitude":"48.2081743","longitude":"16.3738189","name":"Dossier, Austria","network_facebook":"dossieronline","network_twitter":"dossier_","network_site_url":"http:\/\/","network_address":"Vienna, Austria","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":318649,"latitude":"39.240229685599466","longitude":" -120.02601381863647","name":"Drilled, USA","network_facebook":"criticalfrequencypod","network_twitter":"CriticalFreqPod","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"California","network_since":"2021"},{"post_id":2056,"latitude":"52.093699393588466","longitude":" 5.113735555320844","name":"Dutch-Flemish Association for Investigative Journalists (VVOJ), Netherlands","network_facebook":"pages\/Vereniging-van-Onderzoeksjournalisten\/103331057495","network_twitter":"vvoj","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Utrecht, Netherlands","network_founded":"2002"},{"post_id":2058,"latitude":"13.7100446","longitude":"-89.2448766","name":"El Faro, El Salvador","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"_ElFaro_","network_youtube":"http:\/\/\/user\/webelfaro","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"San Salvador, El Salvador","network_founded":"1998"},{"post_id":440498,"latitude":"-22.5334991","longitude":"-55.7463643","name":"El Surtidor","network_facebook":"elsurti","network_twitter":"elsurti","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Paraguay"},{"post_id":604088,"latitude":"48.89047399314438","longitude":" 2.3351441243834987","name":"Environmental Investigative Forum","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Mougins, France"},{"post_id":2062,"latitude":"50.8455818","longitude":"5.7013263","name":"European Journalism Centre (EJC), Netherlands","network_facebook":"european.journalism.centre","network_twitter":"ejcnet","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Maastricht, Netherlands","network_founded":"1992"},{"post_id":6030,"latitude":"51.5546548","longitude":"-0.0438186","name":"Finance Uncovered, UK","network_twitter":"FinUncovered ","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"London, UK","network_founded":"2015"},{"post_id":2188,"latitude":"60.1698557","longitude":"24.9383791","name":"Finnish Association for Investigative Journalism (TJY), Finland","network_facebook":"Tutkiva","network_twitter":"TutkivaFi","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Helsinki, Finland","network_founded":"1992"},{"post_id":2064,"latitude":"25.7221733","longitude":"-80.2759933","name":"Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, USA","network_facebook":"floridacir","network_twitter":"FCIR","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"University of Miami, Florida","network_phone":"305-520-9621"},{"post_id":279417,"latitude":"56.6587249","longitude":"16.361417","name":"Fojo Media Institute","network_facebook":"Fojoinstitute\/","network_twitter":"fojo_int","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"Kalmar, Sweden"},{"post_id":2083,"latitude":"50.8424194","longitude":"4.3798301","name":"Fonds Pour Le Journalisme, Belgium","network_twitter":"AJPjournalistes","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bruxelles, Belgium"},{"post_id":230114,"latitude":"48.8448125","longitude":"2.3715625","name":"Forbidden Stories, France","network_facebook":"ForbiddenStoriesOfficial","network_twitter":"FbdnStories","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Paris, France"},{"post_id":2050,"latitude":"55.6760968","longitude":"12.5683372","name":"Foreningen for Unders\u00f8gende Journalistik (FUJ), Denmark","network_twitter":"fuj_dk","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Copenhagen, Denmark"},{"post_id":2087,"latitude":"59.325209523760904","longitude":" 18.073643982933746","name":"F\u00f6reningen Gr\u00e4vande Journalister (Gr\u00e4v), Sweden","network_facebook":"F\u00f6reningen-gr\u00e4vande-journalister-296112527085352\/","network_twitter":"FGJ_foreningen","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Stockholm, Sweden","network_founded":"1990"},{"post_id":3199,"latitude":"-34.6051022","longitude":"-58.3910115","name":"Foro De Periodismo Argentino (FOPEA), Argentina","network_facebook":"fopea","network_twitter":"fopea","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_founded":"2002"},{"post_id":6032,"latitude":"28.6349338","longitude":"77.1792825","name":"Forum for Media and Literature, India","network_facebook":"Cobrapostcom-116224638588260\/?ref=hl","network_twitter":"cobrapost","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"New Delhi, India","network_founded":"2013"},{"post_id":44324,"latitude":"13.7715749","longitude":"100.573431","name":"Foundation for Community and Educational Media (Prachatai), Thailand","network_facebook":"Prachatai","network_twitter":"prachatai","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/prachatai","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bangkok, Thailand","network_founded":"2004"},{"post_id":2081,"latitude":"6.9270786","longitude":"79.861243","name":"Free Media Movement of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka","network_twitter":"FMMsrilanka","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Colombo, Sri Lanka"},{"post_id":12716,"latitude":"52.3661765","longitude":"4.9053319","name":"Free Press Unlimited, Netherlands","network_facebook":"freepressunltd","network_twitter":"freepressunltd","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/FreePressUnlimited","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en","network_address":"Amsterdam, The Netherlands","network_founded":"2011"},{"post_id":2075,"latitude":"38.9403808","longitude":"-92.3277375","name":"Freedom of Information Center, USA","network_facebook":"NFOIC\/info","network_twitter":"nfoic","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/foi-center","network_address":"University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, United States","network_founded":"1989","network_phone":"(573) 882-4856"},{"post_id":2085,"latitude":"38.8970436","longitude":"-77.0312437","name":"Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), USA","network_facebook":"FundFIJ","network_twitter":"fundfij","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington, District of Columbia ","network_founded":"1969","network_phone":"(202) 803-5151"},{"post_id":144663,"latitude":"-17.8145819","longitude":"-63.1560853","name":"Fundacion Blue Foresta, Bolivia","network_facebook":"BlueForesta\/","network_twitter":"BlueForesta","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia "},{"post_id":2066,"latitude":"40.4167754","longitude":"-3.7037902","name":"Fundaci\u00f3n Ciudadana Civio, Spain","network_facebook":"fundacioncivio","network_twitter":"civio","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Madrid, Spain"},{"post_id":2071,"latitude":"52.2296756","longitude":"21.0122287","name":"Fundacja Reporterow (Reporters\u2019 Foundation), Poland","network_facebook":"fundacjareporterow","network_twitter":"FReporterow","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Warsaw, Poland","network_founded":"2010"},{"post_id":528404,"latitude":"38.9659154","longitude":"-77.076559","name":"Global Press","network_facebook":"globalpressjournal\/","network_twitter":"GlobalPress","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/#","network_address":"Washington, DC "},{"post_id":2109,"latitude":"49.2678292","longitude":"-123.2577227","name":"Global Reporting Center, Canada","network_facebook":"globalreportingcentre","network_twitter":"GlobalRepCentre","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Vancouver, Canada"},{"post_id":279790,"latitude":"33.4536581","longitude":"-112.0736419","name":"Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, Arizona State Univ.","network_twitter":"HowardCenterASU","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Phoenix, AZ "},{"post_id":230098,"latitude":"38.9869389","longitude":"-76.9484847","name":"Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, Univ. of Maryland, USA","network_twitter":"HowardCenterUMD","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/about-merrill\/signature-programs\/the-howard-center-for-investigative-journalism\/"},{"post_id":2090,"latitude":"64.1431613","longitude":"-21.937521","name":"Icelandic Center for Investigative Journalism","network_facebook":"midstodrannsoknarbladamennsku","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Reykjav\u00edk, Iceland"},{"post_id":4019,"latitude":"-12.108012579124097","longitude":" -77.03557437398793","name":"IDL-Reporteros, Peru","network_facebook":"IDLReporteros","network_twitter":"IDL_R","network_site_url":"https:\/\/","network_address":"Peru","network_founded":"2009"},{"post_id":6034,"latitude":"50.8450107","longitude":"4.3494288","name":"IHECS Academy, Belgium","network_facebook":"ihecsacademy?fref=ts","network_twitter":"IHECSacademy","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Brussels, Belgium","network_founded":"2004"},{"post_id":3619,"latitude":"18.994366","longitude":"72.8271865","name":"IndiaSpend, India","network_facebook":"IndiaSpend","network_twitter":"IndiaSpend","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/IndiaSpend","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Mumbai, India","network_founded":"2011"},{"post_id":604083,"latitude":"-6.395374267293204","longitude":" 106.80239958757737","name":"Indonesian Data Journalism Network","network_twitter":"IDJ_Network","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/@IDJNetwork123","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Depok, West Java, Indonesia"},{"post_id":279801,"latitude":"32.771799","longitude":"-117.0723536","name":"inewsource","network_facebook":"inewsource","network_twitter":"inewsource","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"San Diego, CA"},{"post_id":97083,"latitude":"-17.8216862","longitude":"31.054371","name":"Information for Development Trust, Zimbabwe","network_facebook":"information4devleopmenttrust\/","network_twitter":"Informa34567899","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Harare, Zimbabwe","network_founded":"2015"},{"post_id":6037,"latitude":"-24.6282079","longitude":"25.9231471","name":"Ink Centre For Investigative Journalism, Botswana","network_twitter":"ink_cij","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/index.php","network_address":"Gaborone, Botswana","network_founded":"2015"},{"post_id":44325,"latitude":"36.8234622","longitude":"10.1826482","name":"Inkyfada, Tunisia","network_facebook":"InkyFada\/","network_twitter":"inkyfada","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/inkyfada","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Tunis, Tunisia","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":318645,"latitude":"38.937224","longitude":"-77.0893036","name":"InSight Crime, Colombia\/USA","network_facebook":"InSightCrime","network_twitter":"InSightCrime","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington DC "},{"post_id":279503,"latitude":"45.4585625","longitude":"-73.6405625","name":"Institute for Investigative Journalism","network_facebook":"TheIIJ\/","network_twitter":"cu_iij","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/artsci\/journalism\/research\/investigative-journalism.html","network_address":"Montreal, Quebec, Canada"},{"post_id":2127,"latitude":"34.1612296","longitude":"-118.5147472","name":"Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), USA","network_facebook":"institutefornonprofitnews","network_twitter":"inn","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"California ","network_founded":"2009","network_phone":"(818) 582-3533"},{"post_id":2096,"latitude":"38.89971","longitude":"-77.0334663","name":"Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), UK","network_facebook":"InstituteforWarandPeaceReporting","network_twitter":"IWPR","network_youtube":"http:\/\/\/iwprmedia","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/what-we-do","network_address":"Washington, DC, US","network_founded":"1991"},{"post_id":2099,"latitude":"-12.146136","longitude":"-77.0228677","name":"Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPYS), Peru","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"IPYS","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lima, Per\u00fa","network_phone":"T. (511) 247 3308 | 247 4461 | 247 4465"},{"post_id":2101,"latitude":"59.211381","longitude":"10.9648362","name":"Institutt for Journalistikk (IJ), Norway","network_facebook":"IJ.kurs","network_twitter":"ijourn","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Norway"},{"post_id":12718,"latitude":"53.5822768","longitude":"9.8774801","name":"Interlink Academy, Germany","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"InterlinkAca","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Hamburg, Germany","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":2103,"latitude":"38.9051637","longitude":"-77.0453824","name":"International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), US","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"ICFJ","network_youtube":"http:\/\/\/icfjournalists","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington, District of Columbia","network_founded":"1984","network_phone":"(202) 737-3700"},{"post_id":6050,"latitude":"9.0563256","longitude":"7.45983","name":"International Centre for Investigative Reporting, Nigeria","network_facebook":"TheICIR\/","network_twitter":"theicir","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/icirnigeria","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Abuja, Nigeria","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":2105,"latitude":"38.90611084409594","longitude":" -77.03946557632818","name":"International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), US","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"icijorg","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/IcijOrg","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington, District of Columbia","network_founded":"1997"},{"post_id":2107,"latitude":"55.68111709798959","longitude":" 12.571320096106927","name":"International Media Support (IMS), Denmark","network_facebook":"IMSInternationalMediaSupport\/","network_twitter":"IMSforfreemedia","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/forfreemedia","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Copenhagen, Denmark"},{"post_id":5379,"latitude":"40.87","longitude":"-124.08","name":"Internews, US","network_facebook":"internews?ref=ts","network_twitter":"Internews","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/InternewsNetwork","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_founded":"1982"},{"post_id":144696,"latitude":"52.3674539","longitude":"4.8888368","name":"Investico (Netherlands)","network_facebook":"platforminvestico\/","network_twitter":"_investico","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Amsterdam, The Netherlands"},{"post_id":440532,"latitude":"52.5386156","longitude":"13.4225863","name":"Investigate Europe","network_facebook":"investigateeurope\/","network_twitter":"investigate_eu","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/InvestigateEurope","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"Berlin, Germany"},{"post_id":2113,"latitude":"47.3706635","longitude":"8.5573158","name":", Switzerland","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"investigativ_ch","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Zurich, Switzerland","network_founded":"2011"},{"post_id":440500,"latitude":"48.146806","longitude":"17.1031604","name":"Investigative Center of Jan Kuciak (ICJK)","network_facebook":"","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bratislava, Slovak Republic"},{"post_id":440504,"latitude":"43.6590884","longitude":"-79.392784","name":"Investigative Journalism Bureau (IJB)","network_twitter":"UofT_ijb","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Toronto, Canada"},{"post_id":2117,"latitude":"47.0327366","longitude":"28.8437218","name":"Investigative Journalism Center of Moldova","network_facebook":"Centrul-de-Investigatii-Jurnalistice-156836770993635\/","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Chisinau, Moldova "},{"post_id":2115,"latitude":"45.8132348","longitude":"15.9851902","name":"Investigative Journalism Center, Croatia (IJC)","network_address":"Zagreb, Hrvatska"},{"post_id":2125,"latitude":"40.1872023","longitude":"44.515209","name":"Investigative Journalists of Armenia (HETQ)","network_facebook":"hetqonline","network_twitter":"Hetq_Trace","network_youtube":"http:\/\/\/hetqtv","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en","network_address":"Yereban, Armenia","network_founded":"2001"},{"post_id":279468,"latitude":"41.7053627","longitude":"44.7867833","name":"Investigative Journalists’ Team “iFact”","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"ifactgeorgia","network_address":"Tbilisi, Georgia"},{"post_id":2129,"latitude":"38.9481161","longitude":"-92.3282111","name":"Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), US","network_facebook":"IRE.NICAR?fref=ts","network_twitter":"IRE_NICAR","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/IREandNICAR\/about","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Columbia, MO","network_founded":"1975","network_phone":"573 882 2042"},{"post_id":2131,"latitude":"55.669014547399556","longitude":" 12.555681911446326","name":"Investigative Reporting Denmark","network_facebook":"InvestigativeReportingDenmark","network_twitter":"cird2012","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Arhus, Denmark","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":440536,"latitude":"42.0011253","longitude":"21.4257776","name":"Investigative Reporting Lab","network_facebook":"IRLMacedonia\/","network_twitter":"IrlMacedonia","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UC2eqprx_bNy3SmR62rLxqhg","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/mk\/","network_address":"Skopje, Republic of Macedonia","network_founded":"2017"},{"post_id":2133,"latitude":"41.87194","longitude":"12.56738","name":"Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI)","network_facebook":"investigativereportingprojectitaly","network_twitter":"irpinvestigates","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCNPp9ySEsoFbkvu1khh4Fhg","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"Italy","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":2135,"latitude":"38.9331895","longitude":"-77.0847817","name":"Investigative Reporting Workshop (IRW), US","network_facebook":"irworkshop","network_twitter":"IRWorkshop\/","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington, District of Columbia","network_founded":"2007","network_phone":"(202) 885-3600"},{"post_id":2336,"latitude":"38.902846","longitude":"-77.0292338","name":"IREX, US","network_facebook":"irexinternational","network_twitter":"irexintl","network_youtube":"http:\/\/\/user\/irexdc\/","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington DC","network_founded":"1968"},{"post_id":230084,"latitude":"5.562547","longitude":"-0.2144416","name":"iWatch Africa, Ghana","network_facebook":"iwatchafrica","network_twitter":"iwatchafrica","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Accra, Ghana"},{"post_id":6040,"latitude":"-6.194624","longitude":"106.868174","name":"JARING, Indonesia","network_facebook":"JARINGIndonesia\/","network_twitter":"JARING_?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Jakarta, Indonesia"},{"post_id":604075,"latitude":"47.369492507445365","longitude":" 8.53468565125573","name":"JournaFONDS","network_twitter":"Recherchebund","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/de","network_address":"Zurich, Switzerland"},{"post_id":64401,"latitude":"14.5763396","longitude":"121.0631469","name":"Journalism for Nation Building Foundation, Philippines","network_facebook":"rapplerdotcom","network_twitter":"rapplerdotcom","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/rappler","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/newsbreak","network_address":"Pasig City, Philippines","network_founded":"2011","network_phone":"+639175311927, +639175802663"},{"post_id":144686,"latitude":"35.6885218","longitude":"139.7259263","name":"Journalism Practitioners\u2019 Forum (Japan)","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Tokyo, Japan"},{"post_id":44329,"latitude":"35.7074923","longitude":"139.7195","name":"Journalism School of Waseda University, Japan","network_twitter":"waseda_jschool","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Tokyo, Japan","network_founded":"2008"},{"post_id":2060,"latitude":"50.849917498300556","longitude":" 4.3547993515283165","name":"Journalismfund Europe","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"journalismfund","network_youtube":"http:\/\/\/user\/fondspascaldecroos","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Brabant, Belgium","network_founded":"1998"},{"post_id":230115,"latitude":"-33.8868125","longitude":"151.2005625","name":"Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism & Ideas, Australia","network_twitter":"jn_institute","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCtzPz67iUDeFePGWZDpXw3A","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"New South Wales, Australia"},{"post_id":279795,"latitude":"42.8571308","longitude":"74.6268681","name":"Kloop Media","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"kloopnews","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/kloopkg","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic"},{"post_id":230118,"latitude":"30.2902267","longitude":"-97.7407784","name":"Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, USA","network_facebook":"utknightcenter","network_twitter":"KnightCenterUT","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/KnightCenterMOOC","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Austin, TX "},{"post_id":3195,"latitude":"37.566535","longitude":"126.9779692","name":"Korea Center for Investigative Journalism (KCIJ)","network_facebook":"NEWSTAPA","network_twitter":"newstapa","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/newstapa","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Seoul, South Korea","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":12720,"latitude":"44.8104068","longitude":"20.4624092","name":"KRIK Crime and Corruption Reporting Network, Serbia","network_facebook":"MrezaKRIK","network_twitter":"KRIKrs","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCgZxsmHPUi5-bjhIke-udDw","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Belgrade, Serbia","network_founded":"2015"},{"post_id":440499,"latitude":"14.7236313","longitude":"-17.4595525","name":"La Maison Des Reporters","network_facebook":"LesReporterSn","network_twitter":"LesReporterSn","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/lamaisondesreporters","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Dakar"},{"post_id":1325750,"latitude":"41.898930771799336","longitude":" 12.475411979694837","name":"Lelio Basso School of Journalism, Fondazione Lelio e Lisli Basso Onlus","network_facebook":"fondazionebasso\/","network_twitter":"scuola_basso","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/@fondazionebassoonlus","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/"},{"post_id":440538,"latitude":"52.0688501","longitude":"5.1971817","name":"Lighthouse Reports","network_facebook":"lighthousereports\/","network_twitter":"LHreports","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCCE-HmFhp73kFkoZdI8-KLA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Netherlands","network_founded":"2019"},{"post_id":2190,"latitude":"41.608635","longitude":"21.745275","name":"Macedonian Association of Journalists","network_twitter":"znmsobranie","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/drupal-7.7\/en","network_address":"Macedonia"},{"post_id":318639,"latitude":"-15.4608847","longitude":"28.2503099","name":"Makanday, Zambia","network_twitter":"MakandayMedia","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lusaka, Zambia","network_phone":"+260977703634"},{"post_id":12728,"latitude":"3.0897393","longitude":"101.6311944","name":"Malaysiakini (Malaysia)","network_facebook":"Malaysiakini","network_twitter":"malaysiakini","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/@kinitv","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Selangor, Malaysia","network_founded":"1999"},{"post_id":604077,"latitude":"40.39320222527424","longitude":" -3.7029700050662804","name":"","network_facebook":"mhemeroteca\/","network_twitter":"maldita","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UC2sbPyIvF9U7Rk-6b_MggGw","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Madrid, Spain"},{"post_id":440664,"latitude":"31.9591925","longitude":"35.1820071","name":"Media Development Center\/Birzeit University","network_facebook":"MDC.BZU","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/MediaDevelopmentCenter","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"West bank, Palestine, Birzeit"},{"post_id":64403,"latitude":"18.0249261","longitude":"-76.7914459","name":"Media Institute of the Caribbean","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":" Kingston, Jamaica","network_founded":"2015","network_phone":"8687407167"},{"post_id":64407,"latitude":"23.7630681","longitude":"90.369309","name":"Media Resources Development Initiative (MRDI)","network_facebook":"bdmrdi\/","network_twitter":"MRDIbd","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Dhaka, Bangladesh","network_founded":"2001","network_phone":"+88029134717, +880201891200500"},{"post_id":2177,"latitude":"43.854541","longitude":"18.3888516","name":"Mediacentar Sarajevo, Bosnia","network_facebook":"Mediacentar-Sarajevo\/146386588744056","network_twitter":"mediacentar","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina","network_founded":"1995"},{"post_id":2138,"latitude":"44.8205556","longitude":"20.4622222","name":"Mediafocus Serbia","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Belgrade, Serbia"},{"post_id":4831,"latitude":"38.8987289","longitude":"-77.0309888","name":"Medill National Security Journalism Initiative","network_facebook":"medillnsj","network_twitter":"NatSecZone","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington, DC ","network_founded":"2009","network_since":"2015"},{"post_id":279475,"latitude":"39.167054","longitude":"-86.5263769","name":"Michael I.Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism","network_facebook":"arnoltcenter","network_twitter":"arnoltcenter","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Indiana "},{"post_id":119167,"latitude":"-25.9642415","longitude":"32.5679595","name":"M\u00eddia Lab (Mozambique)","network_facebook":"MMidiaLab\/","network_twitter":"ml_mLab","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UC3qkkHRbXiJoC8wXfWLJvhw","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Maputo City, Mo\u00e7ambique","network_founded":"2017"},{"post_id":3594,"latitude":"40.0880012","longitude":"-88.254683","name":"Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting","network_facebook":"investigatemidwest","network_twitter":"IMidwest","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Illinois ","network_founded":"2009","network_phone":"+1 312-970-0395"},{"post_id":144688,"latitude":"-29.3136783","longitude":"27.4741008","name":"MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism (Lesotho)","network_facebook":"CijLesotho\/","network_twitter":"cijlesotho","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lesotho"},{"post_id":3221,"latitude":"37.4481851","longitude":"-122.1810176","name":"Mongabay","network_facebook":"mongabay","network_twitter":"mongabay","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/MongabayTV","network_site_url":"http:\/\/","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":27072,"latitude":"42.3962892","longitude":"-71.1213912","name":"MuckRock","network_facebook":"muckrock\/","network_twitter":"MuckRock","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_founded":"2010"},{"post_id":440636,"latitude":"4.0510564","longitude":"9.7678687","name":"MUSEBA Journalism Project","network_facebook":"TheMusebaProject\/","network_twitter":"MusebaThe","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Douala, Cameroon"},{"post_id":64399,"latitude":"52.5386156","longitude":"13.4225863","name":"n-ost, Germany","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"n_ost","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Berlin, Germany","network_founded":"2005"},{"post_id":97085,"latitude":"50.4190925","longitude":"30.6550045","name":"Nashi Groshi (\u201cOur Money\u201d), Ukraine","network_facebook":"NashiGroshi\/","network_twitter":"nashigroshi","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Kyiv, Ukraine","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":440497,"latitude":"27.6976913","longitude":"85.3297752","name":"Nepal Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network (NIMJN)","network_facebook":"nepalimjn","network_twitter":"Nepalimjn","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Kathmandu, Nepal"},{"post_id":2144,"latitude":"52.5386156","longitude":"13.4225863","name":"Netzwerk Recherche, Germany","network_facebook":"netzwerkrecherche","network_twitter":"nrecherche","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCuEz1yc_VErbpeGkM6ZWCYA","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Berlin, Germany"},{"post_id":12726,"latitude":"6.428055","longitude":"-9.429499","name":"New Narratives (US)","network_facebook":"newnarratives","network_twitter":"newnarratives","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Liberia","network_founded":"2010"},{"post_id":12722,"latitude":"-41.2968821","longitude":"174.7741889","name":"New Zealand Centre for Investigative Journalism","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Wellington, New Zealand","network_founded":"2013"},{"post_id":144690,"latitude":"49.842957","longitude":"24.031111","name":"NGL Media","network_facebook":"NGLmediaua\/","network_twitter":"NGLmediaua","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lviv, Ukraine"},{"post_id":4813,"latitude":"46.96591","longitude":"31.9974","name":"Nikolaev Center for Investigative Reporting (NikCIR)","network_facebook":"ncjour","network_twitter":"InvestigatorNik","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Mykolayiv, Ukraine","network_founded":"2010","network_since":"2015"},{"post_id":44338,"latitude":"12.366453","longitude":"-1.5398413","name":"Norbert Zongo Cell for Investigative Journalism in West Africa (CENOZO)","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/2017\/05\/15\/west-african-journalists-launch-investigative-hub\/","network_address":"Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso","network_founded":"2015"},{"post_id":97086,"latitude":"48.8940592","longitude":"2.3795189","name":"Nothing 2 Hide (France)","network_twitter":"N0thing2Hide","network_site_url":"https:\/\/","network_address":"Paris, France","network_founded":"2017"},{"post_id":2146,"latitude":"45.2580764","longitude":"19.8492573","name":"Novi Sad School of Journalism, Serbia","network_facebook":"novosadska.novinarskaskola","network_twitter":"NovinarskaSkola","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCiA5UU0YVr48eIwNPHAyMZA","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/sr\/?lang=en","network_address":"Novi Sad, Serbia"},{"post_id":4022,"latitude":"-12.0463731","longitude":"-77.042754","name":"OjoP\u00fablico","network_facebook":"pages\/OjoP\u00fablico\/671367792939507","network_twitter":"Ojo_Publico","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/OjoP%C3%BAblicoPE","network_site_url":"http:\/\/","network_address":"Lima, Peru","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":27076,"latitude":"12.9251619","longitude":"77.6353965","name":"Oorvani Foundation","network_facebook":"OorvaniFoundation","network_twitter":"oorvani","network_site_url":"https:\/\/","network_address":"Bengaluru, India","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":279436,"latitude":"51.5469423","longitude":"-0.0745602","name":"openDemocracy","network_facebook":"openDemocracy","network_twitter":"opendemocracy","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCKTPks8QcY-i8l7YeW5OdjA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/en\/","network_address":"London "},{"post_id":119175,"latitude":"41.8961588","longitude":"12.499857","name":"Openpolis (Italy)","network_facebook":"openpolis\/","network_twitter":"openpolis","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Rome, Italy","network_founded":"2006"},{"post_id":2148,"latitude":"43.8562586","longitude":"18.4130763","name":"Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), Bosnia","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"OCCRP","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/OrganizedCrimeandCorruptionReportingProjects","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/occrp\/","network_address":"Sarajevo"},{"post_id":1325678,"latitude":"45.80570645625871","longitude":" 15.982629966478676","name":"O\u0161tro, Centar za istra\u017eiva\u010dko novinarstvo","network_facebook":"portal.ostro\/","network_twitter":"_portal_ostro","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/"},{"post_id":230087,"latitude":"46.0564306","longitude":"14.5113877","name":"O\u0161tro, Slovenia","network_facebook":"ostro.urednistvo\/","network_twitter":"_ostro_","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Ljubljana, Slovenia"},{"post_id":3183,"latitude":"-25.5029349","longitude":"30.984331","name":"Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Environmental Journalism","network_facebook":"Oxpeckers","network_twitter":"OxCIEJ","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Mbombela, South Africa","network_founded":"2013"},{"post_id":144693,"latitude":"24.855062","longitude":"67.018458","name":"Pakistan Press Foundation (Pakistan)","network_facebook":"PakistanPressFoundation\/","network_twitter":"Pakistan_Press","network_site_url":"https:\/\/","network_address":"Karachi, Pakistan"},{"post_id":64393,"latitude":"34.5553494","longitude":"69.207486","name":"PAYK Investigative Journalism Center, Afghanistan","network_facebook":"PAYK-Investigative-Journalism-Center-762056470528730\/","network_twitter":"Paykreports","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Kabul, Afghanistan","network_founded":"2012"},{"post_id":64397,"latitude":"23.0886214","longitude":"-82.4481944","name":"Periodismo de Barrio, Cuba","network_facebook":"periodismodebarrio","network_twitter":"periodibarrio","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCFLBN-wo2e4jd-dWCreEvuw","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"La Habana, Cuba","network_founded":"2015","network_phone":"+5353452480"},{"post_id":12732,"latitude":"19.4326077","longitude":"-99.133208","name":"Periodistas de a Pie","network_facebook":"PeriodistasDeAPie","network_twitter":"periodistasapie","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCx3izn1DGhPUJTKqG010Rfw","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Mexico City","network_founded":"2007"},{"post_id":279487,"latitude":"42.8717981","longitude":"74.6100528","name":"PF \u201cInvestigative Journalism Foundation\u201d","network_facebook":"jifkyrgyzstan","network_twitter":"JIF_KG","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan"},{"post_id":2154,"latitude":"14.632022","longitude":"121.031206","name":"Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ)","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"pcijdotorg","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/pcijdotorg\/featured","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Manila, Philippines","network_founded":"1989"},{"post_id":2152,"latitude":"14.6349149","longitude":"-90.5068824","name":"Plaza P\u00fablica, Guatemala","network_facebook":"pages\/Plaza-P\u00fablica-GT\/154972054558010?fref=ts","network_twitter":"PlazaPublicaGT","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Guatemala City, Guatemala","network_founded":"2011","network_phone":"+502 2426 2644"},{"post_id":27071,"latitude":"46.0504444","longitude":"14.4602979","name":"Pod \u010drto","network_facebook":"PodCrto","network_twitter":"Podcrto","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Ljubljana, Slovenia","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":4808,"latitude":"47.92","longitude":"106.92","name":"Press Institute of Mongolia","network_facebook":"pages\/%D0%A5%D1%8D%D0%B2%D0%BB%D1%8D%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%B9%D0%BD-%D0%A5%D2%AF%D1%80%D1%8D%D1%8D%D0%BB%D1%8D%D0%BD\/317925451595949","network_twitter":"@Press_Institute","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCSZ6tIPDBh0iHSXAFNS9A4w","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia","network_founded":"1996","network_since":"2015"},{"post_id":5377,"latitude":"40.7252417","longitude":"-74.0047259","name":"ProPublica, US","network_facebook":"propublica","network_twitter":"ProPublica","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/ProPublica","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"New York","network_founded":"2007"},{"post_id":5373,"latitude":"40.4359015","longitude":"-79.9816987","name":"Public Herald, US","network_facebook":"publicherald","network_twitter":"PublicHerald","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/PublicHerald","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Pittsburgh, PA","network_founded":"2011"},{"post_id":279812,"latitude":"38.909238","longitude":"-77.041046","name":"Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting","network_facebook":"Pulitzercenter\/","network_twitter":"pulitzercenter","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/PulitzerCenter","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington, DC "},{"post_id":64395,"latitude":"19.4169134","longitude":"-99.1639241","name":"Quinto Elemento Lab, Mexico","network_facebook":"quintoelab\/","network_twitter":"quintoelab","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/QuintoElementoLab","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Mexico City, Mexico","network_founded":"2016"},{"post_id":279434,"latitude":"46.9479739","longitude":"7.4474468","name":"REFLEKT","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"reflekt_ch","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bern, Switzerland"},{"post_id":2159,"latitude":"50.443836","longitude":"30.519603","name":"Regional Press Development Institute, Ukraine","network_facebook":"\/","network_twitter":"irrp","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCgh8d6VF-42KOzWRnAO1mHw","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Kyiv, Ukraine"},{"post_id":97087,"latitude":"59.9258623","longitude":"30.3572104","name":"Regional Press Institute, Russia","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Sankt-Peterburg, Russia","network_founded":"2003"},{"post_id":64390,"latitude":"-23.5432075","longitude":"-46.6827376","name":"Rep\u00f3rter Brasil, Brazil","network_facebook":"ONGReporterBrasil","network_twitter":"reporterb","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/reporterbrasil","network_site_url":"https:\/\/","network_address":"S\u00e3o Paulo","network_phone":"+551125066570(24)"},{"post_id":318641,"latitude":"37.9823769","longitude":"23.7261505","name":"Reporters United, Greece","network_facebook":"reportersunitedgr","network_twitter":"reporters_gr","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/ReportersunitedTv","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Athens, Greece","network_since":"2021"},{"post_id":64411,"latitude":"47.3793965","longitude":"8.5273546","name":"Republik, Switzerland","network_facebook":"RepublikMagazin","network_twitter":"RepublikMagazin","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Z\u00fcrich, Switzerland ","network_founded":"2017"},{"post_id":2161,"latitude":"44.433598","longitude":"26.097931","name":"RISE Project, Romania","network_facebook":"RiseProjectRo","network_twitter":"riseprojectro","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bucharest, Romania"},{"post_id":4024,"latitude":"47.0107","longitude":"28.916667","name":"RISE-Moldova","network_facebook":"risemoldova","network_twitter":"risemoldova","network_site_url":"http:\/\/","network_address":"Chisinau, Moldova","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":4834,"latitude":"50.6199","longitude":"26.251617","name":"Rivne Investigative Reporting Agency","network_facebook":"4vlada","network_twitter":"4vladacom","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCOQ0AqTcvgzOVN0l6kfoGJA\/videos","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Rivne, Ukraine","network_founded":"2006","network_since":"2015"},{"post_id":2163,"latitude":"44.4267674","longitude":"26.1025384","name":"Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism (CRJI)","network_facebook":"","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bucarest, Romania","network_founded":"2001"},{"post_id":279413,"latitude":"-12.0760463","longitude":"-77.066125","name":"Salud con Lupa","network_facebook":"saludconlupa","network_twitter":"saludconlupa","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lima, Per\u00fa"},{"post_id":279500,"latitude":"60.3856392","longitude":"5.3329339","name":"Senter for Unders\u00f8kende Journalistikk – SUJO","network_facebook":"undersokendejournalistikk","network_twitter":"suj_no","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bergen, Norway"},{"post_id":528407,"latitude":"54.6861098","longitude":"25.2859785","name":"Siena","network_facebook":"sienalt\/","network_twitter":"sienalt","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Vilnius, Lithuania"},{"post_id":5376,"latitude":"50.4190925","longitude":"30.6550045","name":", Ukraine","network_facebook":"","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Kyiv, Ukraine","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":2173,"latitude":"47.497912","longitude":"19.040235","name":"Soma Foundation, Hungary","network_address":"Budapest, Hungary","network_founded":"2001"},{"post_id":1992,"latitude":"59.91072460053333","longitude":" 10.747892096481355","name":"Stiftelsen for en Kritisk og Unders\u00f8kende Presse (SKUP), Norway","network_facebook":"Stiftelsen.SKUP\/","network_twitter":"skup_norge","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Oslo, Norway","network_founded":"1990"},{"post_id":3202,"latitude":"56.9591536","longitude":"24.1076171","name":"Stockholm School of Economics (SSE Riga) Centre for Media Studies","network_facebook":"SSERiga","network_twitter":"SSE_Riga","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Riga, Latvia","network_founded":"2009"},{"post_id":528408,"latitude":"41.6982993","longitude":"44.7963588","name":"Studio Monitor","network_facebook":"monitorstudio","network_twitter":"studiomonitori","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/studiomonitori","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Tbilisi, Georgia"},{"post_id":318644,"latitude":"31.4799055","longitude":"74.2839027","name":"Sujag, Pakistan","network_facebook":"loksujaguk","network_twitter":"loksujaguk","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/SujagVideos","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan"},{"post_id":230106,"latitude":"48.86727652386372","longitude":" 2.3856228262273627","name":"Syrian Investigative Reporting For Accountability Journalism, France","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"SIRAJ_SYRIA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/ar\/"},{"post_id":64409,"latitude":"54.9899039","longitude":"82.9228767","name":"Tak-tak-tak Foundation For Promotion of Mass Communication and Education in the Sphere of Law, Russia","network_facebook":"groups\/194736503880841\/","network_twitter":"TAKTAKTAK_RUS","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Novosibirsk, Russia","network_founded":"2013"},{"post_id":97089,"latitude":"-6.776012","longitude":" 39.178326","name":"Tanzania Media Foundation (Tanzania)","network_facebook":"tanzaniamediafoundation\/","network_twitter":"NewTMF","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Tanzania Media Foundation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania","network_founded":"2008"},{"post_id":97092,"latitude":"30.2529348","longitude":"-97.7267549","name":"Texas Observer, USA","network_facebook":"texasobserver","network_twitter":"TexasObserver ","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/texasobserver\/featured","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Austin, Texas","network_founded":"1954"},{"post_id":44339,"latitude":"51.4623983","longitude":"-2.5911274","name":"The Bristol Cable, UK","network_facebook":"thebristolcable\/","network_twitter":"TheBristolCable","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/thebristolcable\/featured","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Bristol, United Kingdom","network_founded":"2014"},{"post_id":2181,"latitude":"51.5273255","longitude":"-0.1006051","name":"The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ), UK","network_facebook":"thebureauinvestigates?fref=ts","network_twitter":"TBIJ","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCPgkR80BkUQlmatB6Vanhqg","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"London, United Kingdom","network_founded":"2010"},{"post_id":1306015,"latitude":"51.5257523985717","longitude":" -0.08362274657126159","name":"The Gecko Project","network_twitter":"geckoproj","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/geckoproj","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/"},{"post_id":528415,"latitude":"40.7642916","longitude":"-73.979772","name":"The Marshall Project","network_facebook":"","network_twitter":"MarshallProj","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"New York"},{"post_id":144680,"latitude":"46.2207824","longitude":"6.1391864","name":"The New Humanitarian (Switzerland)","network_facebook":"NewHumanitarian\/","network_twitter":"newhumanitarian\/","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/NewHumanitarian\/featured","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Geneva, Switzerland"},{"post_id":604085,"latitude":"38.967931199541546","longitude":" -77.06712311783701","name":"The Outlaw Ocean Project","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/c\/theoutlawoceanproject","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Washington, DC, US"},{"post_id":1325604,"latitude":"55.754556826595774","longitude":" 37.620837590119045","name":"The Project \/ Proekt","network_facebook":"\/","network_twitter":"wwwproektmedia","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UC5UwzkI8NlcDHgrRkVBkR5Q","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/"},{"post_id":604090,"latitude":"33.89374896483901","longitude":" 35.49599015405043","name":"The Public Source","network_facebook":"ThePublicSource\/","network_twitter":"ThePublicSource","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Beirut, Lebanon "},{"post_id":44340,"latitude":"25.0528222","longitude":"121.5243712","name":"The Reporter, Taiwan","network_facebook":"twreporter\/","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Taipei City, Taiwan"},{"post_id":528416,"latitude":"28.643711","longitude":"77.2271583","name":"The Reporters\u2019 Collective","network_facebook":"TheReportersCollective","network_twitter":"reporters_co","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"New Delhi, India"},{"post_id":44341,"latitude":"34.898657","longitude":"-77.5481939","name":"The War Horse News, United States","network_facebook":"TheWarHorseNews\/","network_twitter":"thewarhorsenews","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"United States","network_founded":"2016"},{"post_id":44342,"latitude":"35.7091309","longitude":"139.7192353","name":"Tokyo Investigative Newsroom Tansa, Japan","network_facebook":"Tansajp","network_twitter":"tansa_english","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UC_NHP59LMl5GNSUgZWBNWQQ","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Tokyo, Japan","network_founded":"2017"},{"post_id":2184,"latitude":"40.8076308","longitude":"-73.9636318","name":"Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, US","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/ms-investigative-specialization#The_Stabile_Program_","network_address":"New York","network_phone":"212-854-5748"},{"post_id":604092,"latitude":"32.24575308195","longitude":" -111.03742490555601","name":"Tucson Sentinel","network_facebook":"TucsonSentinel","network_twitter":"TucsonSentinel","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Tucson, Arizona, USA"},{"post_id":528419,"latitude":"52.1309439","longitude":"5.204908","name":"Turkmen.News","network_facebook":"adalat.seeker","network_twitter":"adalatseeker","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/AltTmNews","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"The Netherlands"},{"post_id":116709,"latitude":"40.7353826","longitude":"-73.9884719","name":"Type Investigations at Type Media Center (USA)","network_facebook":"typeinvestigations\/","network_twitter":"typeinvestigate","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"New York","network_founded":"1966"},{"post_id":119176,"latitude":"39.909107","longitude":"32.85429","name":"U\u011fur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation (Turkey)","network_facebook":"umagvakfi","network_twitter":"umagduyuru","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCIUPSrhqcujmZ95z0W-MiMA","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/tr\/ana-sayfa","network_address":"\u00c7ankaya\/Ankara, Turkey","network_founded":"1994"},{"post_id":279817,"latitude":"55.1497581","longitude":"-6.6751586","name":"Ulster University School of Communication and Media","network_twitter":"ulstercommmedia","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/faculties\/arts-humanities-and-social-sciences\/communication-and-media","network_address":"Coleraine, United Kingdom"},{"post_id":2343,"latitude":"57.6987043","longitude":"11.971157","name":"University of Gothenburg Dept. of Journalism, Media and Communication, Sweden","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/english\/","network_address":"Gothenburg, Sweden","network_founded":"1960"},{"post_id":97096,"latitude":"14.642141","longitude":"121.02676","name":"VERA Files (Philippines)","network_facebook":"verafiles\/","network_twitter":"verafiles","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/verafiles\/featured","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"Manila, Philippines","network_founded":"2008"},{"post_id":528421,"latitude":"-33.9289805","longitude":"18.422667","name":"Viewfinder","network_facebook":"ViewfinderJourn\/","network_twitter":"viewfinderjourn","network_site_url":"https:\/\/","network_address":"Cape Town "},{"post_id":4025,"latitude":"43.0730517","longitude":"-89.4012302","name":"Wisconsin Watch","network_facebook":"wisconsinwatch","network_twitter":"wisconsinwatch","network_site_url":"http:\/\/","network_address":"Madison, Wisconsin","network_founded":"2009"},{"post_id":2123,"latitude":"-26.1928836","longitude":"28.0304733","name":"Wits Centre for Journalism, South Africa","network_facebook":"jocoza\/","network_twitter":"Journ_SA","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"South Africa."},{"post_id":4836,"latitude":"6.5982976","longitude":"3.3424127","name":"Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism","network_facebook":"pages\/Wole-Soyinka-Award-for-Investigative-Reporting\/274594299227626","network_twitter":"WSoyinkaCentre","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/channel\/UCHQkgz0TMe8sNUJZR-_FOjQ","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Lagos, Nigeria","network_founded":"2005","network_since":"2015"},{"post_id":2186,"latitude":"44.9684978","longitude":"-93.2072733","name":"World Press Institute, US","network_facebook":"WorldPressInstitute\/","network_twitter":"worldpressinst","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/worldpressinst","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/","network_address":"St. Paul, MN ","network_founded":"1961"},{"post_id":3617,"latitude":"52.3854158","longitude":"4.8849016","name":"ZAM","network_facebook":"zamthemagazine","network_twitter":"zamchronicle","network_site_url":"http:\/\/\/index-en.html","network_address":"Amsterdam, Netherlands","network_founded":"2007"},{"post_id":440670,"latitude":"52.3675734","longitude":"4.9041389","name":"Zamaneh Media","network_facebook":"RadioZamaneh","network_twitter":"RadioZamaneh","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/ZamanehRadio","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Amsterdam, The Netherlands"},{"post_id":97097,"latitude":"44.4267674","longitude":"26.1025384","name":"Ziarul de Gard\u0103","network_facebook":"\/","network_twitter":"ziarul_de_garda","network_youtube":"https:\/\/\/user\/ReporterdeGARDA\/featured","network_site_url":"https:\/\/\/","network_address":"Chi\u0219in\u0103u Republic of Moldova","network_founded":"2004"}]
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Our Members

249 member organisations in view
100Reporters, USA

Dedicated to forging new frontiers in responsible journalism, 100Reporters joins scores of the planet’s finest professional reporters with whistleblowers and citizen journalists across the globe, to report on corruption in all its forms. The organization, spearheaded by veteran correspondents of top-tier news outlets, aims to raise the caliber, impact and visibility of citizen-driven investigative journalism, as a means of promoting transparency and good government.

Washington, DC, US

7iber (Jordan) is a media organization and progressive online magazine that publishes in-depth journalism on Jordanian and Arab affairs in a professional, daring, and critical manner. It provides reporting and analysis on issues of public interest in the form of multimedia features, analytical articles, and investigative reports. 7iber started out as a citizen-media platform in 2008 and has operated as a professional magazine since 2012. Since its creation, it has been a space for stories and perspectives that are often missing in mainstream media, and has contributed to enhancing civic dialogue on issues related to political, personal, and civil rights and liberties.

Amman, Jordan
African Centre for Media Excellence

The African Centre for Media Excellence (Uganda) has been training, mentoring, and coaching journalists in East Africa for more than a decade. With support from the European Union and the Democratic Governance Facility, ACME has provided in-depth investigative training to more than 100 rural and urban journalists in Uganda since 2020, and more than a dozen from Kenya and Tanzania in 2022. The mentorship includes help with story brainstorming and data sourcing, and limited grant support where possible. The center also organizes the Uganda National Journalism Awards to encourage quality local investigative journalism.

African Investigative Publishing Collective (AIPC), Ghana/Netherlands

The African Investigative Publishing Collective is an association of veteran investigative journalists who have dedicated their working -and often also private- lives to the exposure of wrongs in their societies. It is inspired by a commitment to dig deeper, unearth injustice and uncover truths in the public interest, that is, in the service of democracy, transparency and development.

Greater Accra, Ghana
African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR), South Africa

The African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR) was founded in 2014 and includes ten investigative newsrooms across Africa. The South Africa-based ANCIR (pronounced “anchor”) seeks to strengthen and help sustain African investigative journalism by improving expertise, insight, and production capacity. Focusing on the “business of news,” the network supports training, collaborative projects, and specialized data tools.

Founded 2014
South Africa
Agencia Publica, Brazil

Agencia Publica is the first not-for-profit investigative journalism center in Brazil. Founded by a team of women journalists, it aims to bring journalism back to its essence: public service.

Founded 2011
São Paulo, Brazil
Alliance of Independent Journalists, Indonesia

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AIJ) plays a key role in promoting investigative journalism in Indonesia. Founded in 1994 and based in Jakarta, AJI was the first independent journalists association in Indonesia. Its inception was triggered by the dictatorial regime of Soeharto, which banned several courageous investigative journalism publications, including Tempo Magazine. AJI also provides legal support when independent journalists are sued or harassed because of their muckraking activities.

Member since 2015
Founded 1994
Jakarta, Indonesia

Alqatiba (Tunisia) is an online news magazine focused on investigative journalism, data journalism, and storytelling. Its investigative projects include projects on migration, corruption, resources, arms trafficking, and more. Founded in 2019, Alqatiba is part of an NGO, Taqallam for Freedom of Speech and Creativity, that is dedicated to fighting corruption, enhancing transparency, defending democracy, and promoting gender equality.

Tunis, Tunisia
AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism, South Africa

The amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism, previously the M&G Centre for Investigative Journalism, is a non-profit company that develops investigative journalism—a public interest task we believe promotes free, capable and worthy media and open, accountable and just democracy.

Founded 2010
Cape Town, South Africa
Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), Jordan

Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) is the first and only nonprofit organization in the region dedicated to promoting investigative journalism in Arab newsrooms, still an alien practice. The Amman-based ARIJ was formed in early 2005 to support independent quality professional journalism, through funding in-depth journalism projects, and offering media coaching. It helps journalists working in print, radio, tv and on-line media in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Palestine, Yemen and Tunisia.

Founded 2005
Amman, Jordan
Arena for Journalism in Europe

Arena for Journalism in Europe (Netherlands) supports collaborative, investigative and data journalism. It facilitates journalists working together across geographical borders, and across professional borders with scholars, scientists, or civil society. Arena’s core activities are organizing Dataharvest, the European Investigative Journalism Conference (; Arena Networks, facilitating open networks for journalists; and Arena Academy — knowledge-sharing on collaborative and investigative journalism.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Venezuela was founded by three well-known venezuelan investigative reporters: Alfredo Meza, Joseph Poliszuk and Ewald Scharfenberg. In its short life, has developed special projects with partners such as ICIJ (Coltan/ Offshore leaks/ Swissleaks/ Panama Papers), regional newspapers as La Nación and Clarín (Argentina), El Universo (Ecuador), El Nuevo Herald y Univisión (Florida-USA), Connectas (Colombia), Confidencial (Nicaragua), La Nación (Costa Rica), Ciper (Chile).

Founded 2010
Caracas, Venezuela
Asociación de Periodismo Punto y Aparte

Asociación de Periodismo Punto y Aparte (Costa Rica) supports investigative reporting and solutions journalism. It is a meeting space for good journalists, young and experienced; various companies and individuals are invited to join as team sponsors, supported by journalism schools and media. Its intention is to link all these actors to generate a fresh journalistic proposal.

Costa Rica
Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo (ABRAJI), Brazil

The Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo, or ABRAJI) is one of the world’s leading associations of investigative reporters. ABRAJI has trained thousands of reporters and works to expand freedom of information and protect journalists in Brazil. Each year, it sponsors Brazil’s investigative journalism congress, which attracts hundreds of journalists and journalism students.

Founded 2002
São Paulo, Brazil
Associação Fiquem Sabendo, Brazil

Associação Fiquem Sabendo is a nonprofit independent organization specializing in the freedom of access to information in Brazil. Fiquem Sabendo’s multidisciplinary team obtains information of public interest through requests, reports, and lawsuits. They interrogate data and analyze documents in order to disclose relevant information to society.

Member since 2021
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Átlátszó Erdély, Romania

Átlátszó Erdély (meaning Transparent Transylvania) is a Romanian nonprofit made up of ethnic Hungarian activists and journalists living in Romania who are interested in investigative journalism, inspired by, the Budapest-based Hungarian center for investigative journalism and watchdog NGO.


Founded 2015
Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Hungary is a watchdog NGO and online newspaper for investigative journalism to promote transparency, accountability, and freedom of information in Hungary. Established in 2011, — “atlatszo” means transparent in Hungarian — produces investigative reports, accepts information from whistleblowers, files freedom of information requests, and commences freedom of information lawsuits in cases where its requests are refused.

Founded 2011
Budapest, Hungary
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) is a network of local non-governmental organizations promoting freedom of speech, human rights and democratic values. The group is dedicated to creating a strong, professional, independent media in Southeast Europe as an essential component of developing democracy and a market economy in the Balkans.

Belgrade, Serbia
Baltic Centre for Investigative Journalism (re:baltica), Latvia

Re:baltica is a nonprofit organization that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Founded in August 2011, the organization focus on in-depth investigations of socially important issues in the Baltic region, such as corruption, crime, finances, entrepreneurship, health and human rights. Its journalism encourages transparency and reform. Re:baltica is based in Riga, but its journalists and board members come from all Baltic states: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Founded 2011
Riga, Latvia
Belarusian Investigative Center

Belarusian Investigative Center is the only specialized investigative media outlet for Belarusian audiences, despite being forced to report from exile in the Czech Republic. A member of OCCRP, BIC won the Belarusian Association of Journalists’ investigative Free Word prize for three consecutive years after its founding in 2018, and has contributed to international projects like the Pandora Papers. The newsroom complements its biweekly investigations with weekly “Top Fake” fact-checking analysis, and generates new shows and mini-documentaries that are among the most popular Belarusian-language videos on Youtube.

Prague, Czech Republic
Bellingcat, Netherlands

Bellingcat (Netherlands) has won international attention for its groundbreaking stories that bring together open source investigators to dig into everything from armed conflict to high-profile criminal cases, war crimes, threats to the environment, and beyond. Alongside publishing investigations, Bellingcat provides others with tools to conduct similar work via case studies, how-to guides and innovative workshops.

Founded 2014
Bhutan Media Foundation, Bhutan

The Bhutan Media Foundation is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) founded in 2010. The Foundation aims to sustain democracy by developing the Bhutanese media through transformational initiatives that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster Freedom of Expression, Information and Press. Over the past 5 years, BMF has provided hands-on capacity development programs to more than 500 journalists, media professional and media managers.

Founded 2010
Thimphu, Bhutan (NGSCO “TOM 14”), Ukraine (NGSCO “TOM 14”) was founded by a few investigative journalists to inform the public about corruption in Ukraine and its connection to societal poverty in order to reduce the degree of corruption tolerance and change social agreements on corruption. TOM14 produces an anti-corruption investigative television program “Nashi Hroshi” (“Our Money”) which focuses on economic and public procurement investigations, including price analysis, fly-by-night companies search, connection between officials and business (or business officials).

Founded 2015
Kyiv, Ukraine
Birmingham City University School of Media, UK

Birmingham City University School of Media has a global reputation for excellence in data journalism and reporting using new technologies. It has strong links with the BBC Data Unit in the city as well as investigative units at home and overseas. Graduates have gone on to pioneer the use of data in investigations, winning awards and speaking at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference.

Member since 2021
Birmingham, UK is an investigative media outlet founded in Burgas, Bulgaria, in 2010, by Assen Yordanov, a well-known Bulgarian investigative journalist. Bivol means “buffalo,” which is why Bivol’s motto is “With the Horns Ahead.” A member of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), Bivol has produced several award-winning investigations in recent years. Working on both local and transnational accountability stories, Bivol has contributed to major collaborative investigations such as the Panama Papers, the FinCen Files, Russian Laundromat, Offshore Leaks, and Troika Dialog projects. This newsroom has continued to report on important topics despite threats and SLAPP (harassment lawsuit) attacks, and has expanded its reach with an English language version.

Burgas, Bulgaria
Broadcast Training Center ProMedia Foundation, Bulgaria

The Broadcast Training Center ProMedia Foundation is a leading Bulgarian NGO committed to supporting independent, professional and responsible media. Since its establishment in 1998, ProMedia has been instrumental in gathering civil and professional support for reforming the media legislation, increasing media professionalism and building strong and responsible media and journalists’ associations in Bulgaria.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Canadian Association of Journalists, Canada

The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) is the national voice of Canadian journalists. It is committed to protecting the public’s right to know and dedicated to promoting excellence in journalism from the university classroom to the national stage. It also organizes an annual awards program that recognizes the best in Canadian journalism, with a particular focus on journalism that is investigative in nature.

Founded 1978
Brantford, Canada
Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ)

The Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ) (US) brings together investigative reporters, visual storytellers, and data scientists as equal partners to carry out ongoing investigations into key global issues. Working with and learning from people, families, and organizations in vulnerable communities, we have commitments to training and to working with journalists who might not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in global projects.

Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro, Montenegro

Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro is a non-governmental foundation established by Vijesti TV and Vijesti Daily, dedicated to practicing and promoting investigative journalism of the public interest by latest means and up to internationally recognized professional standards. “Our goal is to keep giving the people of Montenegro otherwise hidden or unavailable information they need to act and make decisions.”

Founded 2013
Podgorica, Montenegro
Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS), Serbia

The Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigative journalism in accordance with state-of-the-art, internationally accepted standards and using new tools, techniques and knowledge of the profession.

Founded 2008
Beograd, Serbia
Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP-Macedonia, Macedonia

SCOOP-Macedonia is nongovernmental and non-profitable organization aimed to promote, support and stimulate investigative journalism. The purpose of the organization is to support the journalists in their everyday work, with financial or professional help, needed for development of investigative journalism in the country, region, but also globally.

Skopje, Macedonia
Center for Investigative Journalism, Nepal

The Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) in Nepal was established under the umbrella of non-profit Himal association. In its initial years, CIJ concentrated on producing good investigations through a mentoring system. Later, the CIJ developed as a training centre, helping develop a strong team of journalists all over the country.

Founded 1996
Lalitpur, Nepal
Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN), Bosnia

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) in Sarajevo is unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the first organization of its kind to be established in Balkans. CIN is dedicated to investigative reporting, aimed toward providing fair and unbiased information, based on evidences and solid proof, to BiH citizens who need to make educated decisions. CIN’s work focuses on organized crime and corruption and the negative effect these have on the lives of ordinary citizens. They produce investigative projects and stories on topics that include education, health, sports, employment, politics, illegal trading in tobacco and drugs, illegal drugs and documents, and financial fraud.

Founded 2004
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), US

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) believes journalism that moves citizens to action is an essential pillar of democracy. Since 1977, CIR has relentlessly pursued and revealed injustices that otherwise would remain hidden from the public eye. Today, it is upholding this legacy and looking forward, working at the forefront of journalistic innovation to produce important stories that make a difference and engage the audience. Reveal – its website, public radio program, podcast and social media platform – is where it publishes its multiplatform work.

Founded 1977
Berkeley, California, United States
Center for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan (CIRP), Pakistan

Center for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan is an independent not-for-profit organization. Registered under Trust Act, the Center is the first of its kind in Pakistan and promises a radical change on the map of journalism.

Islamabad, Pakistan
Center for Investigative Reporting, Sri Lanka

Center for Investigative Reporting is the first organization aimed at promoting excellence in investigative journalism in Sri Lanka. The center aims to produce high-quality investigative stories, deliver training, and contribute to the development of a highly-skilled and ethical community of watchdog reporters.

Member since 2021
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Center for Public Integrity, US

The Center for Public Integrity was founded in 1989 by Charles Lewis. It’s one of the country’s oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations. Its mission: To enhance democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of trust by powerful public and private institutions, using the tools of investigative journalism.

Founded 1989
Washington, D.C
Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), UK

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) is a charity that champions critical, in-depth reporting and the defence of the public interest. It came into being in 2003 to address a deepening crisis in investigative reporting. The primary mission of the CIJ is to provide a centre of excellence in the training of professional journalists, to ensure that high professional standards in investigative reporting are raised and maintained.


Founded 2003
London, UK
Centre for Investigative Journalism (CPNS), Slovenia

Founded in 2011, the mission of the Centre for Investigative Journalism is the practice and promotion of investigative in Slovenia, a Balkan country of two million. The CPNS aims to boost the education and training of journalists, to publish investigative stories, and to support cross-border collaboration. The CPNS staff is best known for their groundbreaking trilogy — based on declassified records — of what happened to the vast trove of arms left by the breakup of Yugoslav military.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Centre for Investigative Journalism India, India

The Centre for Investigative Journalism is independent and non-profit organisation to support and strengthen in-depth and investigative journalism in India. It was founded in 2014 and is registered as a trust with the government of India and is headquartered in India’s national capital, New Delhi.  The primary mission of the CIJ is to provide a centre of excellence for the training of journalists, to promote best practices of journalism, to raise the standard of critical reporting to a high professional level and to build a network of watchdog journalists in India.

Member since 2015
Founded 2014
New Delhi, India
Centre for Investigative Journalism Malawi (CIJM), Malawi

Centre for Investigative Journalism Malawi is an independent centre of investigative journalists established in 2013.  It is committed to promoting effective, ethical and original reporting through disbursement of small investigative grants, mentorship, facilitating access to information resources that can enhance the quality of investigative stories, promoting dialogue among investigative journalists within Malawi and abroad as well as organizing expert training in investigative journalism, foreign internships and career talks in journalism training institutions.

Founded 2013
Malawi, Africa
Centre for Journalism Innovation & Development (CJID)

The Centre for Journalism Innovation & Development (CJID), formerly known as Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ), is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2014, to promote a truly independent media landscape that advances fundamental human rights, good governance and accountability in West Africa through investigative journalism, open data and civic technology.

Founded 2014
Abuja, Nigeria
Centre for Media and Development Initiatives (MDI), Vietnam

The Centre for Media and Development Initiatives (MDI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to initiate and accelerate media and development initiatives in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. It has been a leading NGO in development of investigative journalism in Vietnam, with high-profiled and well-respected international workshops and training activities for Vietnam’s top investigative journalists and editors. MDI’s purpose is to serve the public interest by harnessing the power of communications to inform, debate and educate.

Founded 2014
Hanoi, Vietnam
Centro de Investigación de la Comunicación (CINCO), Nicaragua

The Centro de Investigación de la Comunicación (CINCO) is a research center specializing in democracy, media studies, and investigative journalism. CINCO works closely with the TV magazine “Esta Semana” and the digital newspaper Confidencial ( to promote professional training for investigative journalism. Confidencial and “Esta Semana” have become references of quality journalism in Nicaragua and Central America.


Founded 1990
Managua, Nicaragua
Centro De Investigación Periodistica (CIPER), Chile

Centro De Investigación Periodistica (CIPER) — Chilean Center for Investigative Journalism and Information — is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to investigative journalism and the pursuit of transparency. Created in May 2007, CIPER believes that the right of citizens to be informed is fundamental to democracy, so people are able to hold power to account.

Founded 2007
Centro de Jornalismo Investigativo

Centro de Jornalismo Investigativo (Mozambique) is the first nonprofit investigative journalism newsroom in Mozambique. Founded by a team of journalists and activists, it aims to bring journalism back to its essence: public service. To achieve that vision, it organizes workshops and seminars in order to promote the knowledge and practical skills of investigative journalism.

Maputo, Mozambique
Centro de Periodismo Investigativo, Puerto Rico (CPIPR), USA

The Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPIPR) is a non-profit organization that promotes investigative journalism in Puerto Rico. Founded in 2007, it was the first non-profit group wholly dedicated to investigative journalism in the Caribbean. The CPIPR has done award-winning investigations, works for freedom of information in Puerto Rico, and trains young journalists. Also, the Center has an active legal program in which it uses the law to fight for documents and information access.

Founded 2007
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Centro Latinoamericano de Investigación Periodística (CLIP)

Centro Latinoamericano de Investigación Periodística (Costa Rica) has coordinated groundbreaking projects on public interest issues in Latin America, utilizing cross-border collaboration, data journalism, and on-the-ground reporting. Formed in 2019, CLIP focuses on complex investigations and reporter development, and has already achieved significant impact in exposing disinformation, environmental exploitation, and abuses of power.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Coda Media

Coda Media (United States) is an award-winning non-profit newsroom dedicated to journalism that breaks through the noise of the news cycle and tells stories in context. Its global team of multimedia journalists investigates the trends that are shaping the world, stays on stories long after they have left the spotlight, and empowers readers to see the connections between seemingly unrelated crises.

New York
Community of Investigative Journalists — Foundation 19/29, Czech Republic

Community of Investigative Journalists — Foundation 19/29 is an international NGO registered in 2015 in Prague, the Czech Republic by two independent Russian journalists. Its goals include: providing professional, financial, and legal assistance to independent Russian journalists in their investigations; helping investigative reporters and bloggers to develop their professional skills, using new media technologies, putting together professional journalism skills and potential of citizen journalism and social media to achieve high-standard broad investigative reporting.

The group was formerly known as Foundation 19/29, but after they were included in the Russian government’s “foreign agents” list they re-registered in Prague while keeping some of their activities in Russia.

Praha, Czechia
Connectas, Colombia

CONNECTAS is a non-profit journalism project that promotes the production, sharing, training, and dissemination of information with a transnational perspective on key issues for development in the Americas. CONNECTAS aims to create alliances with journalism and media organizations, and operating as a logistical hub that provides technical and professional support, facilitates training programs, and does fundraising for activities related to its mission.

Founded 2012
Bogota, Colombia
Consejo de Redacción (CdR), Colombia

With more than 100 members in Colombia, CdR is the first organization to promote investigative journalism in its country. The work started in 2007 with training activities and now it has widen to several areas such as the creation of a database with more than 2 million data, a digital media study, the annual congress on investigative journalism, publications and more.

Founded 2007
Bogotá, Colombia

Convoca is an investigative journalism association made up of reporters, data analysts, and developers. The team research, teach, and collaborate, working in partnership with other independent initiatives, the media, and universities both in Peru and abroad. Convoca advocates the “intelligent” use of databases and a multidisciplinary approach to investigations and digital narratives.

Founded 2014
CORRECT!V, Germany

CORRECT!V, based in Essen, was founded in 2014 and is the first nonprofit investigative newsroom in Germany. Its goal is to give citizens access to information by making investigative and informative journalism affordable and accessible to media organizations throughout Germany.

Founded 2014
Essen, Germany
Crime and Corruption Reporting Network — LUPA

Crime and Corruption Reporting Network — LUPA (Montenegro) is a non-profit association based on the promotion and development of investigative journalism in Montenegro. The association is founded by a group of independent and professional journalists with broad experience working in the media. It focuses on the research of organized crime and corruption in the country and abroad.

Podgorica, Montenegro
Crimean Center for Investigative Journalism, Ukraine

The Crimean Center for Investigative Reporting conducts journalistic investigations and publishes them at its website, produces “National Security Issue” TV Program, as well as organizes trainings on investigative reporting for journalists coming from Crimea, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Kyiv, Ukraine
CU Sens

Media Project NGO CU SENS is a women-led, non-profit, independent, investigative media outlet from Moldova. It aims to bring high-quality, fact-based, and fact-checked video investigations, reportages, documentaries, and explainers to the Moldovan society. Most of its high-quality journalist materials aim to expose corruption, abuse of power, human rights violations, and other illegalities affecting Moldova’s citizens. CU SENS’ vision is focused on building a prosperous democratic development of Moldova by informing the citizens about illegal activities and human rights violations taking place in the country.

Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism, Czechia

The Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism (České centrum pro investigativní žurnalistiku) is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 2013 by group of Czech journalists. Its mission is to take part in and promote cross-border investigative journalism projects, train investigative journalists, and address the need of local journalism to follow new media trends and standards.

Founded 2013
Prague, Czech Republic

Danwatch (Denmark) is an award-winning independent investigative media specialized in global issues. Its journalistic focus is on the impact of countries and companies on human rights and the environment. Danwatch’s investigations range from weapons sales and tax havens to textile and food production.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation

Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation (Malta) is a nonprofit devoted to ensuring justice for the 2017 assassination of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, and to support efforts to protect investigative reporters. Formed in 2018, the foundation advocates for an end to impunity for attacks on journalists, and collaborates on investigative projects such as this 2021 passports-for-cash scheme, the Passport Papers.

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, USA

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma is a resource center and global network of journalists, journalism educators and health professionals dedicated to improving media coverage of trauma, conflict and tragedy. It is a project of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, with international satellite offices in London and Melbourne.

New York, US
Data Journalism Agency —, Ukraine

Data Journalism Agency — (Ukraine) is an online site that “promotes transparency and accountability by developing high-quality journalism and data journalism, which implies analysis and presentation of big data in an interesting and comprehensive way (in the form of interactive infographics and web applications). We investigate and research socially important topics that other media do not often raise by a number of reasons.”

Founded 2012
DataJournalismTurkey (Veri Gazeteciliği Türkiye), Turkey

DataJournalismTurkey (Veri Gazeteciliği Türkiye) (Turkey) is a non-profit platform and an educational organization pioneering the use of data journalism in Turkey. In 2016, the group organized 40 Open Data and Data Journalism workshops for journalists, NGOs and academics, reaching almost 4,500 people.

Founded 2013
Istanbul, Turkey, Italy is a is a grassroots network focused on Data Journalism and based on Italy. They won the Data Journalism Awards 2014 with the investigation “The Migrants Files”.

Founded 2012
Bologna, Italy
DCReport, USA

DCReport is a nonprofit news service that covers what the US administration and Congress do, not what they say. It is founded on core investigative journalism principles of research, fact-checking, and reporting in a way that its audience understands how they are affected by what happens in government. DCReport has broken numerous stories by focusing on federal documents that few journalists read, including the story of Trump’s 2005 tax return.

Founded 2018
Rochester, NY
DIG Association, Italy

DIG is an Italian network supporting and training investigative reporters. Established in 2015 capitalizing on 20-year experience of the Ilaria Alpi Association, it runs the international DIG Awards for investigative video journalism, that are given annually in Modena, Italy. DIG also organizes the first European pitch for freelance reporters (20.000 euros), courses for media professionals and events to raise the standard of investigative reporting.

Founded 2015
Modena, Italy
Direkt36 Investigative Journalism Center, Hungary

Direkt36 is a nonprofit investigative journalism center in Hungary, with the mission to expose wrongdoings and abuse of power through systematic — and often data-driven — investigations.

Founded 2014
Budapest, Hungary

DISCLOSE (France) is a nonprofit newsroom of investigative journalism. It leads in-depth investigations into subjects of public interest, while defending the public’s right to know. Teams of experienced journalists spend months working on investigations into subjects that are often little covered but which have strong social importance.

Donetsk Institute of Information, Ukraine

The Donetsk Institute of Information is a nonprofit news organization based in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. Although a general news site, they specialize in investigating corruption.

Founded 2009
Donetsk, Ukraine
Dossier, Austria

Dossier was founded in 2012 in Vienna as Austria’s first nonprofit newsroom for investigative and data journalism. To increase its reach and maximize impact, Dossier teams up with other media organizations on investigations. All of the organization’s content on its website is free under Creative Commons. The group prioritizes team investigations. Among its projects: stories on the corrupt ties between Austrian politics and media, and the living conditions of asylum seekers in Austria.

Founded 2012
Vienna, Austria
Drilled, USA

Drilled is a women-run independent media company that produces investigative longform journalism across multiple audio and digital channels, including its podcast production house Critical Frequency. The outlet syndicates its content to larger international publications and specializes in cross-border climate accountability reporting that brings the stories of traditionally marginalized groups to larger audiences.


Member since 2021
Dutch-Flemish Association for Investigative Journalists (VVOJ), Netherlands

The Dutch-Flemish Association for Investigative Journalists (VVOJ) is a not-for-profit association that aims to enhance investigative journalism in the Low Countries – Netherlands and Flanders, Belgium – in the broadest sense of the word. VVOJ, which currently has more than 650 members, organizes and facilitates professional training, courses, workshops and conferences. VVOJ aims to improve conventional investigative methods and to introduce the latest research methods involving the use of information technology, interactive storytelling and data journalism. In addition, VVOJ stimulates cooperation and cross border reporting. The association publishes an annual (Dutch language) anthology of investigative stories (since 2013 also available as an App), as well as research reports on the state of the journalism profession. In 2004, the association launched a prestigious award for investigative journalism (‘De Loep’).

Founded 2002
Utrecht, Netherlands
El Faro, El Salvador

El Faro launched in May 1998 in San Salvador as the first digital newspaper in Latin America. Committed to investigative and in-depth journalism, it works in various digital formats and traditional media such as radio, books, documentary film and live events. El Faro has become a regional stalwart for independent, transparent and reliable journalism, covering corruption, organized crime, migration, culture, inequality, impunity and human rights through monitoring state institutions and the different socio-economic issues in the region.

Founded 1998
San Salvador, El Salvador
El Surtidor

El Surtidor (Paraguay) is an independent news media outlet from Paraguay especialized in visual journalism and in-depth coverage of the climate crisis, power abuse, gender relations and disinformation. The team of journalists, editors, designers and illustrators work to combine their reporting with striking visual graphics to reach younger audiences on social media and messaging apps.

Environmental Investigative Forum

Environmental Investigative Forum (France) is a global consortium of environmental investigative journalists. EIF comprises six volunteers, dozens of members, and a network of contributors from the Balkans to the US and East Africa. Focused on covering all things environmental, from water privatization to illicit mining, the organization works collaboratively to dig into some of the world’s most complex and important issues. EIF has already played a key role in more than 20 environmental investigations.

Mougins, France
European Journalism Centre (EJC), Netherlands

The European Journalism Centre is an independent, international, nonprofit institute dedicated to upholding the highest standards in journalism, primarily through the further training of journalists and media professionals.

Founded 1992
Maastricht, Netherlands
Finance Uncovered, UK

Finance Uncovered has been established with the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of investigative journalism on illicit financial flows. They have a particular focus on the developing world. They do this by providing training to investigative journalists covering business and finance and by leveraging the network of people trained by them to publish exciting and innovative cross border investigative reports.

Founded 2015
London, UK
Finnish Association for Investigative Journalism (TJY), Finland

The Association for Investigative Journalism in Finland is a nonprofit organization created to improve in-depth and critical journalism. The goal of the Association is to promote cooperation between journalists and to encourage them to dig beneath the surface.

Founded 1992
Helsinki, Finland
Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, USA

The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting is the first nonprofit, digital and bilingual investigative journalism organization in Florida working to expose corruption, waste and miscarriages of justice. FCIR believes this type of reporting is essential to democracy, and will use the latest technologies and storytelling techniques to connect with diverse audiences throughout the state.

University of Miami, Florida
Fojo Media Institute

Fojo Media Institute (Sweden) is Sweden’s leading media development organization, strengthening free, indepen­dent and professional journalism in Sweden and globally. Fojo is an independent institution at Linnaeus University, one of Sweden’s biggest universities. The organization uses its experiences in Sweden and interna­tionally to build institutional and individual capacity around the world.

Kalmar, Sweden
Fonds Pour Le Journalisme, Belgium

Fonds Pour Le Journalisme, created in 2009, aims to support and promote investigative journalism. It encourages the publication and dissemination of quality content in French-language news media by providing help directly to journalists. It is organized and managed by the l’Association des journalistes professionnels (Association of Professional Journalists) and funded by Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles.

Bruxelles, Belgium
Forbidden Stories, France

Forbidden Stories is a nonprofit project founded by Freedom Voices Network. It is a network of journalists whose mission is to continue and publish the work of other journalists facing threats, prison, or murder. Its goal is to keep stories alive and to make sure a maximum number of people have access to uncensored news on such crucial topics as the environment, health, human rights, and corruption.

Paris, France
Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik (FUJ), Denmark

The Danish Association for Investigative Journalism (Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik, FUJ) works to promote investigative journalism in Danish media. The FUJ covers both the written press, radio, and TV at all levels – journalists, researchers, photographers, page editors, and editors.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Föreningen Grävande Journalister (Gräv), Sweden

The Swedish Association of Investigative Journalism is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and inspiration of profound, critical journalism. The association’s goal is to offer courses and seminars that improve the sharing of knowledge between journalists. Its magazine, Scoop, is published four times per year. At its annual seminar, Gräv distribute’s Sweden’s most prestigious journalism prizes: the Guldspade (“Golden shovel”) to the country’s best investigative reporters, and the Gyllene Dynamon (“Golden dynamo”) to the best investigative editor.

Founded 1990
Stockholm, Sweden
Foro De Periodismo Argentino (FOPEA), Argentina

The Forum for Argentine Journalism (FOPEA) is an organization of more than 400 journalists, including most of Argentina’s best-known names in investigative journalism. It is dedicated to improving the quality of journalism as a vital support to the nation’s democracy. FOPEA wrote the first nationwide code of ethics, signed byall members. It holds dozens of training sessions yearly on all aspects of journalism, promoting in particular investigative journalism. FOPEA’s Freedom of Expression Monitor is the country’s main tool for tracking, and responding to attacks against journalists. FOPEA’s annual Congress in November is a highlight of the year attracting a broad range of global media experts to discuss trends in journalism.

Founded 2002
Forum for Media and Literature, India

Forum for Media and Literature is a non-profit organisation engaging in investigative journalism and publishes its investigations on a web portal ( Over the past decade and a half, Cobrapost has gained a formidable reputation for its fearless muckraking. Any announcement from sets off a viral speculation even before the story is broadcast. The investigations cover the entire spectrum from political corruption, corporate malpractice, religious misconduct, and social crimes. These are stories that often break the code of omerta and are thus never covered by mainstream media. The investigations have invariably forced a public discourse that in turn has affected a change in several public policies.

Founded 2013
New Delhi, India
Foundation for Community and Educational Media (Prachatai), Thailand

Foundation for Community and Educational Media, or Prachatai, is a Thailand-based nonprofit that is increasingly publishing investigative reports by the Prachatai team and young fellows, who receive scholarship and mentoring from Prachatai journalists to conduct investigative reports. In 2015 -2016, almost 20 investigative reports by Prachatai journalists were published, with funding support from the Heinrich Boell Foundation. From 2013-2015, under an initiative to support youth media, Prachatai provided scholarship and mentoring for students, who produced almost 30 investigative reports.

Founded 2004
Bangkok, Thailand
Free Media Movement of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

The Free Media Movement evolved out of the Standing Committee of Journalists, which was formed in late 1991, as a collective enterprise of journalists and media personnel to critique and respond to moves by then government of the time to introduce a Media Commission to Sri Lanka. The first public meeting of the group as the Free Media Movement was held in Colombo in June 1992. Through the years, the FMM has become the watchdog of media freedom in Sri Lanka, and has also developed an extensive network of links with other media freedom and human rights groups internationally.

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Free Press Unlimited, Netherlands

Free Press Unlimited is a non-governmental organization dedicated to initiating and enhancing independent quality journalism worldwide. Free Press Unlimited helps local journalists and media organizations in war zones and conflict areas, repressive states or fragile democracies, to provide their audience with trustworthy news and information. Free Press Unlimited believes that objective information can be of life-and- death importance and that investigative journalism is key in advocating for basic human rights and establishing a strong democracy.

Founded 2011
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Freedom of Information Center, USA

The National Freedom of Information Coalition is a nonpartisan alliance of citizen-driven nonprofit freedom of information organizations, academic and First Amendment centers, journalistic societies and attorneys. Twice annually, NFOIC awards grants to strengthen state coalitions and member organizations, foster their growth, and support a broad range of open government endeavors in individual states.


Founded 1989
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, United States
Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), USA

The Fund for Investigative Journalism was founded in 1969 by the late Philip M. Stern, a public-spirited philanthropist who devoted his life “to balancing the scales of justice,” in the words of a friend. Stern was convinced small amounts of money invested in the work of determined journalists would yield enormous results in the fight against racism, poverty, corporate greed and governmental corruption. Over five decades, the Fund has awarded more than $4.5 million in grants to freelance reporters, authors and small publications.

Founded 1969
Washington, District of Columbia
Fundacion Blue Foresta, Bolivia

Fundacion Blue Foresta (Bolivia) is a non-profit organization that promotes the value and conservation of biodiversity, through science, education and environmental journalism. The foundation believes in the power of journalism to help people understand the value of nature and inspire conservation actions. Through its Environmental Information Network project (RAI, by its Spanish acronym), it gives a voice to biodiversity and vulnerable groups, and supports the training of Bolivian journalists in investigative techniques and storytelling, to improve their capacity to report on biodiversity conservation, science, environmental crime and natural resource exploitation.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Fundación Ciudadana Civio, Spain

The Civio Foundation (Fundación Ciudadana Civio) is an independent, nonprofit organization based in Spain which monitors public authorities, reports to all citizens and lobbies to achieve true and effective transparency within institutions. Civio undertakes journalistic investigations and creates innovative tools which gives the public access to unpublished data.

Madrid, Spain
Fundacja Reporterow (Reporters’ Foundation), Poland

Fundacja Reporterow (FR) is the first nonprofit journalistic organization in Poland entirely focused on independent, cross-border, investigative journalism. FR was founded in 2010 by award-winning Polish investigative journalists. The organization’s mission is the development of investigative journalism, promoting journalism as a public good and publishing high-quality stories in the public interest. FR is a member of professional networks (GIJN, OCCRP), our reporters publish stories in Polish and English. Since 2017 Fundacja runs, a platform for cross-border investigative stories from the Visegrad region. In 2021 Fundacja launched, an investigative, data-driven outlet, addressed to the Polish audience. FR’s team combines traditional journalistic methods with OSINT tools, data analysis, and new digital technologies.

Founded 2010
Warsaw, Poland
Global Press

Global Press (US) is an international news organization that creates a more informed and inclusive world by training and employing local women journalists to report news in some of the world’s least-covered places. Its stories are published on the award-winning multilingual news publication Global Press Journal. By training local women to become world-class journalists, Global Press reframes skewed global narratives, revitalizes communities and repairs the lack of gender and racial diversity in newsrooms.

Washington, DC
Global Reporting Center, Canada

The Global Reporting Centre (GRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to highlighting neglected stories around the world. Housed at the University of British Columbia, the organization has grown out of the successful International Reporting Program at the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism, which trains journalism graduate students in global reporting. The GRC works with leading reporters and media organizations to produce solution-oriented journalism, and seeks new and innovative ways to produce and distribute global news.

Vancouver, Canada
Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, Arizona State Univ.

Howard Center for Investigative Journalism (United States) at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication helps train the next generation of accountability journalists by producing multimedia projects on topics of national concern. One of two Howard Centers in the US funded by the Scripps Howard Foundation, it is also the capstone experience for graduate students in the only US master of journalism degree program focused exclusively on investigative reporting.

Phoenix, AZ
Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, Univ. of Maryland, USA

The Howard Center for Investigative Journalism at the University of Maryland is a multidisciplinary program focused on training the next generation of investigative reporters by producing national and international journalism projects. Students learn to dive deep into data, ask tough questions of those in power, produce innovative reporting tools and present the facts they uncover using multiple storytelling techniques. We collaborate with professional news organizations on both reporting and distribution of our work to reach the broadest possible audience.

Icelandic Center for Investigative Journalism
Reykjavík, Iceland
IDL-Reporteros, Peru

IDL-Reporteros, based in Lima, is an independent program of the Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL), Peru’s premier human rights organization. Since its creation in 2009, IDL-Reporteros has published more than 500 investigations on a range of topics from drug trafficking to the extractive industries. Its stories include an investigation into corruption that forced the vice president to step down, as well as a series on fraud in the fishing industry that brought about important regulatory changes.


Founded 2009
IHECS Academy, Belgium

IHECS Academy is a nonprofit lifelong training center based in Brussels, Belgium and is located at the journalism and communication school IHECS (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales). They provide training in the fields of communication and journalism to an audience of both students and professionals. IHECS Academy offers a 15-ECTS long-term investigative reporting program (69 hours) to professional journalists.

Founded 2004
Brussels, Belgium
IndiaSpend, India

IndiaSpend was founded in the wake of a mass anti-corruption movement in India led by activist Anna Hazare in 2011. IndiaSpend picked up where the agitation left off, with the larger objective of bringing data into the highly emotion charged debates on governance, transparency and accountability.

Founded 2011
Mumbai, India
Indonesian Data Journalism Network

Indonesian Data Journalism Network is a nonprofit organization that promotes and teaches data journalism in Indonesia, and also actively collaborates with news organizations. In an effort to lower technical skills barriers for reporters and developers, IDJN has held four data journalism “hackathon” events — involving 124 journalists — since its founding in 2019. It has also produced more than two-dozen data-driven environmental stories, on topics from forest fires to the shrinking habitats of endangered dolphins.

Depok, West Java, Indonesia

inewsource (United States) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom dedicated to improving lives in the San Diego, California, region and beyond through impactful, data-based investigative and accountability journalism. Its investigative content is produced for the web, radio and television, and is distributed through a variety of partners, most significantly through a unique agreement with public broadcaster KPBS in San Diego.

San Diego, CA
Information for Development Trust, Zimbabwe

Information for Development Trust (Zimbabwe) is a Zimbabwean nonprofit dedicated to building the capacity of newsroom-based journalists, freelancers and media houses to investigate corruption. IDT does this through the provision of grants, training and mentoring, working towards the enhancement of transparency, accountability and integrity in public-private sector governance.

Founded 2015
Harare, Zimbabwe
Ink Centre For Investigative Journalism, Botswana

INK Centre for Investigative Journalism is Botswana’s first non-profit, non-partisan news organization registered as a charitable organization with Registrar of Deeds (Botswana) in February 2015. The centre develops investigative journalism in the public interest essential in promoting an open, accountable and just democracy. The Centre also supports local investigative journalists with professional and financial assistance.

Founded 2015
Gaborone, Botswana
Inkyfada, Tunisia

Inkyfada (Tunisia) is a web magazine specialized in investigation and data-journalism, created by a team of journalists, developers and graphic designers. “They take the time for information that counts and content sought. provides keys to understand and reflect on the society in which we live. uses the new technologies of the web to serve journalistic content, to make each navigation a unique narrative experience”. Inkyfada is a project of the Tunisian NGO Al Khatt.

Founded 2014
Tunis, Tunisia
InSight Crime, Colombia/USA

InSight Crime is a foundation dedicated to the research, analysis, and investigation of organized crime in Latin America and the Caribbean. The organization seeks to deepen and inform the debate about organized crime in the region by providing the general public with regular reporting on the subject and on efforts to combat it.

Washington DC
Institute for Investigative Journalism

Institute for Investigative Journalism (Canada) unites media organizations and journalism schools across Canada in order to provide students with practical training and carry out large-scale investigations in the national public interest. Through collaborative projects coordinated by the IIJ based in Concordia University, students across Canada gain skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals, joining a close-knit community of reporters.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), USA

The Institute for Nonprofit News helps nonprofit news organizations produce and distribute stories with impact, achieve cost efficiencies by pooling resources and develop new revenue streams to become sustainable businesses. Its mission is to promote the value and benefit of public-service and investigative journalism.

Founded 2009
Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), UK

IWPR gives voice to people at the frontlines of conflict, crisis and change. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, IWPR helps people in the world’s most challenging environments have the information they need to drive positive changes in their lives — holding government to account, demanding constructive solutions, strengthening civil society and securing human rights. Amid war, dictatorship, and political transition, IWPR forges the skills and capacity of local journalism, strengthens local media institutions and engages with civil society and governments to ensure that information achieves impact.

Founded 1991
Washington, DC, US
Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPYS), Peru

The Institute for Press and Society (El Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, or IPYS) is one of Latin America’s leading media NGOs. Based in Lima, IPYS does trainings, monitors and lobbies for press freedom, and sponsors awards and conferences. Each year IPYS sponsors, with Transparency International, COLPIN, Latin America’s investigative journalism conference, which draws some 200 journalists from a dozen countries, where it gives out a coveted investigative reporting award.

Lima, Perú
Institutt for Journalistikk (IJ), Norway

IJ Institutt for Journalistikk’s purpose is to help raise the quality of Norwegian journalism, through skills development courses. The courses are held in Fredrikstad, in media companies, at conferences nationwide, and at study trips abroad. IJ also offers courses for companies outside the media industry, such as writing courses.

Interlink Academy, Germany

The Interlink Academy for International Dialog and Journalism strives to professionalize journalism and advance freedom of the media around the globe. The organization was established in 2014, it is not for profit and serves the global community of journalists. The focus of the Interlink Academy is on the new opportunities in research and publishing opening up with the digitization of the media. They develop and organize international conferences, exchange programs and professional trainings for journalists from all spheres worldwide.


Founded 2014
Hamburg, Germany
International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), US

The International Center for Journalists advances quality journalism worldwide. Its hands-on programs combine the best professional practices with new technologies. ICFJ has worked with more than 140,000 professional and citizen journalists and media managers from 180 countries.

Founded 1984
Washington, District of Columbia
International Centre for Investigative Reporting, Nigeria

The ICIR is an independent nonprofit investigative journalism news agency. Since it commenced operations in 2012, the Centre has undertaken several incisive investigative reports. The ICIR is also helping to build investigative reporting units and popularizing watchdog reporting in other newsrooms across the country.

Founded 2012
Abuja, Nigeria
International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), US

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is both a small, resourceful newsroom with its own reporting team, as well as a global network of reporters and media organizations who work together to investigate the most important stories in the world. Founded in 1997, ICIJ was launched as a project of the Center for Public Integrity to extend the Center’s style of watchdog journalism, focusing on issues that do not stop at national frontiers: cross-border crime, corruption, and the accountability of power.

Founded 1997
Washington, District of Columbia
International Media Support (IMS), Denmark

International Media Support (IMS) is a nonprofit media development organization working to support local media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition. It works in more than 30 countries across four continents promoting press freedom, good journalism and safety for journalists.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Internews, US

Internews is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to empower local media worldwide to give people the news and information they need, the ability to connect and the means to make their voices heard. Across the world, Internews is providing training, mentoring and small grants to support local investigative journalism initiatives.

Founded 1982
Investico (Netherlands)

Investico (Netherlands) is the leading platform for investigative journalism in The Netherlands, collaborating with national news media like daily newspaper Trouw, weekly De Groene Amsterdammer, national daily television Nieuwsuur, weekly national radio Argos and many others. Investico focusses on structural stories and intends to offer a counterbalance to the focus on short-term issues that often dominates the public debate.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Investigate Europe

Investigate Europe (IE) is a non-profit cross-border journalism outfit with a presence in over a dozen European countries. Born out of a desire to bring comprehensive cross-border reporting of European topics to national audiences, IE’s journalists work to uncover power structures across Europe and hold the actors behind them to account. The team of reporters works together on months-long investigations and news articles that are published with media partners in more than twenty countries, as well as on the so far quadrilingual IE website.

Berlin, Germany, Switzerland is a Swiss association of investigative reporters. It was founded in 2010. As a network for professionals they provide trainings and online tools and, if necessary, act as a pressure group for transparency in the public domain and media freedom.

Founded 2011
Zurich, Switzerland
Investigative Center of Jan Kuciak (ICJK)

Investigative Center of Jan Kuciak (ICJK) (Slovakia) was founded as a response to the murder of the Slovak investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fianceé Martina Kušnírová in 2018. The main goal of ICJK is to continue Jan’s work by uncovering organized crime, corruption, and other criminal activities as well as disinformation and its actors in Slovakia. ICJK is a non-profit organization, the first institution in Slovakia dedicated solely to investigative journalism. The Centre is an independent media outlet and a cooperation hub of local and international media.

Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Investigative Journalism Bureau (IJB)

The Investigative Journalism Bureau (Canada) is an impact-driven, collaborative newsroom, bringing together professional and student journalists, academics, graduate students and media organizations to tell deeply-reported stories in the public interest. Based at the University of Toronto, the IJB has developed a collaborative journalistic model that works with news organizations and universities around the world while training the next generation of investigative reporters.

Toronto, Canada
Investigative Journalism Center of Moldova

The Investigative Journalism Center of Moldova is a non-governmental organization created in 2003. The main activity of the center is directed toward improving the quality of investigative journalism in Moldova, strengthen the capacity of investigative journalists, promoting best practices and techniques for investigative journalism as well and conducting public awareness campaigns.

Chisinau, Moldova
Investigative Journalism Center, Croatia (IJC)

Established in 2003 as a nonprofit NGO, Investigative Journalism Center (IJC) supports development of investigative reporting in Croatia and in other countries of the South East Europe. IJC has a pool of trainers/mentors, it organizes investigative reporting workshops, and cooperates with similar organizations.

Zagreb, Hrvatska
Investigative Journalists of Armenia (HETQ)

Hetq online has been published in Yerevan, Armenia, since 2001, and has published articles and investigations in both Armenian and English since 2002. Hetq is updated every week and its articles are later republished by various newspapers. It also produces documentaries. Students from the Department of Journalism at Yerevan State University also receive practical experience by working with Hetq online. Hetq online is the first publication in Armenia to adopt a Code of Ethics and introduced the practice of team investigations into Armenian journalism.

Founded 2001
Yereban, Armenia
Investigative Journalists’ Team “iFact”

Investigative Journalists’ Team “iFact” (Georgia) was founded by a women journalists team in 2016, and includes two investigative newsrooms across Georgia. iFact is the only investigative media in Georgia which produces multimedia content. It aims to raise awareness about investigative journalism in the country and shed light on the uncovered topics.

Tbilisi, Georgia
Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), US

Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting. IRE was formed in 1975 to create a forum in which journalists throughout the world could help each other by sharing story ideas, newsgathering techniques and news sources. IRE provides members access to thousands of reporting tip sheets and other materials through its resource center and hosts conferences and specialized training throughout the country.


Founded 1975
Columbia, MO
Investigative Reporting Denmark

Investigative Reporting Denmark conducts investigative reporting in Denmark and cooperates with journalists internationally.

Founded 2012
Arhus, Denmark
Investigative Reporting Lab

Investigative Reporting Lab (North Macedonia) is a nonprofit newsroom focused on corruption, crime, and governance in North Macedonia and the Balkans. Founded in 2017, IRL’s team is notable for its female leadership and young staff, and for its commitment to innovative watchdog storytelling. Recent projects have partnered with OCCRP and focused on disinformation campaigns, hazardous energy policies, and the murky world of COVID-19 antibody tests.

Founded 2017
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI)

Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), is an association of investigative journalists based in Italy whom are experimenting new approaches, production and distribution models of investigative journalism.

Founded 2012
Investigative Reporting Workshop (IRW), US

The Investigative Reporting Workshop, a project of the School of Communication (SOC) at American University, is a nonprofit, professional newsroom. The Workshop publishes in-depth stories at about government and corporate accountability, ranging widely from the environment and health to national security and the economy. The Workshop pairs experienced professional reporters and editors with graduate students, and co-publishes with mainstream media partners and nonprofit newsrooms.

Founded 2007
Washington, District of Columbia

IREX is an international nonprofit organization founded in 1968. Its staff works with partners in more than 120 countries. IREX has an extensive and diversified track record in assisting journalists and media organizations to provide the essential news and information the public needs to demand more accountable governance. IREX offers both the broader competence necessary to address the context in which investigative journalists work and the specialized expertise specific to investigative journalism.

Founded 1968
Washington DC
iWatch Africa, Ghana

iWatch Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting data and investigative journalism in Africa. It holds training programs for journalists throughout the year, including providing funding for investigative stories. Based in Ghana, iWatch Africa is committed to promoting transparency and accountability in the region.

Accra, Ghana
JARING, Indonesia

JARING (Indonesia Network for Investigative Journalism) is an Indonesian non-profit organization that aims to develop media professionalism and to extend access to information in Indonesia and other countries in Asia. It does so through capacity building programs, establishing new media in isolated locations, emergency assistance for media in disaster areas, and media content production.

Jakarta, Indonesia

JournaFONDS (Switzerland) is a small news organization that plays an outsized role in promoting and developing investigative journalism in Switzerland. With a primary focus on quality financial stories — and a deep interest in empowering diversity and young reporters — JournaFONDS supports watchdog projects, and promotes collaboration and reporting skills. An initiative of the association “Pacte de l’Enquête et du Reportage” (Investigation and Reporting Pact), its goal is to not only dig up information crucial to the public interest, but also place those facts in a relevant and well-informed context.

Zurich, Switzerland
Journalism for Nation Building Foundation, Philippines

Journalism for Nation Building Foundation (JNBF) is the nonprofit affiliate of Rappler, the Philippines’ leading independent online news site (currently under assault by the Duterte government). The foundation sponsors training, fellowships, and in-depth journalism that provides context to important issues and pushes for greater transparency and accountability of officials and institutions.

Founded 2011
Pasig City, Philippines
Journalism Practitioners’ Forum (Japan)

Journalism Practitioners’ Forum (Japan) holds peer-to-peer training workshops in Japan to help journalists develop investigative skills and knowledge. Its annual conference has a broad spectrum of sessions from FOIA basics to the exposition of serious corruption, joined by hundreds of journalists nationwide, helping them build professional solidarity beyond newsrooms. Launched by experienced journalists and journalism educators in 2010, J-Forum has been holding seminars before being incorporated as a registered nonprofit organization in 2019.

Tokyo, Japan
Journalism School of Waseda University, Japan

Journalism School of Waseda University (Japan) is dedicated to nurturing highly skilled professional journalists in the digital age. It is the first and only journalism school at the graduate level in Japan that promotes both the theory and practice of journalism. The School has set up an investigative reporting course that helps students to understand the powerful role of journalists as monitors who recognize the importance of bringing to light facts that have long been hidden from citizens.

Founded 2008
Tokyo, Japan
Journalismfund Europe

Journalismfund Europe vzw is a Brussels-based independent nonprofit organization incorporated by citizens in 1998. The organization was established with the purpose of facilitating investigative, cross-border and independent journalism in order to strengthen democracy in Europe.

Founded 1998
Brabant, Belgium
Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism & Ideas, Australia

The Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism & Ideas supports and celebrates quality journalism and storytelling around the world. Our grants and education programs equip journalists with the resources they need to produce outstanding work. Our public events provide a forum for all to discuss the issues shaping the world.

New South Wales, Australia
Kloop Media

Kloop Media (Kyrgyzstan) runs a news website and media school and produces journalism investigations. Founded in 2007, Kloop gained prominence in the country three years later, when it was one of the leading media outlets to cover the revolution in the country. It received numerous local awards for its Samaragate series of investigations in 2017 that focused on the violations that occurred during Kyrgyzstan’s presidential elections that same year.

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, USA

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin provides high-level training, resources, news, and information to journalists from around the world. The Center does this through its annual International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ); its trilingual digital news magazine, LatAm Journalism Review; and its online learning program, Journalism Courses, which offers a variety of free and low-cost training for journalists in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Austin, TX
Korea Center for Investigative Journalism (KCIJ)

The Korea Center for Investigative Journalism (KCIJ) is the first nonprofit online investigative reporting organization in South Korea. The center, launched by veteran broadcast journalists, runs Newstapa, an online news website that presents watchdog journalism in video form.

Founded 2012
Seoul, South Korea
KRIK Crime and Corruption Reporting Network, Serbia

KRIK — Mreža za istraživanje kriminala i korupcije — “Crime and Corruption Reporting Network” is a non-profit organization founded by a team of journalists who for years has been engaged in exposing crime and corruption, and who have received many awards for their work. KRIK is dedicated to revealing organized crime and corruption that permeates all levels of society. “Our goal is to help the readers to better understand how crime and corruption affect their lives.” KRIK seeks to provide in-depth investigative stories, as well as the latest news in this field, and also building an online database of documents.

Founded 2015
Belgrade, Serbia
La Maison Des Reporters

La Maison Des Reporters (Senegal) is a Senegalese nonprofit investigative media. It operates thanks to donations from the public and brings together around a hundred journalists across Senegal. Its objective is to impact public opinion through long-term journalism and quality information.

Lelio Basso School of Journalism, Fondazione Lelio e Lisli Basso Onlus

The Lelio Basso School of Journalism (Italy), housed under the Fondazione Lelio e Lisli Basso Onlus, was established in 2005 when the Lisli and Lelio Basso Foundation ONLUS – a prestigious international centre for documentation and research on contemporary society, training and cultural promotion – met with some well-known professionals journalists, sharing the idea of training young generations in critical thinking. With a very practical approach, it aims to teach the techniques and languages of communication in an ever-changing profession: from writing to web languages, from video to podcasts. At the same time, the School focusses on the keys to interpreting events. This is why it cultivates investigative journalism, i.e. the ability to conduct public interest investigations. It also delves into topics of international politics, economics, the rights of peoples, to discuss the reasons behind conflicts, the mechanisms of exploitation, ecological transformations, social and human rights.

Lighthouse Reports

Lighthouse Reports (Netherlands) builds newsrooms around urgent public interest topics and co-publishes collaborative investigations in multiple formats with its partners. The group uses freedom of information laws, open source reporting, data journalism, and other techniques. Since its founding in 2019, the group has built six newsrooms and worked with 70 media outlets to cover topics like abuse of migrant workers, corruption, and the climate crisis.

Founded 2019
Macedonian Association of Journalists

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia  (AJM) was founded in 1946. AJM is member of International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). AJM is an independent, non-governmental and non- political party organization whose purpose is to be the protector and promoter of professional standards and freedom of expression.

Makanday, Zambia

Makanday is an independent nonprofit newsroom which produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Makanday’s work focuses on transformational stories with “moral force,” and aims to shine a light on the exploitation of the weak by the strong and on the failures of power elites to vindicate the trust placed in them.

Lusaka, Zambia
Malaysiakini (Malaysia)

Launched in late 1999, Malaysiakini is the country’s first online news website managed by a team of professional journalists. Its mission is to provide independent news and views in a country where the traditional media is tightly controlled by the government.

Founded 1999
Selangor, Malaysia (Spain) is a center for investigative reporting, journalism education, and fact checking in Spain, with a reputation for integrity and support from major European institutions. In addition to collaborations with Spanish media, has worked with groups like Germany’s CORRECTIV and Tactical Tech, while its data project (Maldita Dato) has dug into COVID-19 hoaxes. And it recently collaborated with the Catalan TV program Planta Baixa to reveal pandemic-related failures at Spanish airports. The organization also offers advanced educational courses in investigative and data journalism.

Madrid, Spain
Media Development Center/Birzeit University

Media Development Center/Birzeit University (Palestine) provides technical training for mid-career journalists and investigative reporters as part of its mission to help create a free press environment in Palestine. Under the umbrella of Birzeit University, the MDC focuses on developing curricula, publishing research and training manuals, and media literacy. It has also provided investigative reporting grants and held workshops in Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan.

West bank, Palestine, Birzeit
Media Institute of the Caribbean

The Media Institute of the Caribbean (MIC) is a regional not-for-profit non-governmental organisation registered in Jamaica, with a branch in Trinidad and Tobago, charged with empowering Caribbean journalists and media leaders to contribute to the strengthening of Caribbean democracy through support for an innovative and independent media industry.

Its Board of Directors comprises a team of accomplished industry leaders with vast experience in a variety of new and traditional media operations with support from a corps of qualified regional and international media trainers.

Among MIC’s primary objectives is the building of a cadre of trained investigative journalists engaged in enhancing and reinforcing the watchdog role of regional media through involvement in a vibrant Caribbean network which benefits from international best practice models and practices.

Founded 2015
Kingston, Jamaica
Media Resources Development Initiative (MRDI)

Media Resources Development Initiative (MRDI) is a leading media training organization based in Dhaka, specialized in quality issue-based training and research for news media. A major focus for MRDI is increasing the investigative reporting capacity of journalists in the country. It also introduced Right to Information as a tool for investigative journalism in Bangladesh.

Founded 2001
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mediacentar Sarajevo, Bosnia

Mediacentar Sarajevo supports development of independent and professional journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From its founding to date, MC organized more than 230 different training programs in the areas of journalism and media education attended by more than 2,000 people from B-H and the region.

Founded 1995
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mediafocus Serbia

Mediafocus is a network for investigative journalists in Serbia and Southeastern Europe. Mediafocus was founded in 2000 and since then investigative reporters have published a number of investigative stories in media all over the region.

Belgrade, Serbia
Medill National Security Journalism Initiative

The Medill National Security Journalism Initiative is based at Northwestern University’s Medill school of journalism, and provides journalists-in-training and working journalists with the knowledge and skills necessary to report accurately, completely and with context on events and issues related to conflict, defense, security and civil liberties. The Initiative provides courses, training and thought leadership, and also does its own in-depth investigative reporting projects on topics of global security interest in collaboration with professional media partners.

Member since 2015
Founded 2009
Washington, DC
Michael I.Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism

Michael I.Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism (United States) is dedicated to educating Indiana University students in investigative reporting techniques and creating provocative original journalism for the public in Indiana and beyond. The center conducts multimedia investigative projects in a working newsroom with professional media partners. Funded by a US$6 million endowment, the center is editorially independent of Indiana University.

Mídia Lab (Mozambique)

Mídia Lab (Mozambique) is an independent Mozambican non-governmental organization focused on journalism training and media development. It is a capacity-building and training association for the media sector and works with professional and community-based reporters, media managers, journalism trainers and civil society organizations to improve the quality of information made available to citizens.

Founded 2017
Maputo City, Moçambique
Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting is an independent, nonprofit newsroom devoted to investigative and enterprise reporting about crucial issues in the Midwest with a regional, national and global impact. We focus primarily on agribusiness and related topics such as government programs, environment and energy.

Founded 2009
MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism (Lesotho)

MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism (Lesotho) is an independent, nonprofit centre set up by a group of Basotho journalists. It works towards promoting accountability, transparency, exposing corruption, wrongdoing and protection of human rights. Since its inception, the Centre focuses on investigative reporting, hosting three-month fellowships for journalists in Lesotho towards creating a local network of investigative journalists, health reporting with a focus on Lesotho’s HIV/AIDS pandemic and producing a human trafficking stories series.


Mongabay is the world’s most popular rainforest information site and a well-known source of environmental news reporting and analysis. Today Mongabay draws an average 9-10 million visitors per month and publishes stories in 10 languages. In 2012 was formed to facilitate the development of new education and journalism initiatives and leverage’s existing network, traffic, and reputation. aims to raise awareness about social and environmental issues relating to forests and other ecosystems.

Founded 2012

MuckRock is a nonprofit public records filing tool and investigative news site, used by thousands of journalists across the United States and around the world to help investigate and open up government. Founded in 2010, the site has helped release millions of pages of records covering topics like incarceration, surveillance, government waste and classified dessert recipes.

Founded 2010
MUSEBA Journalism Project

MUSEBA Journalism Project (Cameroon) is an independent, non-profit news organization that promotes investigative reporting in Central Africa and the Great Lakes. Through collaborative approaches with journalists from the region, Museba investigates corruption, illicit financial flows, organized crime and human rights abuses.

Douala, Cameroon
n-ost, Germany

n-ost is a journalism network that produces cross-border projects in the EU, with a focus on investigative reporting in Eastern Europe. It serves as an editorial office and syndication agency, and implements a wide range of projects that include an annual international media conference, annual reportage prize, grants for cross-border research, and a network for media literacy.

Founded 2005
Berlin, Germany
Nashi Groshi (“Our Money”), Ukraine

Nashi Groshi (“Our Money”) (Ukraine) is a web-based organization that analyzes corrupt practices in public procurement and finance data. Established in 2011, the nonprofit investigates civil servants’ and politicians’ involvement in public contracts. Its reports have resulted in over 70 cancelled tender procedures, amounting to $1.2 billion saved in the government budget. It produces a weekly TV program and manages a network of 160 journalists.

Founded 2012
Kyiv, Ukraine
Nepal Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network (NIMJN)

Nepal Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network (NIMJN) is a Nepal-based non-profit that provides advanced investigative multimedia reporting training and mentorship for journalists to produce collaborative investigative stories.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Netzwerk Recherche, Germany

Netzwerk Recherche (nr) is the German association of investigative journalists. It was founded in 2001 with the aim to improve the quality of media coverage using investigative methods of journalism. nr is an independent nonprofit association. The association’s annual conference is one of the biggest events for journalists in Europe. Additionally, it hosts several other conferences and seminars which focus on a certain aspect of reporting, e.g. fact-checking, freedom of information or undercover investigations.

Berlin, Germany
New Narratives (US)

New Narratives is a women-led non-profit organization that builds independent news businesses in the Global South to do accountability journalism that engages and empowers audiences. New Narratives-backed journalism arms citizens with the power to keep leaders accountable, build inclusive societies and drive change.


Founded 2010
New Zealand Centre for Investigative Journalism

The New Zealand Centre for Investigative Journalism was established in 2013 to encourage and support investigative journalism in New Zealand and the South Pacific. We aim to bring together journalists, documentary makers, authors, students and others who have a desire to do investigative journalism.

Founded 2013
Wellington, New Zealand
NGL Media

NGL Media (Ukraine), formerly known as Nashi Groshi Lviv, is an independent center of investigative journalism launched by the NGO Lviv Group. Its objectives are conducting and promoting investigative journalism, analytic and consulting activities, public monitoring of local self-governing bodies’ work, public finance monitoring, analysis of socially important court decisions, and assisting journalists from other mass media in information gathering. Its website contains information on the public finance sphere in Lviv region and its journalists have vast experience in discovering corruption and malpractices in public procurement.

Lviv, Ukraine
Nikolaev Center for Investigative Reporting (NikCIR)

Nikolaev Center for Investigative Reporting  (NikCIR) is an independent nonprofit organization in Southern Ukraine, devoted to investigative reporting. We focus primarily on exposing corruption, waste and miscarriages of justice.

Member since 2015
Founded 2010
Mykolayiv, Ukraine
Norbert Zongo Cell for Investigative Journalism in West Africa (CENOZO)

Norbert Zongo Cell for Investigative Journalism in West Africa (CENOZO) is a regional network of journalists created to promote investigative journalism in West Africa. CENOZO, a ground breaking project for data-based cross border investigation in West Africa aims to strengthen the capacities of investigative journalists in the region through training, mentoring, grants, networking, legal advice, technical support for investigations, and provision of a publication platform. The Board of Directors comprises of seven renowned investigative journalists from Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, and Nigeria.

Founded 2015
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Nothing 2 Hide (France)

Nothing 2 Hide (France), an association that helps journalists protect their data and communications, was initiated by a group of journalists and former NGO workers. It provides digital security and online investigative training to the media and journalism schools in France, and offers security tools such as whistleblowing platforms. Nothing 2 Hide’s workshops have taken place in France, Turkey, Central Asia and West Africa.

Founded 2017
Paris, France
Novi Sad School of Journalism, Serbia

Novi Sad School of Journalism (NNŠ) is a civil society organization that deals with the development and professionalization of the media sphere in Serbia and the region. The organization is focused on raising professional capacities in the media sector; monitoring and analysis of media content; educating various target groups on media literacy as well as public advocacy that contributes to the democratization and development of civil society and the promotion of European values.

Novi Sad, Serbia

OjoPúblico was founded in 2014 in Lima as an investigative journalism association. Its mission is to promote transparency, accountability, and access to public information. The association runs an investigative unit covering organized crime and corruption, and provides training for journalists on a variety of tools and applications. OjoPublico was created by veteran journalists from El Comercio, Peru’s leading newspaper, who wanted an independent digital base.

Founded 2014
Lima, Peru
Oorvani Foundation

Oorvani Foundation is a nonprofit working on open knowledge platforms that helps catalyze better cities. Our initiatives include Citizen Matters ( — an independent news media focused on cities and citizens, with insightful reporting from professional journalists, practitioners and citizen reporters, offering insights and solutions to India’s urban issues. Citizen Matters is an award-winning media known for its in-depth investigative stories, analysis and data journalism. The trust also supports Open City (, an urban data platform and Co Media Lab that serves as a resource center for collaborative projects and citizen media.

Founded 2014
Bengaluru, India

openDemocracy (United Kingdom) is an independent global media organization. Through reporting and analysis of social and political issues, it seeks to educate citizens to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world. Its projects cover, among other topics, human trafficking and slavery, and women and LGBTQ rights.

Openpolis (Italy)

Openpolis (Italy) is an independent nonprofit that promotes free access to data and information, in order to improve the culture of transparency and democratic participation. This mission means collecting relevant data concerning democracy and information, in order to build a freely accessible data repository. Openpolis analyzes data regarding power, politics, economy, territories and local communities and believes in increasing public awareness on data use, in order to create data-knowledgeable communities. It currently designs and manages open government and openbudget platforms. It monitors political power, analyzes traditional institutions and new actors. It also designs, develops and manages data oriented ICT platforms in order to produce information, tell stories, carry out investigations and improve public awareness on specific matters.

Founded 2006
Rome, Italy
Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), Bosnia

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project is a non-profit media organization dedicated to reporting on organized crime and corruption around the world. It provides an investigative reporting platform for the OCCRP Network: non-profit investigative centers in more than 30 countries, scores of journalists and several major regional news organizations across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. OCCRP works to turn the tables on corruption and build greater accountability through exposing the abuse of power at the expense of the people.

Oštro, Centar za istraživačko novinarstvo

Oštro, Centar za istraživačko novinarstvo is a nonprofit center for investigative and data journalism in the Adriatic region, covering Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy. Launched in 2018, Oštro champions “the right to know” as a fundamental human right, and its public interest projects often involve collaborations with major data journalism networks. Its journalists produced several investigations as part of the global Pandora Papers project, led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and was a media partner of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project’s (OCCRP’s) Russian Asset Tracker project, which traced hidden oligarch wealth outside Russia. The team’s latest “Detektor imovine” project monitors declared and undeclared assets held by Croatian officials.

Oštro, Slovenia

Oštro is a center for investigative journalism in the Adriatic region based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It nurtures investigative and data journalism, champions the right to information, and contributes to the cultivation of future generations of muckrakers. Besides Oštro’s main mission of investigating stories of public interest in Slovenia, Croatia and the region, it also runs a daily media fact-checking project,

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Environmental Journalism

The Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Environmental Journalism is Africa’s first investigative journalism unit focusing on environmental and related development issues. Oxpeckers combines traditional investigative reporting with data driven journalism, cutting-edge geo-narrative techniques, and digital engagement tools. Oxpeckers operates a core newsroom, bolstered by Oxpecker Fellows, and a range of special digital projects designed to create public resources to improve citizen access to environmental justice.

Founded 2013
Mbombela, South Africa
Pakistan Press Foundation (Pakistan)

Pakistan Press Foundation (Pakistan) is an independent media research, documentation and training center. The foundation is a non-governmental organization committed to promoting and defending freedom of expression. It encourages research on mass communication and helps to raise the standard of investigative journalism in the country. It has provided training, mentoring and fellowships to more than 120 journalists since 2017 to produce investigative reports.

Karachi, Pakistan
PAYK Investigative Journalism Center, Afghanistan

PAYK is an award-winning center for investigative journalism in Afghanistan, which aims to better inform the world through investigative reporting and providing protection and training to Afghan journalists. PAYK brings together journalists and media professionals from within Afghanistan and around the world to foster dialogue that will lead to enlightenment, flow of in-depth information and a sense of accountability. It strives to put the government institutions to account by enabling people to demand accountability from those in power through providing citizens with the information they need to stand up to corruption, wrongdoing and the abuse of power.

Founded 2012
Kabul, Afghanistan
Periodismo de Barrio, Cuba

Periodismo de Barrio, or Neighborhood Journalism, “publishes hidden stories based on original research” with a focus on critical social issues affecting the lives of common citizens in Cuba. The team specializes in covering the impact of climate change and natural disasters on vulnerable populations, as well as the management of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, energy policies, mining, food security, housing and construction policies, environmental pollution and restructuring of the sugar industry.

Founded 2015
La Habana, Cuba
Periodistas de a Pie

Periodistas de a pie (PdP) is a Mexican organization of journalists that provides training, network-building, and capacity-building, with the primary purpose of promoting the creation of high quality journalistic products. PdP has provided trainings since 2007.

Founded 2007
Mexico City
PF “Investigative Journalism Foundation”

PF “Investigative Journalism Foundation” (Kyrgyzstan) was founded in 2018 on the initiative of the ex-president of the Kyrgyz Republic, Roza Otunbaeva, in order to develop investigative journalism in the country. It supports journalistic initiatives aimed at identifying corruption and unlawful phenomena in society.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ)

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) is an independent, nonprofit media agency that specializes in investigative reporting. It was founded in 1989 by nine Filipino journalists who realized, from their years on the beat and at the news desk, the need for newspapers and broadcast agencies to go beyond day–to–day reportage.

Founded 1989
Manila, Philippines
Plaza Pública, Guatemala

Plaza Pública is a digital native publication which was founded by the Rafael Landívar University in Guatemala. Plaza Pública is a news laboratory with a narrative identity based on long and deep investigations. Its emphasis is on social justice issues and subject matter not often covered in mainstream national newspapers.


Founded 2011
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Pod črto

Pod črto (or “The Bottom Line” in English) is an independent nonprofit media outlet based in Slovenia, focusing on investigative reporting, data journalism and in-depth stories. They investigate and write stories of major importance towards a more transparent functioning of their nation’s democratic system. Their mission is to comprehensively investigate and explain the pressing issues in our society, as well as finding a way to address and resolve these problems.

Founded 2014
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Press Institute of Mongolia

The Press Institute of Mongolia is a non-governmental non-profit organization established in 1996. Its mission is to support development of independent and pluralistic media in Mongolia, to assist in improvement of qualifications and skills of Mongolian media workers and to promote the role of media in the advancement of democracy and economic and social development. The Institute’s operations focus on training for media professionals, media research, and advocacy activities to enhance media freedom in Mongolia.

Member since 2015
Founded 1996
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
ProPublica, US

ProPublica is an independent, non-profit, Pulitzer Prize-winning newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. It digs deep into important issues, shining a light on abuses of power and betrayals of public trust — and it sticks with those issues as long as it takes to hold power to account.

Founded 2007
New York
Public Herald, US

Public Herald is fearless investigative journalism. Co-founded in 2011 by investigative journalists Joshua Pribanic and Melissa Troutman, Public Herald’s mission is two-fold: truth + creativity. We use investigative journalism and art to empower readers and hold accountable those who put the public at risk. Overall, we aim to be media by and for the public interest. Our independence is guaranteed.

Founded 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (United States) raises awareness of underreported global issues through direct support for quality journalism across all media platforms and a unique program of education and public outreach. It provides grants for sustained reporting and outreach on topics that range from land rights, climate change, global health, and fragile states to justice and women and children.

Washington, DC
Quinto Elemento Lab, Mexico

Quinto Elemento Lab, or the Fifth Element, was founded in 2016 by four renowned Mexican investigative reporters to work with and mentor Mexican journalists through the progress of their investigations. Its projects include grants, fellowships, and support in investigation, editing, design, visualization and diffusion. Quinto Elemento’s staff also publish their own investigations, ranging from corruption and money laundering to the uncovering of mass graves in Mexico.

Founded 2016
Mexico City, Mexico

REFLEKT (Switzerland) is Switzerland’s first independent non-profit newsroom for investigative and cross-border journalism. The small team – with freelancers around the world – uncovers abuses and injustices relevant to Swiss society. To increase its reach and impact, REFLEKT collaborates with larger media organizations. In its first year since being founded in late 2019, the team has won two of Switzerland’s most prestigious journalism awards.

Bern, Switzerland
Regional Press Development Institute, Ukraine

The Regional Press Development Institute has become a leading Ukrainian NGO supporting investigative journalism in Ukraine. Since 2007 it has been providing extensive investigative journalism training, as well as legal consultations, pre-publication screening, defense in the courts and media law training. RPDI supports networking of Ukrainian investigative reporters, established annual all-Ukrainian conferences for investigative journalists (which took place in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012), and contributed to hosting of the 7th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kyiv in 2011.

Kyiv, Ukraine
Regional Press Institute, Russia

Regional Press Institute (Russia) contributes to the formation and development of independent media in Russia by organizing and holding seminars for reporters, editors and other media staff. It is a partner-organizer of GIJN-member International Media Support (IMS) in support of “Muckrakers-Russia” network and structure for investigative journalists in North-West Russia. Investigations have included projects focused on Russia and cross-border reports with journalists from neighboring countries.

Founded 2003
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Repórter Brasil, Brazil

Repórter Brasil is a nonprofit organization founded by journalists, social scientists and educators with the aim of bringing attention and action to the violation of fundamental rights of people and workers in Brazil. Its journalists have won over 20 awards for coverage of human rights and social and environmental issues, including the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award, while their stories have influenced public policy and served as a reference for others in the media.

São Paulo
Reporters United, Greece

Reporters United is a network of reporters and the first nonprofit organization to support investigative journalism in Greece. The group collaborates on cross-border projects with journalists and news outlets around the world. It also publishes, on its own platform, stories that struggle to find a place in the Greek press.

Member since 2021
Athens, Greece
Republik, Switzerland

Republik is creating a new business model for journalism that places readers at the center. Its digital magazine Republik (in German) launched in January 2018 and is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. Republik is completely independent, reader-owned and ad free. Republik’s mother company, Project R is an open-source cooperative with close to 20,000 members, and they share knowledge, software and business insights with other projects who also want to foster democracy and free speech around the world. More information about Project R at

Founded 2017
Zürich, Switzerland
RISE Project, Romania

The RISE Project is a Romania-based NGO of investigative journalists, activists, programmers, and graphic designers who use cutting-edge investigation techniques and technology to generate investigative reporting on local and cross-border organized crime and corruption networks. RISE produces articles, visual databases, and advanced tools, and educates journalists and the public in researching complex corporate structures used by organized crime and corrupt officials. RISE is developing a project called Visual Investigative Scenarios, an online software, which provides exportable, customizable, dynamic, html5 visualization templates. A beta version of VIS is available for public testing at

Bucharest, Romania

RISE-Moldova, the Association of Investigative Reporters and Editorial Security, is based in Chisinau. Established in 2014, RISE-Moldova is the sister group to Romania’s RISE Project. The group works with journalists, activists, and programmers to conduct cross-border investigations across Eastern Europe. It also trains investigative journalists and offers logistical and consulting support.

Founded 2014
Chisinau, Moldova
Rivne Investigative Reporting Agency

The Rivne Investigative Reporting Agency is a nonprofit team of journalists based in western Ukraine. Created in 2006, the award-winning organization publishes its own multimedia investigations on a monthly basis and provides them free for republishing by other media.

Member since 2015
Founded 2006
Rivne, Ukraine
Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism (CRJI)

The Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism’s mission is to deconstruct and expose corrupt structures of power, enhance investigative journalism and to create an interdisciplinary community of collectors and disseminators of relevant and verifiable information. Launched in 2001, RCIJ focused primarily on publishing investigative reports about organized crime (local and international), media, human rights abuses, networks of power, the environment, resources, energy and sports. Its location in Europe allows the center to be involved with a number of cross-border investigations and to publish its work in the European Union, the Balkans, and the Black Sea region.

Founded 2001
Bucarest, Romania
Salud con Lupa

Salud con Lupa (Peru) is a digital, collaborative journalism platform dedicated to compelling, investigative coverage of public health in Latin America. It is based in Lima, Peru, and works with contributors from ten countries. Through its investigations, it seeks to improve the quality of public debate and the decision-making process of the authorities on health issues.

Lima, Perú
Senter for Undersøkende Journalistikk – SUJO

Senter for Undersøkende Journalistikk – SUJO (Norway) was founded in 2018 by the University of Bergen (UiB) to strengthen investigative journalism in Norway, encompassing local and regional media, and smaller newsrooms throughout the country. SUJO supports and coaches between 10 and 20 investigative projects a year and organizes workshops to train journalists and editors in in-depth investigative methods. SUJO is also the location for UiB’s Master program in investigative journalism.

Bergen, Norway

Siena (Lithuania) is Lithuania’s first nonprofit organization dedicated entirely to investigative cross-border reporting. Siena has contributed reporting to numerous international investigations with partners from the OCCRP network and other media outlets, including the award-winning Fraud Factory. Stories done by Siena and the Belarusian Investigative Center helped lead to international sanctions against oligarchs close to the Lukashenko regime. The group focuses on collaboration, works to improve the quality of journalism in Lithuania, and does joint investigations into corruption, abuse of power, and fraud.

Vilnius, Lithuania, Ukraine

NGO “” is a Ukrainian investigative project focusing on high scale crimes, political  corruption and war crimes. Organization’s key product is a weekly investigative program “” that is broadcasted by the “First National”, “24” and “ZIK” TV channels, internet  television “Hromadske TV” (Public TV) and 15 regional TV channels.

Founded 2014
Kyiv, Ukraine
Soma Foundation, Hungary

The Gőbölyös József “Soma” Foundation seeks to enhance the functioning of democracy in Hungary by providing awards, stipends and legal defense to investigative journalists working toward greater transparency and accountability in society. The Foundation was established in 2001 to honor the memory of Gőbölyös József, or simply Soma to those who loved him, a pioneer in investigative journalism in Hungary who viewed the pursuit of hidden truth as essential for democracy to develop and remain strong and resilient.

Founded 2001
Budapest, Hungary
Stiftelsen for en Kritisk og Undersøkende Presse (SKUP), Norway

Stiftelsen for en Kritisk og Undersøkende Presse (SKUP) — “Association for Critical and Investigative Press”  — is an association established in 1990, dedicated to promoting investigative journalism in Norway. SKUP organizes two annual weekend conferences – one for traditional investigating reporting and one for investigative data journalism – Data-SKUP. SKUP regularly organize international masterclasses connected to the Norwegian conferences, to GIJC and to conferences in the Arab world and Africa.

Founded 1990
Oslo, Norway
Stockholm School of Economics (SSE Riga) Centre for Media Studies

The Media Centre offers further education in investigative journalism and business reporting and organizes regularly workshops and seminars in these fields. Further — once a year, in August — a international three-day seminar is held, focusing on three subjects/skills of major importance for quality journalism. The Centre is run within the framework of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and is supported by The Anders foundation in Sweden since 2009.

Founded 2009
Riga, Latvia
Studio Monitor

Studio Monitor (Georgia) was founded in 2005, following the shutdown of that country’s top rated 60 Minutes TV show on Rustavi 2. To protest against political interference, the show’s lead journalists set up Studio Monitor to produce investigative documentaries independently. In 16 years of operation, the group has produced over 200 investigative reports.

Tbilisi, Georgia
Sujag, Pakistan

Sujag is a multilingual digital media platform dedicated to the voices from the margins of power in Pakistan. Sujag does not believe in mimicking mainstream media in the race to break news and believes in carrying out in-depth reporting and fact-checking to contextualize everything we report. Sujag’s principles are simple and clear: we do not believe in neutrality and take pride in siding with the marginalized, we report from the margins and not centers of power, we don’t sell eyeballs and are completely ad-free.

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Syrian Investigative Reporting For Accountability Journalism, France

Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism (SIRAJ) is a collective of award-winning Syrian investigative reporters living in exile since the Syrian war began in 2011. Founded in 2016 and based in France, SIRAJ produces reports and investigations on Syria. It also trains journalists in investigative journalism methodologies to produce in-depth investigations and reports covering Syrian affairs in and outside of the country.

Tak-tak-tak Foundation For Promotion of Mass Communication and Education in the Sphere of Law, Russia

“Tak-tak-tak” Foundation For Promotion of Mass Communication and Education in the Sphere of Law began in 2013 to continue work by the Press Development Institute-Siberia to develop new methods of citizen and public investigative journalism. It brings together citizens, human rights defenders and journalists on social issues and human rights through legal consultations; investigative reporting; and training seminars and workshops. Based in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Tak-tak-tak opens its site to investigative projects from any person.

Founded 2013
Novosibirsk, Russia
Tanzania Media Foundation (Tanzania)

Tanzania Media Foundation (Tanzania), formerly Tanzania Media Fund, enables investigative and public interest journalism through funding and learning activities and facilitates critical reflection and learning for journalists and other media stakeholders. TMF also promotes rural reporting, specialization and mentorship and media business transformation for sustainable independent journalism.

Founded 2008
Tanzania Media Foundation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Texas Observer, USA

Texas Observer is an Austin-based US nonprofit news organization known for fearless investigative reporting, narrative storytelling and sophisticated cultural criticism about all things Texan. The nonprofit Texas Democracy Foundation publishes the Texas Observer bimonthly magazine and Since its founding in 1954, the Observer has covered issues that are often ignored or under-reported by other media.

Founded 1954
Austin, Texas
The Bristol Cable, UK

The Bristol Cable is redefining local journalism through challenging multimedia, community action and cooperative ownership. Founded in 2014 in Bristol U.K, the organization is powered by members who all have a say and own an equal share in their media co-operative. The Bristol Cable produces an online and print magazine led by features and investigations of local relevance with national and international significance. Through high quality training and a pioneering member owned model, it seeks to increase access to journalism for a diverse community and forge a new replicable model for financing quality media.

Founded 2014
Bristol, United Kingdom
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ), UK

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Established in April 2010, the Bureau is the first of its kind in the UK, where philanthropically funded journalism is rare. Its team of journalists bolsters original news by producing high-quality investigations for press and broadcast media with the aim of educating the public and the media on both the realities of today’s world and the value of honest reporting.

Founded 2010
London, United Kingdom
The Gecko Project

The Gecko Project is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates the role of land use in some of the most pressing global challenges: climate change, deforestation, the collapse of biodiversity, food security, and the rights of marginalised communities. The Gecko Project carries out in-depth investigations aimed at holding power to account. It operates on a partnership model, commonly collaborating with large (and local) media organisations to ensure its findings reach the right audience.

The Marshall Project

The Marshall Project (US) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organization that seeks to create and sustain a sense of national urgency about the US criminal justice system. Founded in 2015, the group has had an impact on the system through journalism, rendering it more fair, effective, transparent and humane.

New York
The New Humanitarian (Switzerland)

The New Humanitarian (Switzerland) reports from the heart of conflicts and disasters to inform prevention and response. Formerly known as IRIN News, its reporting on humanitarian crises helps sound the alarm and gives insight to policymakers, practitioners and others who want to make the world more humane. Its past reports include the crisis in Darfur, resistance of malaria to the Artemisin drug, Boko Haram, and discrimination against Myanmar’s Rohingya people.

Geneva, Switzerland
The Outlaw Ocean Project

The Outlaw Ocean Project (US) is an innovative young watchdog nonprofit that focuses on one of the world’s most critical and under-covered topics: criminal activity on the oceans. It has already collaborated with major outlets like The New Yorker, NBC News, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Der Spiegel, and Le Monde, on topics ranging from human trafficking to smuggling to environmental crimes. Outlaw Ocean has even collaborated with artists and musicians, and recently launched a popular podcast series.

Washington, DC, US
The Project / Proekt

Proekt, founded in 2018, is an independent Russian media outlet focusing on investigative journalism. It gained prominence for uncovering corruption and abuses of power within Russia’s political elite, often leading to direct confrontations with the authorities. The outlet has faced significant government scrutiny, including police raids and the designation of Proekt and its journalists as “foreign agents” and “undesirable organisation” in 2021, effectively banning its operation within Russia. Despite these challenges, Proekt continues its investigative work, supported by reader donations and sponsorships, and disseminates its findings across various digital platforms, including YouTube and social media. Its commitment to uncovering the truth has earned it several journalism awards, highlighting its impactful contributions to investigative journalism in Russia and beyond.

The Public Source

The Public Source (Lebanon) is an independent, Beirut-based publication that focuses on structural inequities, and on the rights and plight of poor and dispossessed communities. The site describes itself as offering “uncompromising journalism and critical commentary from the left,” and it is winning awards with its use of diverse sources and sound reporting on pressing issues. It also hosts a secure whistleblower platform, and runs an on-going investigative series on the drivers and impacts of inequality.

Beirut, Lebanon
The Reporter, Taiwan

The Reporter (Taiwan) is a non-profit media organization founded by The Reporter Foundation and relies on public donation. They strive to produce in-depth reports, track issues at stake and conduct investigative journalism. At the end of 2016, a major investigative report “Far-Sea Fishery & Slavery at Sea” was published and an immediate success. The report hit the headlines of TV news and daily newspapers in Taiwan, and right afterwards, the Taiwanese government publicly apologized for what had happened and promised to change the old policy and regulation.

Taipei City, Taiwan
The Reporters’ Collective

The Reporters’ Collective (India) is a nonprofit investigative reporting organization focused on covering political economy and governance. The collective collaborates with researchers, data scientists, and experts to produce reportage that is published in media outlets in India and abroad, in multiple languages. Its award-winning stories have sparked debate in India’s Parliament and the courts.

New Delhi, India
The War Horse News, United States

The War Horse News is the only nonprofit newsroom dedicated to investigating both the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs in the United States. Their team publishes fact-based, public service journalism on behalf of more than four million Post-9/11 veterans, their families and fellow citizens. The War Horse is the only military and veteran-focused newsroom to co-publish with Vanity Fair and the Center for Investigative Reporting. Within its first year of publishing their reporting has changed military law and sparked congressional and federal investigations into pandemic sexual exploitation throughout the Defense Department.

Founded 2016
United States
Tokyo Investigative Newsroom Tansa, Japan

Tokyo Investigative Newsroom Tansa is an independent non-profit newsroom dedicated to investigative journalism. Tansa began as The Waseda Chronicle, a project of the Institute for Journalism at Waseda University, on February 1, 2017, with an inaugural issue featuring the series “Journalism for Sale.” It was established as Japan’s first university-based center for investigative journalism. A year after its inception, the Chronicle became independent from Waseda University, becoming Japan’s first investigative journalism NGO. Tansa aims to educate students and foster the next generation of investigative journalists who will contribute to create a critical and innovative journalism in Japan.

Founded 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, US

The Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism is dedicated to training students for distinguished careers in investigative journalism. Candidates for the Columbia University’s Master of Science degree are able to pursue this specialization, which is platform-neutral and is taken in addition to the traditional M.S. curriculum. Stabile students are required to take skills classes and seminars in investigative reporting. They spend the year learning investigative methods and are required to do an investigative report for their Master’s Project. The Stabile Center provides support for their research and reporting, including paying for travel costs. Stipends are available to allow students to pursue their reporting projects after graduation.

New York
Tucson Sentinel

Tucson Sentinel (US) is an award-winning regional nonprofit news site, and a recognized pioneer in rebuilding local news in the United States. Based in the US Southwest, it offers bilingual coverage, in English and Spanish, and is frequently referenced by national news outlets. This 12-year-old newsroom is a mission-driven organization committed to independent journalism and investigative reporting. Its investigations into the treatment of migrants in this “borderlands” region of Arizona are especially notable — such as its award-winning revelation on skyrocketing costs to get migrants out of US jails.

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Turkmen.News (Netherlands) is an independent media and human rights initiative dedicated to promoting freedom of speech and the rule of law in Turkmenistan – one of the most closed and repressive countries in the world. Based in the Netherlands, Turkmen.News publishes independent news and analysis, exposes grand corruption and nepotism, monitors the use of forced labor, and reports on cases of human rights violations.

The Netherlands
Type Investigations at Type Media Center (USA)

Type Investigations (USA), formerly known as The Investigative Fund , cultivates diverse journalistic talent to produce high-impact investigative reporting that holds the powerful accountable. It does this by providing freelance reporters with hands-on editorial guidance, institutional support and funds to cover travel, time and other costs. Its stories have won top awards while sparking resignations of officials, FBI investigations and federal laws.

Founded 1966
New York
Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation (Turkey)

Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation (Turkey) is an organization established with the purpose of ensuring the continued journalism legacy of the brave journalist and writer Uğur Mumcu, who was assassinated on January 24, 1993. It provides training and investigative journalism education through scholarships for young graduates under 25-years-old, training them to follow and question the news in Turkey and the world, respect the ethical principles of journalism and be sensitive and responsible towards social issues.

Founded 1994
Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Ulster University School of Communication and Media

Ulster University School of Communication and Media (United Kingdom) has a 25-year record of educating reporters with an emphasis on hard news and investigation. Based in Northern Ireland, its award-winning journalism section runs multimedia masters and undergraduate programs. It has produced some of Northern Ireland’s leading investigative reporters and has strong links to such media as BBC Northern Ireland, UTV, Belfast Telegraph and The Irish News, all with a proud tradition of investigative journalism.

Coleraine, United Kingdom
University of Gothenburg Dept. of Journalism, Media and Communication, Sweden

The University of Gothenburg is a public institution, financed by taxes, and has served as a centre for education and research within journalism and media since the 1960s. JMG, the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication at the University of Gothenburg is one of northern Europe’s most well-renowned institutions in its field. The journalism programme is currently ranked as the best in the nation by the Swedish Higher Education Authority. JMG focus on investigative journalism throughout the journalism programme, culminating in a last semester of producing a real investigative piece. A number of students have received recognition and prizes for their stories.

Founded 1960
Gothenburg, Sweden
VERA Files (Philippines)

VERA Files is a nonstock, nonprofit independent media organization registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. Founded in March 2008, it is composed of veteran Filipino journalists taking a deeper look into current Philippine issues. It also undertakes Investigative Journalism training and mentoring of journalists, students and civil society organizations.

Founded 2008
Manila, Philippines

Viewfinder (South Africa) is a non-profit investigative journalism unit and production company that produces in-depth reporting that exposes injustice in South Africa, spurring institutional accountability and reform. Its stories focus on systemic wrongdoing that disproportionately affects vulnerable and marginalised people, and empower people to hold offending institutions to account.

Cape Town
Wisconsin Watch

Wisconsin Watch is a nonpartisan, nonprofit statewide newsroom. They produce independent accountability journalism that seeks to protect the interests of people in vulnerable circumstances, expose wrongdoing and deficiencies in systems, and explore solutions to problems. Many of Wisconsin Watch’s reports are produced in collaboration with other news organizations in Wisconsin and nationwide. They also train and mentor early-career journalists and business leaders in the industry.

Founded 2009
Madison, Wisconsin
Wits Centre for Journalism, South Africa

The Wits Centre for Journalism at the University of the Witwatersrand offers teaching, training and research in investigative journalism, hosts the annual African Investigative Journalism Conference, the Carlos Cardoso Memorial Lecture, manages grants and fellowships, and manages the Taco Kuiper Award for investigative journalism and the awards for African Investigative Journalism.

South Africa.
Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism

The Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism (WSCIJ) is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Since its founding in 2005, WSCIJ has worked to reward best practices in investigative reporting through its Wole Soyinka Award for Investigative Journalism, Nigeria’s top investigative journalism award. The Centre also engages in media training, resource development, and advocacy to advance the ethics of inclusion, transparency, and accountability among investigative reporters in Nigeria.

Member since 2015
Founded 2005
Lagos, Nigeria
World Press Institute, US

World Press Institute (WPI) was established in 1961 to strengthen and promote the founding principles and best practices of journalism in the United States and around the world that lead to transparency and accountability of the government and private sectors. Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, WPI is a private nonprofit organization supported by a diverse group of foundations, local and national media, multinational corporations and individuals.

Founded 1961
St. Paul, MN

In accordance with its motto “Investigate, Imagine, Inspire,” ZAM publishes quality investigations, news, opinion, creative expression, and photography from Africa. ZAM’s focus on countering stereotypes and cliches about Africa is the basis of a structural interest in African investigative journalism. Its flagship project is ZAM Chronicle, an every-six-week online magazine that publishes and syndicates the work of African investigative journalists.


Founded 2007
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zamaneh Media

Zamaneh Media (Netherlands) is an independent news site founded in 2005 that serves audiences in Iran and the Iranian diaspora. Based in Amsterdam, Stichting Radio Zamaneh (Radio Zamaneh Foundation) has expanded its investigative journalism in partnership with other media, with projects on drug company profiteering, the legitimacy of the Iranian president’s academic credentials, and the black market kidney trade in Iran.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ziarul de Gardă

Ziarul de Gardă (Moldova) was launched in 2004 as an investigative reporting newspaper. Based in the capital Chisinau, Ziarul de Garda now publishes on all media platforms (print newspaper, web sites, TV and radio programs, social networks) in two languages — Romanian and Russian. ZdG releases investigative stories to a very diverse media market and its reporters work to expose corruption and human rights violations.

Founded 2004
Chișinău Republic of Moldova