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GIJC19 Resources

Here are the tipsheets and presentations shared by speakers at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in 2019.
America: What Went Wrong? -- An Interview with James Steele Social video: Advice for Investigative Journalists
Book release “Unbias the News” by Hostwriter & Correctiv Story: By Tanya Pampalone (English)
Bulletproofing Your StoryMaking Stories Ironclad & Bulletproof Line-by-Line, by Nils Hanson
Citizen InvestigatorsResource: Citizen Investigation Guide
Collaborating Across FieldsVideo: Charles Lewis, Peter Klein, Syed Nazakat, Deborah Nelson
Cross-Border Projects -- Global Collaborations6 Steps to Efficiently Coordinate Collaborations, by Paul RaduCollaboration In A Nutshell, by Boyoung Lim

Inside the Fake Science Factory, by Svea Eckert

Inside the #ImplantFiles, by Scilla Alecci

Deceptive Diplomacy, by Axel Gordh Humlesjö
Story: By Rowan Philp (English)

Video: Scilla Alecci, Paul Radu, Axel Gordh Humlesjö, Boyoung Lim, Svea Eckert
Cross-Border Projects -- Regional CollaborationsEuropean Investigative Collaborations, by Jörg Schmitt

Lessons From Asia, by Wahyu Dhyatmika
Cross-Border Projects -- The Reporters’ Perspective Setting Up or Joining A Cross-Border Project, by Minna Knus-Galán & Elena KuchStory: By Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder (English)
Editing the Investigative StoryPrecautions Editors Must Take, by Musikilu Mojeed

Crafting Investigative Reportage Into Dramatic Narratives, by Vinod K Jose
Editing For Better Narratives, by Vinod K JoseStory: By Brenna Daldorph (English)
Exposing Child AbuseInstitutional Child Sexual Abuse in Australia, by Suzanne SmithThe Pathology of A Predator, by Suzanne SmithStory: By Brenna Daldorph (English)

Social video: How to Cover Detention of Migrant Children

Social video: Communicating With Sexual Abuse Survivors

Video: Frauke Giebner, Martha Mendoza, Suzanne Smith
Exposing Extremists and Hate Groups Digital Security Checkup to Avoid Getting Doxxed, by Will CarlessFighting Against Hate, by Maria Eugenia Ludueña

The ISIS Files, by Axel Gordh Humlesjö
Fantastic Formulas to Filter Social MediaStory: By Katya Kapliuk (Русский)
FOI & RTI WorldwideWalking the FOIA Beat, by Toby McIntosh

Eight Top Tips & Useful Resources, by Kevin Goldberg

Access to information: S17 case, by Amal Mekki
What the Interior Ministry Is Hiding, by Amal Mekki

Cross-Border FOI: The Implant Files Case, by Emilia Diaz-Struck
Resource: GIJN’s Guide to National Rules on Where Foreigners Can Make FOI Requests
GIJC Research Desk1. Research Resources & Databases

2. Research Plan for Investigative Projects

By Margot Williams
How Small Newsrooms Can Do Big Stories Small Newsrooms Can Dream Big, by Vinod JoseStory: By Leonie Kijewski (English)
How to Do Hard Stories on Soft Issues The Tricycle of Death Case Study, by Rosemary Nwaebuni
Human Rights at HomeForced Sterilization is Everywhere, by Mariko Tsuji
Investigating DisastersMethods, Techniques & Beyond, by Maurício AngeloLooking into the Mariana & Brumadinho mining disasters, by Maurício Angelo
Investigating DisinformationStory: By Charlotte Alfred (English), (中文)

Instagram tip cards: Ways to Avoid Amplifying Disinformation
Investigating in Closed & Captured States6 Tips to Face the Hardships, by Umar Cheema
Investigating in the Time of TrumpStory: By Rowan Philp (English)
Investigating Indigenous Community IssuesResource: GIJN/NAJA Guide for Indigenous Investigative Journalists

Social video: Reporting On, And Investigating Indigenous Community Issues

Video: Jan Gunnar Furuly, Allan Clarke, Connie Walker, Tristan Ahtone
Investigating Sexual HarassmentVideo: Claudine Blais, Shiori Ito, Pascale Mueller, Cecile Andrzejewski
Investigating War & ConflictCovering War Zones, by Christoph ReuterSystematic Killing of Detainees in Syria, by Ali Al Ibrahim
Keynote/Global Shining Light Awards Video: GSLA Finalists (Small/Medium Outlets)

Video: GSLA Finalists (Large Outlets)
Full Text: Maria Ressa’s Keynote (English), (Français), (Español)

Story: Maria Ressa on the Battle for Truth (English), (বাংলা), (Русский), by Gaelle Faure

Story: Investigations From Peru, Philippines, South Africa Win Global Shining Light Award (English), (中文), (Русский), by Gaelle Faure

Social video: How Social Media Changes the Journalism Landscape

Social video: Keynote/GSLA roundup

Video: Maria Ressa
Lightning Round: Great Stories You’ve Never Heard Of The Dutertes: Wealth Reveal and Riddles, by Floreen SimonStory: By Brenna Daldorph (English)
Lightning Round: New Digital ToolsJudgit Database on Government Expenditure, by Yuko Ryu & Yuichi YazakiRevealing Government Spending, by Yuko Ryu & Yuichi Yazaki
Lightning Round: Survival Strategies of Women Muckrakers Video: Martha Mendoza, Patricia Evangelista, Minna Knus-Galan, Marcela Turati, Miranda Patrucic, Juliane Löffler, Shiori Ito, Oriana Zill, Sheila Coronel, Asha Mwilu, Alejandra Xanic
Migration & Human TraffickingTrafficking in Persons, by Roli SrivastavaStory: By Charlotte Alfred (English)
Online Investigations: Social Media and Research Tools Story: By Rowan Philp (English), (中文)

Story: By Katya Kapliuk (Русский)

Social video: Where to Start in Your Online Research
Plenary — The Challenges AheadStory: By Rowan Philp (English), (বাংলা)

Story: By Catalina Lobo-Guerrero (Español)

Instagram tip cards: 7 Challenges For Journalism Ahead

Video: Sheila Coronel, Zaffar Abbas, Reg Chua, Catherine Gicheru, Marina Walker Guevara, Drew Sullivan, Cordula Meyer
Quiztime: Test Your Verification Skills1. Verification Toolset

2. Verification Quiz Bot

By Quiztime
Hone Your Verification Skills, by Fiete Stegers, Julia Bayer, Sector 035 & Lisa Schwartz
Story-Based Inquiry1. Story-Based Inquiry: A Method Through the Madness

2. Scenario Example: Problem, Effects, Causes & Solutions

By Mark Lee Hunter & Luuk Sengers, with Marcus Lindemann
The ABCs of Investigative ReportingFinding Story Ideas, Gathering Documents & more, by Cheryl W. ThompsonSocial video: Essential Basics of Investigative Journalism
The Art of the Investigative Interview Story: By Brenna Daldorph (English), (বাংলা), (中文)

Video: Cheryl W. Thompson, Scott Zamost
The Changing Art of StorytellingStory: By Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder (English)

Video: Tanya Pampalone, Erlend Arntsen, Susanne Reber, Philip Faigle
Tracking Planes and ShipsFlights & Vessels Tracker, by Ivan AngelovskiMaking a Killing: The Saudi-Backed Pipeline, by Ivan Angelovski

Tracking Cargo and Ships, by Giannina Segnini
TV & Video Investigations (1)

TV & Video Investigations (2)
Top Tips On Investigative Television Interviews, by Oriana ZillThe Documentarian Approach to Investigative Video-Storytelling, by Stefanie Dodt
Verification & Fact-CheckingStory: By Charlotte Alfred (English)
Visual Forensics: 3D Reconstruction & In-Depth InvestigationVideo: Malachy Browne, Anjali Singhvi
When Banks Go BadMoney Laundering in The Biggest Ukrainian Bank, by Anna Babinets
When Autocrats Attack: Independent Media Under Fire

When Autocrats Attack: Responding to the New Threats
Emergency Protocol Case Study, by Ivan GolunovChina Investigative Journalism Overview, by Ying ChanStory: By Catalina Lobo-Guerrero (English), (Español)
Working with WhistleblowersStory: By Rowan Philp (English)
Workshop: Building Sensors Social video: How to Use Sensors for Reporting
Workshop: Mobile JournalismMOJO Unpacked ⁠— 20 Most Asked Questions, by Ivo Burum

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