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GIJC21 Resources

Here are the tipsheets and presentations shared by speakers at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in 2021.
Session NameTipsheetsPresentationsGIJN's Guides and TipsheetsStories/Videos
Asia/Pacific CollaborationsInvestigate Coal Power (Annelise Giseburt)

Where to begin investigation (Jiyoon Kim)

Cross-Border Collaboration on Drug Trafficking Related Topic
in East Asia and Southeast Asia (Will Yang)

How to Work with Traumatized Victims of Sexual Crimes for an in-depth Report (Dini Pramita)
How Lawyers Helped me Investigate Coal Power (Annelise Giseburt)

Where to Begin Investigation: From a Home Country of a Transnational Conglomerate (Jiyoon Kim)

Investigating Digital Sex Crime (Dini Pramita)

Drug Trafficking in East Asian Countries (Will Yang) Covering Digital Sex Crimes in Asia (Raquel Carvalho)

The Coal Dilemma in Indonesia (Nana Riskhi)
Partnerships and Collaborations Guide (also in Spanish and Arabic)
Autocrats, Oligarchs, and Kleptocrats: The Global Fight for a Watchdog PressInvestigating Mafia States and Kleptocracies (also in Turkish, Spanish and Hindi) 5 Journalism Tips from Edwy Plenel

Taking the Pulse of the Global IJ Community: Democracy, Press Freedom, and Threats to Journalism

GIJC21 Launches with Call to Action for Investigative Journalists: Find Allies — and Fight

Why Journalists in Autocracies Should Report as If They’re in a Democracy (also in Turkish, French)
Breaking into DocumentariesBreaking Into Documentaries (Carrie Lozano)

International Investigative Documentaries (Tom Giles)
Determining Which Story to Tell? (John-Allan Namu)
How to Set Up a Video Unit: A GIJN Guide for Small OrganizationsExpert Advice for Breaking Into Documentaries
Business Strategies to Support Investigative Journalism

Standard Business Models (Steve Ahern)

Audience Growth & Retention (Koreel Lahiri)

How Membership is a Key Model for Investigative Journalism (Claudia Urquieta)
Business Tools for Newsrooms: A GIJN Guide

Citizen InvestigatorsPartnerships and Collaborations Guide (also in Spanish and Arabic)

Citizen Investigation Guide (also in Spanish)
Climate Change InvestigationsTools (Hans Nicholas Jong)Climate Reporting Tools (Hans Nicholas Jong)

Collaborative Environmental Reporting: The Case of the Rainforest Investigation Network (Gustavo Faleiros)

Tips for Investigating the Climate Change Crisisv

My Favorite Tools: Geo-Journalist Gustavo Faleiros (Spanish, Turkish, Bangla)
Climate Change: A Report from the Front Lines at COP26Investigate Climate Change (James Fahn)
Crowdsourced InvestigationsCrowdsourcing for Open Source Investigations (Giancarlo Fiorella)

Tipsheet: Crowdsourcing Investigations at the ABC (Flip Prior, Clare Blumer)
Dying Homeless and Closed Doors (Maeve McClenaghan)

Crowdsourcing for Open Source Investigations (Giancarlo Fiorella)

Crowdsourcing Investigations at the ABC (Flip Prior, Clare Blumer)
Dealing with Burnout & StressBEYOND BURNOUT: Stress, Trauma and Resilience for Investigative Reporters (Bruce Shapiro & Elana Newman)Resilient Reporting: Tips on How to Cope with Burnout and Trauma

Journalism is Stressful Work. Here Are Resources for Reporters Coping with Trauma (also in Spanish, Turkish)

How Journalists Can Deal With Trauma While Reporting on COVID-19 (also in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Indonesia, Mandarin, Bangla)
Digging into Health & Medicine Re-Check, Investigating and Mapping Health Affairs
(Catherine Riva & Serena Tinari)

Using Data to Investigate Health Stories (Syed Nazakat)
How to Read, Understand and Report on Medical Research (Fabiola Torres López)

Investigating & Mapping Re-Check Health Affairs (Serana Tinari)
GIJN Guide: Investigating Health & Medicine (Also in: French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi)
Exposing the Roots of Disinformation
Fundraising: How to Fund Your InvestigationJNI (Lisa Main)

How to Fund Your Investigation (Ides Debruyne)
Grants & Fellowships (also in Arabic, Russian, French, Mandarin)
Fundraising: How to Write a ProposalGeneral Research Resources (Bridget Gallagher, Caroline Jarboe)How to Write a Proposal: Strategies, Insights, Experiences (Bridget Gallagher, Caroline Jarboe)A GIJN Guide to Fundraising
High Crimes & MisdemeanorsReporting Repressions & Turning Them into Infographics (Maxim Litavrin) Investigation of Ukrainian Judges (Anna Babinets)

How Liberian Politicians and Officials Escape Accounting for Their Wealth (Bettie Kemah Johnson-Mbayo)

Ponzi-Investigating Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor (Alia Ibrahim)

Reporting Repressions & Turning Them into Infographics
(Maxim Litavrin)

A GIJN Guide: Investigating Organized CrimeUndercover in the Sudanese Schools That Chain Boys
Human Trafficking & Forced LaborMigration & Human Trafficking (Roli Srivastava)Fruits of Labor (Robin McDowell)

Pandemic and Forced Labor (Roli Srivastava)

Forced Labour Presentation (Annie Kelly)
Organized Crime Series: Investigating Human Trafficking, an Evil Hidden in Plain Sight (also in Spanish, Arabic, Bangla, Turkish, Indonesia)

A GIJN Guide: Investigating Organized Crime
Indigenous InvestigationsIndigenous Investigative Reporting (Trina Roache)
GIJN/NAJA Guide for Indigenous Investigative JournalistsThe Indigenous Voices Fighting Disinformation in the Andes and Amazon (also in Spanish)
Innovative StorytellingStoryworks (Jenna Welch) and Using Comics to Narrate Journalistic Investigations (Milagros Salazar Herrera)
Insights on Investigating ChinaWho Controls Anbang? (David Barboza)

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine
Interrogating China’s “Google Maps” to Investigate the Xinjiang Detention Centers (also in French, Indonesia, Bangla, Urdu)
Investigating Attacks on JournalistsHow to Investigate Attacks on Journalists — and Make Them Backfire on Culpritsv
Investigating Elections
Investigating InequalityUnequal Scenes (J Miller)

Investigating inequality in the Brazilian Amazon (Elaíze Farias)
Unequal Scenes (J Miller)Immersion and Imagery: Keys to Investigating Systemic Inequality
Investigations with Mapping & Satellite Imagery Tip Sheet on Map Makoko (John Eromosele) Mass Detention of Muslims in China (Alison Killing)

About Cortina de Fumaça (Laura Kurtzberg)

GeoJournalism (John Eromosele)
Resources for Finding and Using Satellite Images (also in Turkish, Portuguese, French, Bangla, Russian, Spanish, Hindi) How to Expose Lies from the Skies Using Satellites and Drones
Investigative Podcasts Investigative Podcasts in Mena (Ramsey Tesdell)

How to Start Your Own Podcast (Taja Topolovec)
Investigative Audio: 8 Tips from Podcasting Innovators

7 Things I Learned Producing My First Investigative Podcast (also in Mandarin, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Bangla)

A Global Tour of Top Investigative Podcasts: The 2020 Edition (also in Spanish and Arabic)
Lightning Round: Great Stories You Can Do“I Would Have Killed Her Anyway” (Savia Hasanova)

Tipsheet for Stories about Land Grabbing (Naziha Syed Ali)

Where is My Pension Tipsheet? (Luisa García Tellez)
Investigating Femicide (Nikolia Apostolou)

A Few Great, Transferrable Stories From 2021 (Rowan Philp)

Kloop’s Investigation of Femicide in Kyrgyzstan (Savia Hasanova)

Greed Unlimited (Naziha Syed Ali)

Where is My Pension? (Luisa García Tellez)

Investigating US Right-wing ‘Dark Money’ Spent Around the World (Claire Provost)
A GIJN Guide: Investigating Femicide (also in Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Urdu)
Lightning Round: How They Did ItYour Right to Know (Donna Page)

How I Did It Tips (Nanami Nakagawa)

How I Did It Tips (Kevin Nguyen)

Tipsheet for the Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom’s
Press Freedom Tracker (Olivia Pirie-Griffiths)
Investigating Failures (Donna Page)

How I Did It (Nanami Nakagawa)
Lightning Round: Great Tools for InvestigatorsTools for Investigative Journalists (Lisseth Boon)

Search Engines for “Open” Data of Ukraine and Kazakhstan(Dmytro Chaplynskyi)

(Delphine Reuter and Soline Ledéser)

CrowdNewsroom: the Tool for Crowdbased Investigations (Marc Engelhardt)

Revealed: the neo-Nazis within the ranks of France’s armed forces (By Sébastien Bourdon, Justine Brabant, Matthieu Suc)

Using the Facial Recognition Tool Findclone (Sébastien Bourdon)

#MineAlert - Mapping South Africa’s Extractive Projects (Andiswa Matikinca)
ICIJ Tools: OffshoreLeaks Database, Datashare and Tarentula (Delphine Reuter & Soline

Tools to Arrange, Analyze and Share Visualizations for Investigative Journalists (Lisseth Boon)

Great Tools for Investigations: A few shared with GIJN this year (Rowan Philp)

Making Open Data Usable (Dmytro Chaplynskyi)

CrowdNewsroom: the Tool for Crowdbased Investigations (Marc Engelhardt)#MineAlert - Mapping South Africa’s Extractive Projects (Andiswa Matikinca)

Three Ways OCCRP's ALEPH Can Make Your Life Easier

My top 5 tools (Mohammed El-Haddad)
Making Sense of AfghanistanTips About Ghosts of Afghanistan Documentary (Julian Sher) Ghosts of Afghanistan (Julian Sher) Afghanistan: How to Help Journalists and Others at Risk (also in Dari, Pashtu, Turkish) International Aid Needs to Step Up to Preserve Afghan Press
Online Search Secrets How to Google More Effectively: The Basics (Paul Myers)
Pacific Plunder
Press Freedom in AsiaCurbing Asia’s Free Press: Propaganda Has Limits
The New Organized CrimeInvestigating Organized Crime: A GIJN Guide

Organized Crime Series: How to Investigate Money Laundering (Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, Indonesia, Bangla, Hindi)
Understanding the Methods of Today’s Organized Crime Is Key to Exposing It
The Pandora Papers and Financial Crime Investigating Offshore Trusts and The “enablers” of the Offshore Financial Industry (Scilla Alecci)

How to Quickly Find Investigative
Stories From a Leak of so Many Documents: The Case of the Pandora Papers (Purity Mukami)
Pandora Papers (Scilla Alecci)

Finding Stories From Large Amount of Documents (Purity Mukami)
Lessons from the Pandora Papers: How to Investigate Financial Crime Stories
Tracking Wildlife TraffickersInvestigating Wildlife Trafficking in Asia (Jhesset Thrina Enano)

Tips and Tools (Estacio Valoi)

Checklist: Getting Started Reporting on the Wildlife trade (Rachael Bale)
Tracking Wildlife Traffickers in Asia (Jhesset Thrina Enano)

WildEye: Mapping Illegal Wildlife Trade (Estacio Valoi)

Tracking Wildlife Trafficking (Rachael Bale)
Wildlife Trafficking (short guide) Available in: English, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, French.

Wildlife Trafficking (long version)
Beyond Elephants and Rhinos: Tips For Covering Wildlife Trafficking

What the Experts Say: Tips on Investigating Illegal Wildlife Trafficking
Visual Investigations: Using Thousands of Videos, and NoneVisual Investigations Using Thousands of Videos, and None- The New York Times -Tipsheets (Malachy Browne, Anjali Singhvi, Muyi Xiao) Visual Investigations (Malachy Browne, Anjali Singhvi, Muyi Xiao) The Forensic Methods Reporters Are Using to Reveal Attacks by Security Forces (also in Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Bangla, French, Turkish)
Women and Investigative Journalism: Tips on LeadershipWomen and Investigative Journalism: Tips on Leadership (Alaka, Damen, Lee, Manuli, Oldroyd, Walker)

Women and Investigative Journalism: Tips on Leadership (Sherry Lee)

Managing the Growth of An Organization (Rawan Damen)
Stories That Matter (Rachel Oldroyd)

ARIJ's Growth (Rawan Damen)

Leadership Tips (Marina Walker)

Managing to Grow Female Leadership (Motunrayo Alaka)
GIJN Guide: Resources for Women Journalists (also in Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish)
Workshop: Bulletproofing Your StoryGuidelines for Mission Investigate (Nils Hanson) Bulletproofing Your Story (Nils Hanson)

Avoiding Lawsuits and Other Legal Dangers (Alinda Vermeer)
A Guide to Fact-Checking Investigative Stories (Also available in Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi)Fact-checking & Verification (also in Russian and Hindi)
Workshop: Digital SecurityDigital Security Guide (Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Bangla)
Workshop: Flight Tracking with IcarusFlight Tracking Tipsheet (also in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Bangla, Hindi, French)Icarus Flights: The Powerful New Flight Tracking Tool
Workshop: Online Search Secrets
Workshop: Physical SecurityNewsroom Safety (Drew Sullivan & Stevan Dojcinovic)Safety and Security (also in Spanish and Arabic)
Workshop: Protecting SourcesGetting Information From Other People (Jason Reich)How Journalists Can Protect Whistleblowers Making “First Contact”

As Governments Attack the Media, Reporters Must Consider Their Responsibility to Protect Sources

A Journalist’s Guide to Avoiding Lawsuits and Other Legal Dangers (also in Arabic, Indonesia, Turkish, French, Spanish)
Workshop: The Journalist Security Assessment ToolThe Journalist Security Assessment Tool (Runa Sandvik, Matt Hansen, and Matt Mitchell) Online Advanced Search (also in Hindi, Indonesia)

Online Research Tools Guide (also in Turkish, Arabic, Bangla, Spanish, French, Indonesia)
GIJN Launches Journalism Security Assessment Tool
Workshop: Who/What Is in That Video?What What Is in That Video (Henk Van Ess)Henk van Ess on Visual Thinking for Online Investigations (also in Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, Bangla)

Tips for Mining Social Media Platforms with Henk van Ess (also available in Russian)
Testing & Tracking Tracking Used and Returned Clothes (Minna Knus-Galán & Jessica Stolzmann)

Investigating Fast Fashion with GPS Trackers (Minna Knus-Galán & Jessica Stolzmann)

How to Work with Scientists on Environmental Investigations (Martin Boudot)

Saltwater Puts Women's Health At Risk in Bangladesh (Abu Siddique)

Data Sessions

Session NameTipsheetsPresentationsGIJN's Guide or Tipsheet
Data Analysis Through VisualizationUsing Visualizations for Data-driven Investigations (Alastair Otter & Jennifer LaFleur)Visualizing Data (also in Turkish)

Visualization Tools
Data Journalism: Where We've Been, Where We're HeadedData Journalism in Asia Trends and What’s Next (Kuek Ser Kuang Keng)

In Data Journalism Investigations Latin America (Giannina Segnini)

Data Journalism Trends in North America and Europe (Jennifer LaFleur )
Data Journalism Guide
Data: Free Google Tools for InvestigationsFree Google Tools for Investigations
(Mike Reilley)

Data: Joining Tables with SQLSQL – Exploring Data
(Helena Bengtsson Tipsheet)

Analyzing Data - SQL (also in Turkish)
Data: What Is Python & Why Use It?What is Python and why use it (Winny de Jong)Analyzing Data - Python (also in Turkish)
Mapping With TableauMapping (Pınar Dağ)Mapping (also in Turkish)
Networks, Clusters, Influencers: Social Network Analysis with NodeXL Pro Social Network
Analysis with NodeXL (Harald Meier)
Spreadsheets — Averages, Medians, Percents, RatiosAnalyzing Data - Spreadsheets (also in Turkish)
Spreadsheets — The Power of Sorting, Filtering and the Pivot TableSorting in Excel
(Sanjit Oberai)

Andrew Lehren's Files
Analyzing Data - Spreadsheets (also in Turkish)
Summarizing with SQL
Tools to Clean DataOpenRefine (Nils Mulvad)

OpenRefineData (Nils Mulvad)
What is R and Why Use It What is R and Why Should I use It? (Sarah Cohen)
Web Scraping Made EasierStart with Web Scraper (Nils Mulvad & Tommy Kaas)

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