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GIJN’s Elections Guide for Investigative Reporters

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This guide was written by GIJN staff reporter Rowan Philp and edited by Nikolia Apostolou, Reed Richardson, and Laura Dixon. Illustrations are by Marcelle Louw.

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Elections Guide for Investigative Reporters: Introduction

With key elections scheduled in numerous countries around the world in 2022, this new GIJN guide is designed to offer a broad array of tools, techniques, and resources to help watchdog reporters dig into almost any campaign, candidate, or election abuse.

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Webinar: How to Investigate Elections

The state of democracy is at its lowest point in decades. Around the world, free and fair elections face growing threats from disinformation campaigns, foreign interference, voter suppression, campaign corruption, violence, intimidation, and more. In this GIJN webinar, we bring together five senior journalists with experience in investigating electoral processes.

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GIJC23 – Investigating Elections

In this panel we bring together four veteran reporters who have investigated political campaigns and elections around the world. They will offer tips on cutting-edge tools, investigating candidates, developing sources, tracking disinformation, and more.