Our Members

Global Reporting Center

The Global Reporting Centre (GRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to highlighting neglected stories around the world. Housed at the University of British Columbia, the organization has grown out of the successful International Reporting Program at the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism, which trains journalism graduate students in global reporting. The GRC works with leading reporters and media organizations to produce solution-oriented journalism, and seeks new and innovative ways to produce and distribute global news.

Grävande Journalister (Gräv), Sweden

The Association for Investigative Journalism in Sweden was modeled in 1990 after a similarly conceived American association; the Investigative Reporters & Editors, (IRE). Its aim is to encourage reporters to utilize investigative methods for in-depth reporting. This is done by providing training in various locations all over Sweden. Also, the yearly seminar Grävseminariet gathers 600-800 journalists for the purpose of sharing their collective experiences, education and knowledge in the field. Furthermore, the organization publishes Scoop, a quarterly magazine of investigative reporting.