Our Members

Baltic Centre for Investigative Journalism (re:baltica), Latvia

Re:baltica is a non-profit organization that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Founded in August 2011, the organization focus on in-depth investigations of socially important issues in the Baltic region, such as corruption, crime, finances, entrepreneurship, health and human rights. Its journalism encourages transparency and reform. Re:baltica is based in Riga, but its journalists and board members come from all Baltic states: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Belarusian Investigative Center

Belarusian Investigative Center is the only specialized investigative media outlet for Belarusian audiences, despite being forced to report from exile in the Czech Republic. A member of OCCRP, BIC won the Belarusian Association of Journalists’ investigative Free Word prize for three consecutive years after its founding in 2018, and has contributed to international projects like the Pandora Papers. The newsroom complements its biweekly investigations with weekly “Top Fake” fact-checking analysis, and generates new shows and mini-documentaries that are among the most popular Belarusian-language videos on Youtube.

Bellingcat, Netherlands

Bellingcat (Netherlands) has won international attention for its groundbreaking stories that bring together open source investigators to dig into everything from armed conflict to high-profile criminal cases, war crimes, threats to the environment, and beyond. Alongside publishing investigations, Bellingcat provides others with tools to conduct similar work via case studies, how-to guides and innovative workshops.

Bhutan Media Foundation, Bhutan

The Bhutan Media Foundation is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) founded in 2010. The Foundation aims to sustain democracy by developing the Bhutanese media through transformational initiatives that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster Freedom of Expression, Information and Press. Over the past 5 years, BMF has provided hands-on capacity development programs to more than 500 journalists, media professional and media managers.

Bihus.info (NGSCO “TOM 14”)

Bihus.info (NGSCO “TOM 14”), Ukraine

Bihus.info (NGSCO “TOM 14”) was founded by a few investigative journalists to inform the public about corruption in Ukraine and its connection to societal poverty in order to reduce the degree of corruption tolerance and change social agreements on corruption. TOM14 produces an anti-corruption investigative television program “Nashi Hroshi” (“Our Money”) which focuses on economic and public procurement investigations, including price analysis, fly-by-night companies search, connection between officials and business (or business officials).

Birmingham City University School of Media, UK

Birmingham City University School of Media has a global reputation for excellence in data journalism and reporting using new technologies. It has strong links with the BBC Data Unit in the city as well as investigative units at home and overseas. Graduates have gone on to pioneer the use of data in investigations, winning awards and speaking at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference.


Bivol.bg is an investigative media outlet founded in Burgas, Bulgaria, in 2010, by Assen Yordanov, a well-known Bulgarian investigative journalist. Bivol means “buffalo,” which is why Bivol’s motto is “With the Horns Ahead.” A member of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), Bivol has produced several award-winning investigations in recent years. Working on both local and transnational accountability stories, Bivol has contributed to major collaborative investigations such as the Panama Papers, the FinCen Files, Russian Laundromat, Offshore Leaks, and Troika Dialog projects. This newsroom has continued to report on important topics despite threats and SLAPP (harassment lawsuit) attacks, and has expanded its reach with an English language version.

Broadcast Training Center ProMedia Foundation, Bulgaria

The Broadcast Training Center ProMedia Foundation is a leading Bulgarian NGO committed to supporting independent, professional and responsible media. Since its establishment in 1998, ProMedia has been instrumental in gathering civil and professional support for reforming the media legislation, increasing media professionalism and building strong and responsible media and journalists’ associations in Bulgaria.