GIJN Africa is the gateway to investigative journalism resources for sub-Saharan Africa. On this page, you will find a list of GIJN members south of the Sahara, links to the GIJN Africa newsletter, as well as tips, tools, and opportunities to enhance the capacity of journalists from countries in sub-Saharan Africa to carry out world-class investigations.

Latest News from GIJN Africa

Why We Didn’t Name Victims in Our Aid Worker Sex Abuse Story in the DRC

June 01, 2021

Over the past 18 months, The New Humanitarian and the Thomson Reuters Foundation interviewed more than 70 women who said aid workers offered them work in exchange for sex during the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The reporters were asked by other groups why they haven’t shared the women’s details yet. But, writes Paisley Dodds, The New Humanitarian’s investigations and features editor, that isn’t part of a journalist’s job.

GIJN Webinars for African Journalists: Investigating Company Finances

May 20, 2021

GIJN is pleased to partner with Finance Uncovered, a UK-based investigative journalism training and reporting project, to organize two webinars for African journalists on how to investigate company finances.

How Botswana Police Use US and Israeli Technology to Identify Press Sources

May 19, 2021

The search of a journalist’s phone in detention exemplifies the threat digital forensics technologies pose to privacy and press freedom around the world. In Botswana, journalists recount the frightening state of government surveillance, powered by international technology companies.

From Traditional Journalism to Sustainable Journalism

May 13, 2021

In this chapter for a new book on the role of civil society and journalism in sub-Saharan Africa, the head of policy for Sweden’s Fojo Media Institute argues that sustainable societies require a kind of journalism that addresses the sustainability challenges facing the planet.

2021 Taco Kuiper Awards

South African Awards: World-Class Muckraking & Resilience Amid a Pandemic

April 26, 2021

An investigation into the assassination of the section commander of Cape Town’s anti-gang unit and a story about a midwife drugging patients without consent were among those recognized in the 2020 Taco Kuiper Awards, South Africa’s prestigious prize for investigative reporting, which were handed out on April 15.