GIJN Africa is the gateway to investigative journalism resources for sub-Saharan Africa. On this page, you will find a list of GIJN members south of the Sahara, links to the GIJN Africa newsletter, as well as tips, tools, and opportunities to enhance the capacity of journalists from countries in sub-Saharan Africa to carry out world-class investigations.

Latest News from GIJN Africa
GICJ21, Lightning Round Great Tools for Investigators

Key Tools and Datasets for Unearthing Hard-to-Find Information

November 24, 2021

In a lightning round session at #GIJC21, a panel of leading reporters and editors needed just five minutes each to outline new tools and databases that any reporter can use to gather hard-to-find facts.

GIJC21, corruption story

Tips for Investigating When Governments Shield Crime and Corruption

November 22, 2021

In a session on high-level corruption at #GIJC21, a panel of reporters from Liberia, Ukraine, Sudan, Russia, and Lebanon suggested a series of strategies that can pry facts from obstinate government agencies, find whistleblowers, and deliver alternate forms of accountability for officials seemingly above the law.

9 Leadership Tips for Women in Investigative Journalism

November 18, 2021

At GIJC21, a panel of editors and newsroom leaders currently at the helm of leading investigative journalism organizations around the world detailed how they had risen to the top despite the challenges facing women in many newsrooms, and gave tips for female investigative reporters.

GIJC21, COP26 protest

Challenges in Climate Change Coverage Remain: Report from COP26

November 12, 2021

Among five leading environmental journalists who covered COP26, there is cautious optimism, but also a recognition that there is still much to be done. Speaking at the GIJC21, they highlighted a wide range of topics related to climate change that are still underreported by newsrooms around the world.

GIJC21, Investigative Stories to Replicate Around the World

Investigative Stories that Can Be Replicated Around the World

November 10, 2021

At GIJC21, hard-hitting investigations journalists shared some great story ideas that could be replicated by reporters across the globe to bring about changes in their society.