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Saving Journalism, Part Two: In Africa, A Dearth of Support Amid the Pandemic

January 19, 2022

In this second excerpt from a report on the state of sustainability of journalism, the author discusses the African press, how the coronavirus pandemic impacted reporting in the region, and the proposals to ensure the media not only survives, but thrives, in the future.

Saving Journalism 2 - Anya Schiffrin

Saving Journalism, Part One: Finding the Right Funding

January 18, 2022

In this excerpt from Anya Schiffrin’s latest report on the state of sustainability of journalism, the author discusses how government funding can throw the profession a lifeline in an era where philanthropic efforts to support the press are struggling and Big Tech is increasingly seen as a competitor instead of a platform for news organizations.

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Top 5 Surveillance Investigations of 2021

January 17, 2022

Investigative journalists went all out last year in covering surveillance issues. From a deep-dive into the dark side of pandemic tech in Singapore’s techno-utopia to an in-depth look at how schools are spending thousands on unreliable “aggression detectors” in the name of student safety, global reporters have been holding Big Tech accountable for its role in fueling authoritarianism worldwide. 

Editor's Pick: 2021 (Twitter Header)

Editor’s Pick: 2021’s Best Investigative Stories from Sub-Saharan Africa

January 07, 2022

At a time when newsrooms in Africa are increasingly struggling with shortages of cash and threats to press freedom, the level of investigative journalism that emerged from sub-Saharan Africa in 2021 was remarkable. Here, we share 10 outstanding examples from the region.

Top 12 Guides & Tipsheets from GIJN’s Resource Center in 2021

December 13, 2021

The GIJN Resource Center is a leading source of tipsheets, videos, and guides on investigative and data journalism, fundraising, freelancing, and security. It’s used by journalists in 100 countries per day in 14 languages.
From investigating wildlife trafficking to reporting in the Gulf, here are our best guides and tipsheets published in 2021.