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GIJC23 – The New Organized Crime

Organized crime today is fluid, transnational, enterprising, and an estimated trillion-dollar industry. To talk about the state of 21st Century organized crime, we have an extraordinary panel of journalists with deep experience reporting on Mexico’s cartels, Italy’s mafias, and Asia’s Golden Triangle

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GIJC23 – Best Investigations on Russia’s War on Ukraine

The challenges for journalists covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are massive. In this panel, we bring together three senior journalists who have investigated the war on Ukraine. They will offer tips, tools, and advice on how to cover this ongoing conflict — but also what they have learned about integrating different investigative methods.

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GIJC23 – Investigating Elections

In this panel we bring together four veteran reporters who have investigated political campaigns and elections around the world.

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GIJN’s Top 10 Stories of 2023

A curated list of 10 notable GIJN articles from this past year — a mix of our most popular stories, great reads, data journalism best practices, and game-changing reporting tips.