The Role of Investigative Journalism in Armenia’s Velvet Revolution

This year’s Armenian Revolution saw thousands take to the streets for almost two weeks to protest then-prime minister Serzh Sargsyan and his government. Journalists in the country say that it wasn’t one story that triggered the people’s ire against Sargsyan’s rule but the cumulative investigative coverage over the years.

Secrets to Searching for Video Footage

Verifying videos is important, but first you have to find them. This Bellingcat guide will provide advice and some tips on how to gather as much video as possible on a particular event, whether it is videos from witnesses of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.

Fact-Checking & Verification

Verification and Digital Investigations Resources, a comprehensive list of resources presented by Craig Silverman of BuzzFeed at IJAsia18. The Verification Handbook covers many topics with the goal of being a “definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage.” Edited by Silverman and written by  journalists from the BBC, Storyful, ABC, Digital First Media and elsewhere. Social News Gathering and Verification, by Ayla Mashkoor and Rachel Blundy from Storyful in Hong Kong. Six Fake News Techniques and Simple Tools to Vet Them, by Olga Yurkova, Ukraine’s StopFake co-founder.

Top Ten #ddj: This Week’s Top Data Journalism

What’s the #ddj community tweeting about? Our NodeXL mapping from May 29 to June 4 includes research on social media’s fake propaganda from @ddjournalism, mapping global refugee flow from @FastCompany and the tax bracket racket from @voxdotcom.