Data Journalism: The GIJN Collection

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GIJN has collected and organized resources on using data in investigative reporting.

We begin with the best general training materials and then dive into the most useful tools. The entries in each category are alphabetical, with links and brief descriptions.

Table of Contents

Getting Started — Books

Getting Started — Tip Sheets

Data Journalism Conferences

Data Journalism Training Courses

Getting Data — Scraping

Getting Data — Using Open Records Laws

Prepping Data — Tips

Tools for Scraping, Cleaning, and Prepping Data

Analyzing Data — Spreadsheets

Analyzing Data — SQL

Analyzing Data — Python


Using R

Visualizing Data

Visualization Tools

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Acknowledgements: This GIJN resource was prepared by GIJN staff and the Investigative Reporting Workshop, based at the School of Communication at American University, with contributions from Helena Bengsston, John Bones, Fred Vallance Jones, Madeleine Davison, Flor Coelho, Jennifer LaFleur, and Brant Houston.