Analyzing Data – Python

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages for data journalists, and it is useful for scraping websites as well as cleaning and analyzing data. Here are some resources for learning to code in Python. 

A Byte of Python is an online book dedicated to the basics of Python. It is targeted at those with little to no experience with the language. It also comes with a GitHub repository with exercises. offers this introductory Python tutorial for journalists using Jupyter Notebook  taught by Dutch data journalist Winny de Jong.

First Python Notebook is a step-by-step guide to python designed for beginners by Los Angeles Times editor and long-time data journalism Ben Welsh.

Google’s Python Class is a written introduction to basic Python, with instructions on how to set up Python and hands-on exercises. has a set of written tutorials with interactive exercises that can be completed online in Python Shell, without downloading Python or a text editor. The lessons cover more topics than Google’s. 

Learn Python 3 the Hard Way (2017) by Zed Shaw is an introduction to coding with Python. If purchased directly from the author’s website, the book comes with tutorial videos. (Purchase required)

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