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If you have a dataset involving geographic locations, these tools and tipsheets can help you analyze your data using maps.

The most commonly used mapping programs in newsrooms are ArcGIS from Esri (which has free options for journalists) and the open-source program QGIS. Some also are useful for visualizing, but we’ve added a separate list for visualizing with maps.

Visualizing Data On Maps Truthfully, is a GIJC19 presentation by Inga Schlegel and Johannes Kröger of Hafencity University, Hamburg. offers this mapping tutorial using QGIS and CartoDB by freelance data journalist Maarten Lambrechts. 

JEO is a WordPress theme Gustavo Faleiros created for launching geodata-based sites. It allows news organizations, bloggers and NGOs to publish news stories as layers of information on digital maps. More information and technical support can be found here

Mapping for Stories: A Computer-Assisted Reporting Guide (2017) This is a step-by-step handbook for using QGIS to analyze data using maps and includes online practice data. The authors, US journalists Jennifer LaFleur, David Herzog and Charles Minshew, teach GIS training for Investigative Reporters and Editors. An earlier version of this book is based on ArcGIS from Esri. (Available for purchase from IRE)

Mark Monmonnier has several books on mapping including How to Lie with Maps, now in its 3rd edition (2018). (Available for purchase)

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