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Open-Source Software Documentation Expert

Internews is working to improve the usability of open-source security tools to better meet the needs of at-risk civil society organizations, whose unique needs are often overlooked by developers. Many powerful and widely used open-source security tools are maintained by volunteers or small teams who are often under-resourced and unable to prioritize features, guides, and documentation which would better serve high risk media and civil society users.

Internews is looking for a pool of skilled individuals to assist in expanding and improving the documentation associated with these open source tools. The specialist will work with the tool teams to understand their needs and goals for documentation and will also review feedback gathered through usability testing conducted by organizations partnered with Internews. The specialist will then use this feedback to expand, update, or clarify existing documentation, and develop new documentation as needed. The specialist will be supervised and supported by Internews and, as relevant, connected with a representative from the tool team(s) for input and coordination.

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