Los mejores podcasts de periodismo de investigación del 2021

Los podcasts de investigación están en pasando una buena racha. Muchos de los nombres más respetados de la prensa escrita y la radiodifusión están ahora incursionando en un formato que ofrece una plataforma perfecta para desentrañar una historia de investigación compleja. Aquí hay una lista seleccionada por el equipo global de GIJN con 14 de los mejores podcasts de investigación que se han transmitido en todo el mundo.

Programas membresías latam

How Mission-Driven News Sites Are Betting on Reader Revenue in Latin America

For digital-first news outlets in Latin America, lessons learned from reader-funding experiments are being transformed into highly tailored membership programs that offer a chance at a more sustainable future. Independent, mission-driven or subject-specific news sites, in particular, are leading the way, converting close relationships with audiences into funding through editorially-linked, labor-intensive initiatives.

Insider Access to Chinese Vaccines: A Case Study in Pandemic Corruption from Peru

In a scandal known as ‘Vacunagate,’ 487 influential people in Peru, including its president, were secretly inoculated against COVID-19 months before vaccines were approved for the public. Two investigative newsrooms in Peru found that Chinese drug makers had secretly sent thousands of ‘courtesy’ vaccine doses to several countries in South America in addition to the doses needed for clinical trials there. Editors from both told GIJN how reporters can tackle this new form of corruption.