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Help Us Strengthen Investigative Reporting Around the World

Dear Friends of GIJN,

As this difficult year comes to a close, we want to take a couple minutes to ask for your support.

GIJN’s core mission is to strengthen and spread investigative journalism around the world. Nearly every service we offer is free – our workshops, webinars, tip sheets, reporting guides, Help Desk, and Resource Center.

We do this because we believe that investigative journalism is a force for good in the world – because watchdog journalism that bolsters freedom, transparency, and accountability is worth fighting for.

Our global staff comes from 14 countries, many of them – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, South Africa, Mexico, Venezuela, Hungary, Jordan, Russia, Ukraine – on the front lines of the struggle for democracy and human rights. They have seen first-hand the importance of having an independent media that digs out the truth.

Each day, our team sends out the latest investigative tools and techniques in nine languages to journalists worldwide. This year, we hosted 64 webinars and workshops, training over 46,000 reporters. Our Help Desk responded to a record 1,900 requests for assistance from journalists trying to find data, documents, and sources.

Consider this story, on how to document COVID-19 fatalities when your government is lying about the true death rate. Or this piece on how to use forensic analysis to reveal security forces attacking protesters. Each story was viewed by journalists thousands of times in 80 countries.

But to do all this, we rely on your support. We’re working hard to expand GIJN’s capacity and reach more journalists where they most need our help. Here’s what your support can do:

  • For $30, we can respond to a request for reporting help from a journalist in Africa or the Middle East.
  • For $100, we can translate a GIJN story on investigative techniques into another language.
  • For $500, we can produce a tip sheet like these on investigating sexual abuse and planespotting.
  • For $1,000, we can expand the reach of our online training sessions by hiring an interpreter in Arabic, French, Russian, or Spanish.
  • For $3,000 we can produce an in-depth reporting guide, like these on citizen-led investigations and using satellite imagery to document environmental crimes and human rights violations.

We know you’re swamped with requests at this time of the year. But please consider a gift to support GIJN’s work around the world. We can’t do this without you.

Thanks so much. And here’s to a much better year in 2021,

Dave Kaplan
Executive Director/GIJN

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You Can Help GIJN Support Global Investigative Reporting

We’re entering the season of celebration—but also a time of great concern. Threats to democratic values, human rights, and the rule of law continue to spread, as kleptocrats and autocrats take advantage of a world made weary by pandemic. Despite all this, investigative journalists are on the job around the world, working overtime to dig out the truth and report it accurately. But we can’t do this alone. Please consider donating to GIJN so that we can support the world’s watchdog reporters with training, tools, and resources.