From the Experts: GIJN’s Daily Video Tips for Investigative Journalism

Starting today and running throughout the week for the next two months on GIJN’s YouTube channel — as well as on our main Facebook and Twitter platforms — our new, concise Tip of the Day format will feature leading experts who will share one critical insight each day, including investigative basics such as following public records or investigating with data, as well as how to better understand financial records and the latest online search strategies.

Editor’s Pick: Best Investigative Stories in Spanish 2018

It’s been a big year for investigative reporters in Latin America, from unveiling high-level corruption to collaborating across countries. They’ve chased down leads on colleagues murdered at the border between Colombia and Ecuador, and covered the biggest migratory crisis in years. The reporters have demonstrated, once again, the importance of coming together to hold those in power to account — often doing it under very difficult conditions. Erika Lozano, editor of GIJN en Español, has gathered some of the best investigative stories published in Spanish during 2018.

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GIJN Election — 2018

This December, member representatives of GIJN will vote to elect seven members of its 15-member board of directors. The election will be held electronically for one week, from 12:01 am, Saturday, December 1 through 11:59 pm, Friday, December 7, 2018, Eastern Standard time. Each of GIJN’s 173 member organizations is entitled to one vote, which is cast by its designated representative (on record with the GIJN Secretariat). If member organizations are unsure who their representatives are, please contact us. Electronic ballots will be emailed to member representatives.

How to Write for GIJN

The Global Investigative Journalism Network is always on the lookout for contributors interested in writing stories about innovation in journalism, as well as tips, tools and how-tos around investigative reporting. Experts in investigative journalism, journalists who write about media, academics in media studies, media trainers as well as GIJN members are encouraged to contribute.

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The Global Investigative Journalism Network publishes articles about the practice of investigative journalism around the world — and we’re always on the lookout for contributors interested in writing about the craft of muckraking, as well as about innovation and new models in journalism. Experts in investigative journalism and other related specialized journalism areas, journalists who write about media, academics in media studies, media trainers as well as GIJN members are encouraged to contribute. Our stories generally run from 500-1500 words and our pay is competitive and dependent on specialization and experience. Our website is visited daily by readers in 100 countries, so we promise an engaged, global audience for your work. Our mission is to strengthen and spread quality investigative journalism around the world, and our publishing is key to this. Our Sweet Spot
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