Most Popular Reads on GIJN in 2019

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Photo: Leah Kelley / Pexels

It’s been another exciting year at GIJN with some great original stories — including tips, tools, techniques, and case studies galore, as well as our regular series How They Did It, My Favorite Tools, and Focus (GIJN member profiles) — alongside some of our favorite reads from around the web.

What follows is a curated list of the top stories published on this year, ranging from the hugely popular profile of The Intercept Brasil to tips on writing about extrajudicial killings and how mobile journalists can choose their next smartphone. You’ll find how to dox yourself, search Instagram like a pro, and recreate crime scenes with 3D imaging. You seldom see their names on all these great stories, so let us give GIJN’s crack editorial team a big thanks here: Tanya Pampalone, Gaelle Faure, Alastair Otter, and Eunice Au.

Look out for our list of top GIJN resources of 2019 this time next week.

“Like a Punk Rock Band”: How The Intercept Built a Home for Investigative Journalism in Brazil

9 Types of Visual Storytelling on Mobile

10 Tips on Investigating Extrajudicial Killings: A Case Study from the Philippines

How to Dox Yourself

10 Great Digital Stories From 2019 (So Far)

Climate Change: Investigating the Story of the Century

How the FT Improved Storytelling With Templates That You Can Use, Too

How to Build a GIF of Satellite Imagery in R

All You Need to Know to Search like a Pro on Instagram

Mojo Workin’: Choosing Your New Mojo Smartphone

My Favorite Tools: Malachy Browne

Watch Your Language: How English is Skewing the Global News Narrative

How They Did It: Reporting a UN Murder Cover-Up in the DRC

The Toolbox: Digging for People, Trawling the Web and Keeping Yourself Safe

How Innovative Newsrooms Are Using Artificial Intelligence


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