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Commercial Revenue: Syndication, Publishing Partnerships, Rights Sales

Investigative journalism startup uses mobile gaming to finance its future The News Industry Could Learn a Thing or Two from Netflix CIR began pitching investigative stories to newspapers. It’s working on Hollywood now, too 101 Reporters connects journalists across India with media organizations that need their stories BuzzFeed has a new business model, so it’s […]


Audience Engagement and Revenue: Events

The art of hosting meaningful engagement events Todd Milbourn and Lisa Heyamoto Tips on Holding Live Events That Support Journalism How to Launch a Successful Events Business How To Use Community Media And Storytelling Events To Attract Donors To Your Nonprofit The New York Times is ramping up conference calls for subscribers that are run […]


Audience Engagement and Revenue: Newsletters

To keep readers after COVID publishers see hope in newsletters and podcasts How Indiegraaf helped launch 6 local news outlets during COVID-19 Newsletters Are Crucial for Reader Loyalty. Here’s How to Make the Most of Them. Not a newsletter monthly guide Newsletter Strategy Positioning Brief How newsletter innovations are driving publisher revenue  What’s News in […]


Commercial Revenue: Advertising

Broken internet ad system makes it easy to earn money with plagiarism US digital advertising exceeded $100B in 2018 Tech Crunch Exploring alternative funding models for the web Mozilla Guide to Advertising Technology Tow Center Journalists are rightly suspicious of ad tech. They also depend on it. CJR What’s New in Publishing 50 ideas for making […]


Commercial Revenue: Subscription/Paywalls – Case Studies

Why The Information’s paywall strategy is so successful How many paying subscribers do you need to keep a money-losing magazine afloat? Arkansas Life finds out  Nieman Lab What Product-Market Fit in Subscription Journalism Looks Like The Ken 2018 has been a record-breaking year for journalism Kickstarters (though only about 1 in 5 actually get funded) Nieman […]


Commercial Revenue: Subscription/Paywalls

7 ways COVID has impacted subscription strategies How to build a good reader revenue model: lessons from Spain and the UK “Not only can membership save journalism, but will do so by helping it evolve”: Why publishers are looking beyond subscriptions Why the subscription model may not work for you How The Economist has tripled […]


Commercial Revenue: More Reading

Why journalism should be unhooked from commercial funding models Fortnite’s battle with Apple and Google could have an impact on news publishers, too A useful guide for news organisations assessing revenue-making opportunities in small teams Engaged Journalism How The Washington Post’s User Lab balances advertiser and subscriber demands Digiday What it takes to shift a […]


Commercial Revenue: Essential Reading

Commercial income takes many forms and can either provide additional funds for nonprofit journalism organizations or even full funding. These include advertising and subscription, among others: Google News Initiative and INN release Nonprofit News Guide to Earned Revenue  A comprehensive “playbook” showing nonprofit newsrooms how to grow revenue from display advertising, event sponsorships, sponsored content, and […]


Audience Engagement and Revenue: Case Studies

Memberkit 101: Upgrade your analytics and build a data-powered membership program The power of innovative longform journalism online: 5 standout examples  Audience research at The Atlantic: How we use it – and what we don’t expect it to do for us ‘ThinkIn’ outside the box: how publishers are using member exclusive conversations to add value […]


Audience Engagement and Revenue: More Reading

Four lessons from a new generation of Instagram editors in local newsrooms How newsrooms can begin making data-informed membership decisions 231 ways publishers can make media pay 3 in 4 publishers have responded to the pandemic with new content products, “from brand-building to securing a lucrative new revenue stream” “111% more article clicks”: How Facebook’s […]


Audience Engagement and Revenue: Essential Reading

Newsrooms everywhere are recognizing the importance of engaging with their audiences and how transparency and inclusion can create loyalty, and ultimately revenue. Many models exist for generating income, and nonprofit investigative journalism organizations are  experimenting to find the right appeal. Reader Revenue Toolkit 14 steps to use collaborations to create better journalism and boost revenue […]


Fundraising: More Reading

Media philanthropy in Germany on the rise ‘When money is offered, we listen’: foundation funding and nonprofit journalism Fundraising like reporting: How eight nonprofit newsrooms majorly increased their major gifts Journalism Funders Confidential: Monthly newsletter with insights into some of the major forces currently shaping philanthropy and journalism in Europe 50,000 first-time donors? Here’s how […]


Fundraising: Essential Reading

Raising money to build and scale up a nonprofit investigative journalism organization is challenging. Grants and donations from philanthropic organizations and individuals are one source of funding. Here are tips and ideas from fundraising experts: NEW: MediaDev Fundraising Guide (2021) Tipsheet: Fundraising Research Resources, by Bridget Gallagher, from a presentation at GIJC19. Inside Philanthropy: Who’s […]


Sustainability: Perspective – Case Studies

Lessons in transitioning from legacy media to digital: Expert tips from Asia (2021) The power of innovative longform journalism online: 5 standout examples COVID-19 accelerates media sustainability crisis in Southern Africa Two months, a voluntary 30% price increase and 18,000 new paying readers: What did after COVID-19 struck  Will nonprofit journalism rules now on […]


Sustainability: Perspective – More Reading

Guardian editor reveals investigations and ‘legal attacks’ drive reader contributions (2023) Why local news outlets struggle with digital subscriptions Government funding for journalism: a necessary evil or just evil? Journalists risk everything to hold power to account, crucial work for which a $1bn global fund should be established Nonprofit news outlets aren’t relying as heavily […]


Sustainability: Perspective – Essential Reading

A number of major reports have provided a top-level view on the drive to create institutions that will support investigative journalism. Here are some of the key ones: Starting a Nonprofit News Organization, by the Institute for Nonprofit News Six Strategies for Sustainable Journalism DW Academy Media Viability Handbook Fighting For Survival: New Report on […]


Sustainability: Introduction

Nonprofit journalism has been steadily growing for almost 20 years for well-rehearsed reasons including the collapse of traditional business models, sweeping technological change and a commitment to support serious journalism despite the crisis in the industry. In this Resource Center, GIJN explores strategies to keep in-depth journalism alive around the world. Fortunately, donor support for […]


Tips for Donors 

Interest by the philanthropic community in supporting public-interest media is not new. Donor-supported nonprofit magazines like National Geographic and Mother Jones have been around for decades. The original Fund for Investigative Journalism dates back to 1969, while America’s National Public Radio began in 1971. Following the end of the Cold War, Western governments and foundations […]


Crowdfunding for Journalists

At a time when the media is struggling to support serious journalism, investigative reporters increasingly are turning to crowdfunding. The field is growing quickly and success stories abound, but the challenges are many. For our latest resource page, GIJN has gathered tips and strategies from the best sites and blogs, and done a guide to global and regional crowdfunding sites most suited for journalists. Let us know what we’ve missed!