10 Investigative Tools You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Investigations take more time and effort than the average story — and can still leave you flat. Samantha Sunne rounded up some tools for GIJN which will help journalists around the world tease out investigative topics, find sources and keep track of that endlessly growing list of notes, sources and documents.

Six Fake News Techniques and Simple Tools to Vet Them

Exposing fake or manipulated images is quite possible with the proper tools and techniques. In this GIJN tutorial, six fraud scenarios are explored, along with step-by-step instructions on vetting their accuracy or inaccuracy:

1. Photo manipulation — Easy to check, using  tools such as Google Reverse Search.. 2. Video tricks — Close examination of the video and finding the original video are among the lessons here.

Document of the Day: Bellingcat’s Open Source Digital Forensics Tools

Bellingcat, a UK-based open source and social media investigation site, put together a seriously impressive comprehensive list of open source verification and research tools. It includes satellite and mapping services, tools for verifying photos and videos, websites to archive hyperlinks and much more. Dig in!

Secrets to Searching for Video Footage

Verifying videos is important, but first you have to find them. This Bellingcat guide will provide advice and some tips on how to gather as much video as possible on a particular event, whether it is videos from witnesses of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.

Fact-Checking & Verification

Verification and Digital Investigations Resources, a comprehensive list of resources presented by Craig Silverman of BuzzFeed at IJAsia18. Social News Gathering and Verification, by Ayla Mashkoor and Rachel Blundy from Storyful in Hong Kong. Six Fake News Techniques and Simple Tools to Vet Them, by Olga Yurkova, Ukraine’s StopFake co-founder. She describes six fraud scenarios along with step-by-step instructions on vetting their accuracy or inaccuracy. What to Watch for in the Coming Wave of “Deep Fake” Videos, by Samantha Sunne, looks at sophisticated videos that feature one person’s face plastered onto another’s body.