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The Daily Quiz That Teaches Journalists How to Geolocate Images

Quiztime is a Twitter game beloved by journalists and other online sleuths who play it to hone their geolocation skills. Every day, one of the quizmasters tweets a mysterious image, and participants try to figure out where in the world it was taken by examining the minutest of clues.

Most Popular Stories on GIJN in 2018

It’s been an exciting year of great content and record traffic on GIJN. What follows is a curated list we’ve put together of the top pieces published on in 2018 — from the deep web and deep fakes to design thinking and dataviz. See you next year!

Reporting Tools & Tips

How to Identify Bots, Trolls, and Botnets

Over the past two years, words like “bots,” “botnets” and “trolls” have entered mainstream conversations about social networks and their impact on democracies. Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab laid out some of the working definitions and their methodologies to help identify, expose and explain disinformation online.

Reporting Tools & Tips

10 Investigative Tools You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Investigations take more time and effort than the average story — and can still leave you flat. Samantha Sunne rounded up some tools for GIJN which will help journalists around the world tease out investigative topics, find sources and keep track of that endlessly growing list of notes, sources and documents.

Reporting Tools & Tips

6 Fake News Techniques and Simple Tools to Vet Them

There are different ways fake news sites fake us out. In GIJN’s latest tutorial, Olga Yurkova, co-founder of the Ukrainian fact-checking project StopFake, runs through the six main techniques used and offers up some simple tools to vet them.

Reporting Tools & Tips

What to Watch for in the Coming Wave of “Deep Fake” Videos

Deep fakes — videos which feature one person’s face on another’s body — are rapidly becoming more sophisticated. Samantha Sunne talked to some of the world’s experts on the techniques which can help you learn the weaknesses of this new phenomenon that’s got everyone talking.

Reporting Tools & Tips

Document of the Day: Bellingcat’s Open Source Digital Forensics Tools

Bellingcat, a UK-based open source and social media investigation site, put together a seriously impressive comprehensive list of open source verification and research tools. It includes satellite and mapping services, tools for verifying photos and videos, websites to archive hyperlinks and much more. Dig in!