Preguntas incómodas, respuestas difíciles y un debate bien movido en Centroamérica


La última vez que estuve en El Salvador terminé tan afectada por las historias de violencia y machismo que sufren las salvadoreñas que escribí una columna de opinión para The New York Times que comenzaba así: “No quiero volver a El Salvador. ” Tuve que tragarme mis palabras y hacerme la valiente para regresar el pasado 13 de mayo al Foro de Periodismo Centroamericano Foro-CAP o a la gran “juntura”, como le dicen los locales. Es una cita obligada para periodistas, escritores y artistas de la región en la que se discuten algunos de los temas más urgentes -y deprimentes- y el papel que el periodismo juega o podría jugar en ellos. Este año las conversaciones giraron en torno a una idea con múltiples significados: sociedades en movimiento.  El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala y Honduras fueron zonas calientes para el periodismo internacional en la década de los ochenta.

Uncomfortable Questions, Difficult Answers and a Moving Journalism Conference in Central America

The last time GIJN Spanish Editor Catalina Lobo-Guerrero was in El Salvador, she was so shaken up by stories of violence and sexism towards women there that she ended up writing an Op-Ed for The New York Times with the following opening line: “I don’t want to go back to El Salvador.” But last month she returned to the country to attend the ForoCAP, the Central American Journalism Forum.

Lava Jato: A Case Study in Cross-Border Investigation

What appeared to be a case of money laundering done through a network of laundromats and car washes turned out to be the largest corruption network in Brazilian history, and one that ultimately extended to at least 12 countries. If it weren’t for the collaborative efforts of journalists and media houses across the continent – and into Africa – the whole story could not have been told.

GIJN Members in the News

It’s been a busy first quarter of 2017 for GIJN members — from picking up Pulitzer Prizes to launching crowdfunding campaigns. There have also been new projects and new collaborations forged. Here are some noteworthy splashes made by GIJN members around the world.

Coronel: A Golden Age of Global Muckraking at Hand

Ten years ago, when I first moved to New York and gave my first lecture at the Columbia Journalism School, I told students that I believe we are at the dawn of a Golden Age of global muckraking. They were a great class, but they didn’t believe me. But look at where we are now.

How Creative Journalists Confront Hostile Media Environments

From a media outlet that pays citizens to report from remote areas of Kenya to a portal that uses humor as its main strategy to inform Russians, journalism faces different challenges in different cultural and social contexts. Creativity, however, seems to be a common skill that media entrepreneurs shared in addressing their problems at the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) on Saturday, April 16.