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Reporter’s Guide to Investigating Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are truly an international climate change story with potential for global collaboration between journalists. This GIJN guide offers background, resources, case studies, and other reporting tips on this multi-billion dollar market.

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Climate Crisis: Ideas for Investigative Journalists

This GIJN resource page aims to encourage more investigative reporting about the climate crisis. In Part 1, we begin with articles that provide concrete suggestions for investigative projects. In Part 2, we have collected challenging commentaries on how the media has handled climate change and what it should be doing better. In Part 3, we […]

Guide Resource

Migration Reporting: Sources, Guidelines, Contests

With an estimated 257 million migrants in the world, migration has emerged as one of the most contentious national and international issues. GIJN has gathered resources on this topic, including: Useful sources of factual information Reporting guidelines and media criticism Information on journalism prizes (and the winners) concerning migration Examples of recent and varied stories […]

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