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expose child sex trafficking online

Case Studies

Lessons Learned from Exposing Child Sex Trafficking Online

A reporting team provides the backstory of the Guardian’s years-long investigation into the world of online child sex trafficking.

Case Studies

How Journalistic Teamwork Uncovered Years of Regulatory Failure in Texas

The authors give a behind-the-scenes look at their investigation into a massive chemical fire in Houston in March 2019.


How Uncovered Hundreds of Venezuelan Officials’ Secret Assets in Florida

When a team at set out to find individuals linked to the Venezuelan government who might have secret investments — and even residency permits — in the United States, they never imagined the scale of what they would find once they started following the money.

Case Studies

Google News Initiative Grants in Africa and the Middle East Yield Mixed Results

A study found many Google News Initiative projects in Middle East and Africa struggle to become more than makeshift versions of the original idea.

AI chatbot used geolocation

Case Studies

Can AI Chatbots Be Used for Geolocation?

Bellingcat fellow Dennis Kovtun tests the online geolocation capabilities of two popular AI chatbots — Microsoft’s Bing AI and Google’s Bard — and finds both have some serious drawbacks.

survival tips journalism siege India protest arrest of reporter

Case Studies News & Analysis

Journalism Under Siege: Five Survival Tips from Editors in India and Hungary

Two editors from India and Hungary, respectively, Ritu Kapur and Peter Erdelyi, offer survival tips based on how their outlets have managed to stay afloat in the face of press freedom challenges in backsliding democracies.

Fotografía de la sala de redacción de El Surtidor, con los cofundadores Alejandro Valdez (de pie en el centro) y Jazmín Acuña (de pie atrás). Imagen: cortesía de El Surtidor

Case Studies Member Profiles

Thriving on Change: El Surtidor’s Groundbreaking Multi-Platform, Visual Journalism

GIJN member El Surtidor is a Paraguayan news organization created in 2015 that prioritizes innovation and multi-platform, visual journalism.

Data Journalism News & Analysis

4 Common Angles Data Journalists Use to Tell Stories

At the Online Journalism Blog, data journalism expert Paul Bradshaw analyzed 100 pieces of data that journalists use and found that there are several common story angles.

Case Studies Investigative Techniques

Tips for Getting New or Reluctant Sources to Talk

For every human source who assists investigative journalists, there are dozens of officials, victims, and potential whistleblowers with vital information whom reporters never engage.

Case Studies

How a BBC Investigation Exposed the Impact of Gas Flaring on Iraqi Communities

In “Under Poisoned Skies,” an award-winning investigation from BBC News Arabic, reporters headed to southern Iraq to explore the impact of gas flaring on the environment and public health.