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Reporting Tools & Tips

My Favorite Tools: Malachy Browne

For our series about journalists’ favorite tools, we spoke with The New York Times’ Malachy Browne, a pioneer in the field of visual investigations. He told GIJN’s Gaelle Faure about the tools that help him recreate crime scenes, including satellite imagery, EXIF data viewers, 3D modeling, and more.

News & Analysis

The Growing Global Reach of Chinese and Russian Information Controls

Within the borders of China and Russia, the use of invasive information controls and techniques is well-known and widespread. But the use of these technology systems to suppress citizens’ fundamental human rights goes beyond what is happening inside any one country’s borders. Increasingly, authoritarian actors are exporting these tools and know-how to other countries, a new report finds.

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South Korea’s Investigative Newsroom Newstapa Pioneers a New Model in East Asia

The South Korean nonprofit investigative newsroom Newstapa was founded in 2012 by a group of journalists who had been either dismissed or marginalized in their newsrooms for demanding editorial independence. Since then, much has changed in the country’s political and media landscapes. Searching for sustainability in the midst of these upheavals has been a wild ride, writes Lee Taehoon for GIJN.

Reporting Tools & Tips

All You Need to Know to Search like a Pro on Instagram

If you’re searching for information on Instagram, you won’t get far if you’re only using the search bar. has offered up a detailed how-to on searching on Instagram, which sometimes means you’ll need outside apps to help.

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Charting New Paths for Baltic Investigative Journalism

Re:Baltica, a nonprofit newsroom based in Riga, has experimented with different forms of storytelling and types of funding to sustain its work over the past eight years. Its co-founder Inga Springe shares what she’s learned along the way.

News & Analysis

Nigerian Military Targeted Journalists with Forensic Search for Sources

Journalists for the Daily Trust in Nigeria told the Committee to Protect Journalists that the military conducted forensic searches on their computers and mobile phones following the publication of a story about a military operation. CPJ’s Jonathan Rozen writes that these raids are emblematic of a global trend of law enforcement seizing journalists’ phones and computers — some of their most important tools.

Reporting Tools & Tips

6 Tips for Responding to Online Attacks Against Journalists

Any journalist who has been trolled, harassed, or otherwise attacked online knows how frightening the experience can be, and how isolated one can feel as a result. But newsrooms around the world are increasingly waking up to the fact that their staff need dedicated support to deal with the growing online abuse. Megan Clement rounded up tips from experts for GIJN.