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Case Studies

Engaging Journalism Audiences Through Satire   

Satire can make journalism more entertaining and accessible for new audiences. But how can you turn your headline into a punchline? To find out, Amina Boubia from the Open Society Foundations’ Program on Independent Journalism spoke to two veterans of political satire: Isam Uraiqat and Juan Ravell.

News & Analysis

A Global Tour of 2019’s Top Investigative Podcasts

Compiling a list of the best investigative podcasts of 2019 may well be an impossible task. In the five years since Serial became a break-out hit, an avalanche of investigative podcasts has followed — and no, not all of them about true crime — with more coming out every year. With that in mind, here are just some of the most interesting investigative podcasts that aired in 2019.

Case Studies

What PolitiFact Learned about Making Money and Earning Trust

When journalists practice transparency around their processes, their goals, and their values, news consumers tend to respond positively — and sometimes, they even spend more money on journalism. That was the case with an experiment that Trusting News ran with PolitiFact.


Women Investigative Journalists on Work and Life

More and more women muckrakers are breaking important stories around the world. But despite increasing numbers and, to a lesser degree, more senior women in the business, there is still a lot to be done to fight inequality and discrimination.