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Reporting Tools & Tips

A Secret Weapon for Media Independence: Paying for Subscribers

Entrepreneurship coach Phillip Smith explains how publishers who seek to grow their membership can invest in paid lead acquisition tactics and predict the rate of return on their investment.

Reporting Tools & Tips

Covering Whistleblowers: 6 Tips for Journalists

Throughout history, whistleblowers have played an important role in bringing corruption, fraud, waste, and other improprieties to light worldwide. But journalists face serious challenges in doing this kind of reporting, especially when it involves world leaders and the federal intelligence community.

Case Studies

Crowdfunding Campaigns Give Boost to Independent Czech Media

Crowdfunding has become very popular in the Czech Republic, where it is often used to help launch independent media outlets or to get money to finance individual projects and cover specific topics.

Reporting Tools & Tips

10 Newsletter Tips for Media Outlets

Everyone seems to produce email newsletters these days. But not everyone is doing it well. Mark Jacob of the Local News Initiative asked newsletter experts about what works and what doesn’t.

Case Studies

In Kenya, NGOs Bet on Investigative Journalism to Boost Transparency

In Kenya, the NGOs Transparency International and Fojo Media Institute have paired up to train budding investigative journalists and offer them reporting grants. GIJN’s Rowan Philp reports.

Reporting Tools & Tips

Investigative Team’s ‘Trust Nuggets’ Inject Transparency into Long Stories

Instead of writing an entire behind-the-scenes article to explain how you carried out an investigation, consider instead incorporating this information in the investigation itself in the form of “trust nuggets” to reach more readers, writes Trusting News’ Joy Mayer.

Reporting Tools & Tips

My Favorite Tools: Lionel Faull

For our series about journalists’ favorite tools, we spoke with Lionel Faull of the London-based investigative newsroom and training outlet Finance Uncovered. He told GIJN’s Olivier Holmey all about the tools he uses to encrypt his communications, convert PDFs to readable text, find data on company ownership, sync his written and audio notes, and more.


What It Takes to Shift a News Organization to Reader Revenue

Want to move your news organization from advertising to reader revenue? For the American Press Institute, Damon Kiesow has penned a detailed report on exactly how to do this.

Case Studies

‘Reality Journalism’ Turns Investigative Reports into Pop Idol-Style Shows

Around the world, millions of people seem to be tuning serious journalism out, as the fallout from misinformation, fatigue, and rival information sources overwhelm audience attention. But in three developing countries, large new audiences are now tuning in – to watch investigative reporting teams compete in Pop Idol-style reality shows.


Document of the Day: A Guide to Investigating Anti-LGBTQI+ Hate

Taboom Media has created a reporting guide for journalists interested in investigating how US-based faith groups and NGOs foment hate against LGBTQI+ communities, both in the United States and abroad.