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Czech Investigative Nonprofit Follows the Money

International organized crime received little scrutiny in the Czech press until the Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism was founded in 2013. They work with media partners across the region on collaborative projects that have helped bring down senior officials and expose the activities of mafia bosses, including an investigation with Slovak reporter Ján Kuciak, who was killed in 2018. Ian Willoughby profiles the Czech nonprofit for GIJN.

News & Analysis

9 Lessons from Chinese Journalists on Covering COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has sparked a new wave of Chinese muckraking, despite years of suppression of investigative reporting. GIJN’s Chinese Editor Joey Qi speaks with Chinese journalists on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak about their tips for reporters around the world covering the pandemic.

News & Analysis

What Investigative Reporters Around the World Need to Be Asking About COVID-19

As coronavirus spreads globally, investigative journalists around the world are working to hold powers to account as they respond to the crisis. Veteran health journalist and expert on infectious disease and global health security, Thomas Abraham talks to GIJN about the questions investigative reporters need to ask in a rapidly changing environment. 

News & Analysis

Document of the Day: White Supremacists Charged with Targeting US Journalists

A small but violent American neo-Nazi group targeted journalists who covered their activities by sending threatening messages to their homes and making fake calls to law enforcement. The harassment and intimidation campaigns were detailed by prosecutors in charges against five men announced last week.

Case Studies

How Italian Investigative Journalists Are Taking on International Mafias (While Trying Not to Go Broke)

Italy’s first center for investigative reporting was created in 2012 with very little resources. Since then it has become a well-established player in the Italian media landscape. The group has grappled with financial challenges, threats, and intimidation, but have big plans for the future. Michele Barbero profiled Investigative Reporting Project Italy for GIJN.