How Tos for Investigative Journalists, Part 2: From Podcasts to Data Teams

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What reporting and storytelling techniques do you need to master as you head into your next investigation? We’ve rounded up some of GIJN’s most popular how tos from our story archives, as well as select items from our growing Resource Center, on a range of techniques that could help you in your investigations, whether you are creating your first investigative podcast, setting up a data team, or following a money trail across borders.

See part 1 of GIJN’s how tos on the tools that could help your investigation, from Instgram to PDF extraction.

How To Create a Data Journalism Team

Secrets to Searching for Video Footage

How to Follow the Money: Tips for Cross-border Investigations

Finding People Online: A Tipsheet From Paul Myers

How to Dox Yourself

Journalism’s Deep Web: 7 Tips on Using OCCRP Data

How to Dig into Businesses that Prop Up Criminal Networks

7 Things I Learned Producing My First Investigative Podcast

How to Write Openings That Hook the Reader

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