Czech Investigative Nonprofit Follows the Money

International organized crime received little scrutiny in the Czech press until the Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism was founded in 2013. They work with media partners across the region on collaborative projects that have helped bring down senior officials and expose the activities of mafia bosses, including an investigation with Slovak reporter Ján Kuciak, who was killed in 2018. Ian Willoughby profiles the Czech nonprofit for GIJN.

What We’re Reading: Why the US Revoked the Visa of a War Crimes Investigator

This week’s Friday 5, where we round up our favorite reads from around the online world in English, includes a report from The Intercept about how a US Department of Homeland Security algorithm revoked the visa of Forensic Architecture’s Eyal Weizman, an interview with Paul Caruana Galizia about his podcast My Mother’s Murder, and why almost half of the tech experts surveyed by the Pew Research Center are saying technology will weaken democracy.

От Восточной Европы до Центральной Азии: лучшие расследования 2018 года на русском и украинском языках

В этом году журналисты раскрыли масштабные мошенничества, коррупцию, и даже шпионские заговоры и убийства. Региональный редактор GIJN Ольга Симанович подготовила обзор самых интересных, сложных, уникальных или  забавных расследовательских материалов, опубликованных на русском или украинском в 2018 году.