How They Did It: Tracking the Copious Travels of Cameroon’s President

The full scale of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya’s jaunts abroad since he took power 35 years ago had never been calculated until now. Journalist Emmanuel Freudenthal details how he and two of his colleagues painstakingly pored over almost 4,000 newspaper pages to establish the number of days Biya had spent overseas on private trips and the amount the lavish trips cost the country.

GIJN’s Data Journalism Top 10: Democratic Data, Berlin’s Bicycles and Cricket Crazy

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from April 16 to 22 finds @camellia_will debating the future of data portals, @DLeonhardt using hard data to show whether Democratic or Republican presidents have been more fiscally responsible and @morgenpost mapping bicycle thefts hotspots in Berlin.

GIJN’s Data Journalism Top 10: Rio’s Militias, OCCRP’s Database and Brexit’s Brits

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from April 2 to 8 finds an alarming piece by @iamdylancurran on how much data Facebook and Google have actually gleaned from us, @OCCRP’s powerful database of public records and leaks, @davidottewell’s take on the evolution of data journalism and an investigation by @TheInterceptBr into the militias in Rio de Janeiro.

Глубинная сеть для журналистики: 7 рекомендаций по использованию OCCRP Data

OCCRP Data – один из ресурсов «Информационного портала расследователя», предлагает журналистам быстрый доступ к сведениям из глубинной сети. На сегодня он содержит более 170 публичных источников и свыше ста миллионов элементов информации для открытого поиска.

Journalism’s Deep Web: 7 Tips on Using OCCRP Data

OCCRP Data, part of the Investigative Dashboard, offers journalists a shortcut to the deep web. It now has over 170 public sources and more than 100 million leads for public search – news archives, court documents, leaks and grey literature encompassing UK parliamentary inquiries, companies and procurement databases, NGO reports and even CIA rendition flights, among other choice reading.