Algunos consejos para lanzar tu propio podcast

Aunque es un mercado difícil, todavía hay espacio para nuevos creadores. Si estás pensando en iniciar tu propio podcast pero no sabes por dónde empezar, a continuación encontrarás algunos consejos para principiantes.

Un recorrido mundial por los mejores podcasts de investigación del 2020

Para los periodistas de investigación, los podcasts ofrecen una nueva plataforma, en un formato que se presta como ningún otro para la historia de investigación. Como la periodista Meg Dalton escribió en un artículo para la Columbia Journalism Review, “las investigaciones se han vuelto la esencia del mundo de los podcasts”.

Data Journalism Top 10: How US Infection Spread, Data Hires, Identity Theft, and Lightning Strikes vs. Lottery Wins

Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from June 22 to 28 finds The New York Times analyzing travel patterns and genetic data to show how the disease spread across the United States, and the impact it has had on nursing homes and elderly care facilities. The Washington Post is responding to the increasing importance of visual data communication by expanding its data and graphics team, and the Pulitzer Center is calling for data journalism story proposals.

The Tunisian Journalists Who Built a Business Model That Frees Them to Investigate

Following the 2011 Tunisian revolution, the loosening of free speech created a vibrant marketplace of ideas but investigative reporting still lagged. A group of Tunisian journalists set out to change this by founding independent media outlet Inkyfada, which has experimented with data and audio storytelling and worked hard to diversify its revenue in order to guard its independence. Layli Foroudi profiled Inkyfada for GIJN.

How Italian Investigative Journalists Are Taking on International Mafias (While Trying Not to Go Broke)

Italy’s first center for investigative reporting was created in 2012 with very little resources. Since then it has become a well-established player in the Italian media landscape. The group has grappled with financial challenges, threats, and intimidation, but have big plans for the future. Michele Barbero profiled Investigative Reporting Project Italy for GIJN.