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Reporting Tools & Tips

How Journalists Can Deal With Trauma While Reporting on COVID-19

Journalists are not immune to the impact of trauma when reporting on disasters and tragedies. One of the world’s leading psychologists in the field of journalism and trauma, Cait McMahon, outlines strategies journalists can use to prepare for, work on, and recover from investigations into traumatic events.

News & Analysis

9 Lessons from Chinese Journalists on Covering COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has sparked a new wave of Chinese muckraking, despite years of suppression of investigative reporting. GIJN’s Chinese Editor Joey Qi speaks with Chinese journalists on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak about their tips for reporters around the world covering the pandemic.

Reporting Tools & Tips

Tips for Journalists Covering COVID-19

It is difficult to fathom how far the novel virus might spread, and what the ultimate consequences will be. With all the uncertainties, journalists around the world are faced with the many challenges of covering the epidemic — including combating misinformation and health risks to reporters in the field — while not fueling panic.


Women Investigative Journalists on Work and Life

More and more women muckrakers are breaking important stories around the world. But despite increasing numbers and, to a lesser degree, more senior women in the business, there is still a lot to be done to fight inequality and discrimination.

And…It’s a Wrap: #GIJC19 Highlights

Over the past four days, 1,700 journalists from 130 countries gathered in Hamburg, Germany, to share experiences, learn from expert speakers, network with kindred spirits, and find new partners for their next investigations. It was the most diverse and largest-ever international gathering of investigative journalists, and a perfect place to be inspired.

Case Studies

Open Source Investigations: How to Prevent, Address and Identify Vicarious Trauma

With the increase in eyewitness media, open source investigators are usually exposed to high amounts of graphic footage and this can cause mental distress if left unchecked. Hannah Ellis, research assistant at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, shares a guide to prevent excessive secondary trauma and how to address the symptoms.

Reporting Tools & Tips

Reporting on Slavery: Tips from the Pros

A staggering 40 million people in the world exist in some form of slavery today. Learn how to investigate this inherently secretive industry from top journalists in the field.

News & Analysis

African Muckracking: Exposing Genocide

Launched at #GIJC17, African Muckraking: 75 Years of Investigative Journalism from Africa is a collection of investigative and campaigning journalism written by Africans about Africa. This collection of 41 pieces of African journalism includes passionate and committed writing on labour abuses, police brutality, women’s rights, the struggle for democracy and independence on the continent. Here’s an excerpt from the book.