How COVID-19 Compounded Journalism’s Mental Health Crisis

After more than a year of living with a pandemic that shut down the world, lockdowns are beginning to lift for many across the globe. But for many journalists – a number of whom are already struggling with traumas of their own in a beleaguered industry known for its hostile and pressure-cooker environments – concerns are mounting about an impending mental health crisis brought on by a year of mass isolation, uncertainty, and endless dread.

Dicas para entrevistar vítimas de tragédias, testemunhas e sobreviventes

Não existe um método infalível para entrevistar pessoas que foram vítimas ou sobreviventes de eventos traumáticos, como violência, crimes, desastres ou acidentes. Mas Marcela Turati, cofundadora da Quinto Elemento Lab, organização mexicana de jornalismo investigativo sem fins lucrativos, compartilha recomendações que podem ser usadas para conduzir uma entrevista humana, sensível e respeitosa.

Indagar en las desapariciones: una guía para investigar a las personas desaparecidas y el crimen organizado

Reportear sobre el crimen organizado y personas desaparecidas es complejo y exige tener en cuenta matices. Los periodistas deben ser cuidadosos y deliberados en su aproximación. En esta guía encontrarás estudios de caso, y ejemplos de investigaciones publicadas, organizaciones relevantes que debe conocer durante el inicio de la investigación, y consejos para reportajes en el terreno. 

Digging into Disappearances: A Guide to Investigating Missing People and Organized Crime

Millions of people disappear every year, according to the International Commission on Missing People, and organized crime is involved in many of these cases. The violence associated with drug trafficking in particular, but also wildlife smuggling, resource theft, human trafficking, and other criminal rackets, plays a key role in many of the disappearances. Journalists act as both a deterrent to this kind of criminal conduct and as public-minded investigators, particularly where the rule of law has broken down.At its most sophisticated, organized crime is transnational, highly organized, and often systemic. It features in everyday life, infiltrating systems and groups that are essential to society. Disappearances are often a byproduct of this criminal activity.