Top 12 Guides & Tipsheets from GIJN’s Resource Center in 2021

The GIJN Resource Center is a leading source of tipsheets, videos, and guides on investigative and data journalism, fundraising, freelancing, and security. It’s used by journalists in 100 countries per day in 14 languages.
From investigating wildlife trafficking to reporting in the Gulf, here are our best guides and tipsheets published in 2021.

Quatro maneiras rápidas de verificar imagens em um smartphone

A GIJN atualizou seu popular guia passo a passo sobre verificação de imagens para ajudar a descobrir se a foto que você viu nas redes sociais é real. Experimente algumas ferramentas gratuitas e simples de usar – incluindo TinEye, pesquisa reversa de imagem do Google, Photo Sherlock e Fake Image Detector – para verificar a origem de uma imagem e se ela foi manipulada.

Four Quick Ways to Verify Images on a Smartphone

GIJN has updated our popular step-by-step guide on verifying images to help find out whether the photo you saw on social media is the real thing. Try out some simple-to-use free tools — including TinEye, Google Reverse Image Search, Photo Sherlock, and Fake Image Detector — to check the source of a picture and whether it has been manipulated.

कोविड-19 संबंधी गलत सूचनाओं के साजिशकर्ताओं का भंडाफोड़ करने के 6 तरीके !

महामारी के इस दौर में जानबूझकर दुनिया भर में फैलाए जा रहे झूठ के पीछे कई तरह की ताकतें काम कर रही हैं। इनमें कई प्रकार के वैचारिक समूहों, व्यावसायिक हित और अन्य किस्म के धंधेबाज, सरकारी मशीनरी, गोपनीय जनसंपर्क एजेंट, किसी साजिश के तहत काम कर रहे समाचार नेटवर्क इत्यादि शामिल हैं। साथ ही, ऐसे युवा तथा आम लोग भी हैं, जो सिर्फ मजा लेने या ध्यान आकर्षित करने या मामूली आर्थिक लाभ के लिए सोशल मीडिया में कोरोना पर झूठ फैला रहे हैं।

Data Journalism Top 10: Thanksgiving Dangers, Vaccine Tracker, Crosswords Diversity, Golf Swings, Facebook Fact-checks

Around the world, people are toning down their celebrations in a bid to mitigate spread of the coronavirus. The latest casualty: Thanksgiving. Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from November 16 to 22 found FiveThirtyEight’s timely piece explaining the risk of COVID-19 transmission from even small Thanksgiving dinner gatherings. Also popular: The New York Times tracking the status of all vaccine trials in progress, and The Pudding analysis of race and gender in crossword puzzles from five major US news publications.

Data Journalism Top 10: Border Disputes, Mediterranean Gas, Data Reporting Grants, Newsroom Cuts

Territorial disputes — over land, borders, or resources — are a long-standing source of tension around the world. Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from September 7 to 13 finds Al Jazeera explaining the India-China dispute over a shared Himalayan border in seven maps, and the Financial Times attempting to put into context the tensions between Turkey and its neighbors competing over natural gas discoveries. We also find Stanford University and Big Local News offering data reporting grants on the pandemic, and other groups offering free data journalism workshops and webinars.