कोविड-19 संबंधी गलत सूचनाओं के साजिशकर्ताओं का भंडाफोड़ करने के 6 तरीके !

महामारी के इस दौर में जानबूझकर दुनिया भर में फैलाए जा रहे झूठ के पीछे कई तरह की ताकतें काम कर रही हैं। इनमें कई प्रकार के वैचारिक समूहों, व्यावसायिक हित और अन्य किस्म के धंधेबाज, सरकारी मशीनरी, गोपनीय जनसंपर्क एजेंट, किसी साजिश के तहत काम कर रहे समाचार नेटवर्क इत्यादि शामिल हैं। साथ ही, ऐसे युवा तथा आम लोग भी हैं, जो सिर्फ मजा लेने या ध्यान आकर्षित करने या मामूली आर्थिक लाभ के लिए सोशल मीडिया में कोरोना पर झूठ फैला रहे हैं।

The Nonprofit News Site Taking on Agribusiness in the US Heartland

From an investigation into a COVID-19 outbreak in the meatpacking industry to exposes on migrant worker housing, the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting has made reporting of agribusiness through in-depth research, data analysis, and collaboration their core mission. This story tells how this small nonprofit has gone from a “one-man shop” to become a reliable source of watchdog reporting on an industry mostly discussed in daily business stories and trade magazines.

Data Journalism Top 10: Atlas of Emotions, Carbon Recyclers, Football Long Shots, COVID-19 Endgame, Mister Rogers’ Cardigans

To fight climate change, we need to protect sea life. Whales, plankton, and seagrasses have a key impact on the Earth’s carbon cycle. Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from to April 5 to April 11, which tracks the most popular data journalism stories on Twitter each week, found a piece by Reuters Graphics explaining how these species interact underwater as well as capture and transform carbon. In this edition, we also feature an atlas of emotions by Google Arts & Culture, a look at the COVID-19 endgame by the Financial Times, and some great board games to inspire data visualization enthusiasts.

COVID-19 en Brasil: Cómo creamos un mapa interactivo que ubica a los lectores en el epicentro de la epidemia

Cuando la pandemia de COVID-19 afectó por primera vez a Brasil, un equipo de periodistas de datos se propuso ilustrar el número de muertos mediante la creación de una visualización de datos que presentara algo tangible a sus lectores. El equipo consideró varias formas diferentes de mostrar la historia, y esta es una mirada entre bastidores del producto final.

How We Built the Data Visualization That Brought Brazil’s COVID Deaths Close to Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit Brazil, a team of data journalists set out to illustrate what the death toll looked like by creating a data visualization that presented something beyond the numbers. The team considered various ways of displaying the story. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how they created At the Epicenter.

Data Journalism Top 10: March Madness, Trafficking Tigers and Fish, Color Palettes, Vaccine Inequality, Domestic Work

A lack of comprehensive data can seriously hinder efforts to track illicit activities. But persistent reporters will always find a way to get a glimpse of the real picture. Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from March 15 to 21 found Oxpeckers investigating the trafficking of tigers in Europe and journalist Ben Heubl offering advice on investigating illegal fishing. We also feature an analysis of the global aviation crisis by the Financial Times, a guide to color scales by visual storytelling expert Lisa Charlotte Rost, and a look into the burden of unpaid domestic work by data analyst Hassel Fallas.