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Data Journalism’s Top Ten

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from August 7 to 13 has @UpshotNYT plotting Game of Thrones characters in two dimensions, @paulbradshaw offering 10 principles for data journalism and data journalists at a @dagstuhl workshop with narrative patterns for data-driven storytelling.

The Good, Evil, Ugly and Beautiful of Game of Thrones

Upshot NYT wants your help to plot the characters in Game of Thrones in two dimensions. Assess their overall goodness and their external beauty.

Ten Principles for Data Journalism

Paul Bradshaw attempts to use Bill Kovach’s and Tom Rosenstiel’s journalism principles as the basis for a set of 10 principles for (modern) data journalism.

Delve into

A platform for people to discover and share cool data, connect with interesting people and collaborate on projects involving datasets.

Narrative Patterns for Data-Driven Storytelling

This collection of cards came out of a 2016 workshop on data-driven storytelling in Dagstuhl, Germany. A group of data journalists investigated how data-driven stories work and came up with these cards, each representing a specific narrative technique, pattern or “trick” you can apply to effect flow, empathy and argumentation in a data story.

Mapping Spy Planes

The US airspace is buzzing with surveillance aircraft for law enforcement and the military. BuzzFeed News trained a computer to find them.

Test Your Dataviz Color Palette

Here’s a graphical user interface (GUI) for viewing, manipulating and choosing hue chroma luminance (HCL) color palettes.

Ethnographer: Design Job of the Future

What is a data ethnographer and why is it poised to become so important? Fast Company has some thoughts on this.

Dataviz: Germany’s Rising Rents

Interactive visualization of rental prices in German cities, which are on the rise. Many quarters are now unaffordable for average income earners.

Data Journalism Portfolio of Trinity Mirror

Trinity Mirror says data journalism is not a fad nor or a ghetto but rather mainstream journalism that must be widely accessible and lead the “most read” news lists.

German Weather Open Data

The German Meteorological Department is making its weather data public.

Thanks, once again, to Marc Smith of Connected Action for gathering the links and graphing them.

For a look at Marc Smith’s mapping on #ddj on Twitter, check out this map.

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