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women fellowships
women fellowships

Chapter 5: Grants & Fellowships

Mentors come with experience and knowledge that can help you with a wide range of issues, including moving forward with your project, negotiating a fair salary, or navigating an unhealthy work environment or a difficult relationship with a colleague. It can take time to find the right match, but a number of resources are available specifically for women journalists.

Digital Women Leaders offers women journalists free one-on-one coaching for 30 minutes. While most of the coaches listed work in US media, there are a few based around the world. Still, some issues — like workplace discrimination and the pay gap — are universal.

In the UK, The Second Source has launched a mentorship scheme “aimed at women who are starting out as professional journalists, who are considering dropping out of the industry or who feel like they need more direction.” It’s intended to provide not only career advice, but also advice for dealing with work-related challenges.

The US-based Journalism & Women Symposium has a year-round mentoring program for members. Mentees are paired with mentors based on needs and location and establish their own schedule and mode of communication. The program provides support on topics including career coaching, resume writing, job interviews, management and leadership, writing coaching, asking for a raise, and more.

The Coalition for Women in Journalism offers mentoring from experienced women journalists in Mexico, Latin America, and Asia.

Chicas Poderosas has chapters in 16 countries and organizes investigative journalism workshops and hackathons; trains women in leadership, digital, and new media skills; and facilitates mentoring and fellowships.

The London-based Women in Journalism is a professional network of women in the media in the UK. WIJ has a mentoring program for emerging journalists as well as established journalists who want to reach more senior positions.

Women in News provides facilitated group mentoring and coaching for women journalists in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Journalistinnenbund has a mentoring program for emerging women journalists in Germany.

The US-based Latinas in Journalism Mentorship Program is for Latina women and non-binary Latinx journalists working in news and seeking mentorship from fellow Latinas in the industry.

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