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Resource Tipsheet

Grants and Fellowships for Journalists

Seeking a chance to improve your skills and expand your world? Tired of the everyday routine in your newsroom? We regularly update our guide to grants and fellowships. These are programs of special interest to investigative journalists around the world. There are plenty of short-term and long-term opportunities, both for staff and freelance reporters. Follow […]


Crowdfunding: Case Studies

How the Correspondent crowdfunded $2.5m in 29 days Engaged Journalism Journalism crowdfunding platform PressPatron named hottest media industry tech start-up by NZ Marketing Magazine New Zealand Herald Platform uses crowdsourcing to fund journalism where press freedom is weak Columbia Journalism Review After crowdfunding success, Swiss magazine Republik charts a course to “reclaim journalism as a […]


Fundraising: More Reading

Media philanthropy in Germany on the rise ‘When money is offered, we listen’: foundation funding and nonprofit journalism Fundraising like reporting: How eight nonprofit newsrooms majorly increased their major gifts Journalism Funders Confidential: Monthly newsletter with insights into some of the major forces currently shaping philanthropy and journalism in Europe 50,000 first-time donors? Here’s how […]


Fundraising: Essential Reading

Raising money to build and scale up a nonprofit investigative journalism organization is challenging. Grants and donations from philanthropic organizations and individuals are one source of funding. Here are tips and ideas from fundraising experts: NEW: MediaDev Fundraising Guide (2021) Tipsheet: Fundraising Research Resources, by Bridget Gallagher, from a presentation at GIJC19. Inside Philanthropy: Who’s […]


Crowdfunding for Journalists

At a time when the media is struggling to support serious journalism, investigative reporters increasingly are turning to crowdfunding. The field is growing quickly and success stories abound, but the challenges are many. For our latest resource page, GIJN has gathered tips and strategies from the best sites and blogs, and done a guide to global and regional crowdfunding sites most suited for journalists. Let us know what we’ve missed!


Prospecting and Cultivation: A Fundraising Primer

One of the leading requests GIJN receives is for help with fundraising. With the global spread of nonprofit media, journalists are looking for new ways to raise funds and structure the “business side” of their news organizations. As a starting point, GIJN asked for advice from fundraising expert Bridget Gallagher, who helped launch the GIJN secretariat and has raised millions of dollars for nonprofits.

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