FAIR launches Africa’s first ‘Arizona Project’

22 September 2010

Soccer corruption story published in eight countries

FAIR has launched Africa’s first ever Arizona project. The investigation ‘Killing soccer in Africa’ was started when a journalist in Cameroon was severely assaulted after he had started probing the financial affairs of (Cameroonian) Confederation of African Football President, Issa Hayatou. FAIR decided then and there to commission a transnational team on the subject of corruption in African soccer, ‘Arizona’ style. To see the dossier, click through from the homepage on http://www.fairreporters.org/?home.

Journalists from more than 60 countries join in support for WikiLeaks

4. november 2010 06:18

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Journalists and people from other professions from every region of the world joined together to support the whistle-blowing organization Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange who, they say, have provided an extraordinary resource for journalists around the world and made “an outstanding contribution to transparency and accountability on the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars”. The journalists organizing this effort continue to support Wikileaks and Assange after the latest release of U.S. State Department documents. The journalists, many of whom are prominent investigative reporters, come from countries as diverse as Russia and Namibia, and Israel and Indonesia, plus many from European countries and North America. The journalists, who are linked through investigative journalism networks, decided to speak out publicly after watching a growing campaign of threats and unfair criticisms against Assange and Wikileaks.


Les journalistes du monde entier se réunissent pour soutenir l’organisation de Wikileaks et son fondateur Julian Assange qui, ils disent, ont fourni une ressource extraordinaire pour le journalisme, ainsi qu’une “contribution exceptionnelle à la transparence et la responsabilité sur les guerres en Afghanistan et Irak.” Les journalistes, dont beaucoup de journalistes d’investigation, viennent de pays aussi divers que la Russie et la Namibie, l’Israël et l’Indonésie, des pays européens et d’Amérique du Nord. Les journalistes, liés par le des organisations de journalistes d’investigation (notamment le Global Investigative Journalism Network), ont décidé de parler publiquement après avoir observé une campagne intense de menaces et critiques injustes contre Assange et Wikileaks. Pour plus d’information, contact :
Gavin MacFadyen (R-U)
Gmacfadyen(à me.com, cellule 44 (0) 774 030 4570

Mark Lee Hunter (France)
MarkLeeHunter(à)gmail.com, portable 33 (0) 6 27 81 00 87

Nicky Hager (Nouvelle Zélande)

Lucy Komisar (Etats-Unis)
LK(à)lucykomisar.com, 001 212 929-1610

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Julian Assange, fondateur de Wikileaks, se trouve visé par des critiques et menaces pour sa dans les fuites énormes de documents militaires sur les guerres en Afghanistan et en Irak (les “War Diaries”). Il est accusé d’avoir publié de manière irresponsable des informations militaires confidentielles, en mettant en danger les vies des personnes citées dans les rapports militaires, et même d’espionnage.

Journalisten aus 40 Ländern zur Unterstützung beitreten für Wikileaks

Journalisten aus allen Regionen dieser Welt haben sich vereinigt, um die Whistle Blower-Organisation Wikileaks und deren Gründer Julian Assange zu unterstützen, von dem die Journalisten erklären, dass dieser eine aussergewöhnliche Quelle und einen „außerordentlichen Beitrag für Transparenz und Verantwortlichkeit zu den Kriegen im Irak und in Afghanistan“ geleistet hat. Die Journalisten, viele von den Unterstützern sind prominente investigative Reporter, kommen aus den unterschiedlichsten Ländern wie im Beispiel Russland, Nambia (Afrika), Israel, Indonesien, aus den Staaten der Europäischen Union und aus Nord Amerika. Die Journalisten, die gemeinsam in investigativen Netzwerken verbunden sind, haben sich dazu entschlossen in der Öffentlichkeit eine Erklärung abzugeben, nach dem diese eine zunehmende Kampagne von Angriffen und nicht gerechter Kritik gegen Julian Assange und Wikileaks beobachten konnten. Nachfolgend finden Sie die Erklärung, die Liste der UnterstützerInnen und Ansprech-PartnerInnen für Medien-Auskünfte zu dieser Erklärungen in verschiedenen Regionen in dieser Welt.

Gavin MacFadyen (Reino Unido)
Gmacfadyen(at)me.com, celular 44 (0)774 030 4570

Mark Lee Hunter (Francia)

MarkLeeHunter(at)gmail.com, celular 33 (0)6 27 81 00 87

Nicky Hager (Nueva Zelandia)

Lucy Komisar (EEUU)
LK(at)lucykomisar.com, 001 212 929-1610

Jacqueline Fowks (Perú)
jfowks(at)gmail.com, 51 (1) 9934-67477

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Julian Assange, Gründer der Whistle Blower Organisation Wikileaks, wurde harsch kritisiert und angegriffen für seinen Teil in Lücken von Militär-Dokumenten zu den Kriegen in Afghanistan und im Irak (bekannt auch als „Die Tagebücher des Krieges“). Er wurde beschuldigt, unverantwortlich, vertrauliche militärische Informationen veröffentlicht zu haben, der Gefährdung von Leben von Menschen in den veröffentlichten Miltiär-Berichten und ebenso der Spionage bezichtigt.


Periodistas de todas las regiones del mundo se han unido para respaldar a la organización de denuncia WikiLeaks y su fundador Julian Assange quien, dicen, ha proporcionado una fuente extraordinaria para los periodistas en el mundo y ha hecho “una contribución sobresaliente a la transparencia y la rendición de cuentas de las guerras de Afganistán e Iraq”.

Wikileaks: una petizione lanciata da giornalisti di 40 paesi

Giornaliste e giornalisti di tutto il mondo, firmano un appello a favore di Wikileaks e del suo fondatore Julian Assange. Wikileaks è un’organizzazione che raccoglie denunce di chi per la sua posizione non può esporsi pubblicamente, e che dal 2006 mette a disposizione di tutti sul suo sito documenti confidenziali e riservati. Wikileaks costituisce una straordinaria risorsa per i media di tutto il mondo e ha dato un contributo eccezionale alla trasparenza e al riconoscimento delle responsabilità nelle guerre in Afghanistan e Iraq. I giornalisti e le giornaliste che firmano questa petizione, molti dei quali sono reporter d’inchiesta, lavorano nei paesi più diversi: dalla Russia alla Namibia, da Israele all’Indonesia, in Europa e in America settentrionale. Sfruttando le reti mondiali del giornalismo d’inchiesta, i giornalisti hanno deciso di far sentire la propria voce per reagire alla campagna di violente critiche e minacce che ha recentemente colpito Wikileaks e Assange.

Website launch of investigative journalism manual

4. november 2010 15:06

Johannesburg: The regional Media Programme of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in South Africa announces the website launch of the Investigative Journalism Manual (IJM). http://investigative-journalism-africa.info





The manual is unique in that it is a training kit, while at the same time serving as a general source of information. Furthermore and crucially, its content has been and will be produced by African journalists, and the case studies reflect the continent’s reality. The manual includes a foundation section aimed at those new to the field, and also advanced material for the more experienced practitioners.

Seymour Hersh addresses GIJN Conference

Event Date:
Thu, 2010-04-22 00 – Sun, 2010-04-25 00

Legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh delivered today’s keynote address at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Geneva, sharing details about his work on My Lai in Vietnam, Abu Graïb, and about his particular relationship with sources. Hersh then participated in a panel discussion moderated by Brant Houston, a co-founder of the Global Investigative Network and currently the Knight Chair in Investigative Reporting at the University of Illinois. To read excerpts of Hersh’s remarks, click here. French filmmaker William Karel, known for his investigative documentaries including “The World According to Bush,” presented a talk on how to profile public figures. He is currently working on a film about Nicolas Sarkozy.

Global Conference off to great start despite travel disruptions

Event Date:

Thu, 2010-04-22 00 – Sun, 2010-04-25 00

Hundreds of journalists from around the world gathered at the sixth Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Geneva despite the travel chaos created in Europe by a volcanic eruption in Iceland. The first day began with dynamic presentation by Robert Saviano and was followed by panels on covering the Russian oligarchy, climate change, undercover broadcast reporting and how to organize and finance investigations.  

At only 31 years of age, Roberto Saviano became famous for his in-depth investigations of the Mafia circle, and in particular, that of the Neapolitan Camorra. During months, this writer and competent investigator delved into this dangerous world in order to decode its functioning, its clans, and its economic logic. The result of this work is the publication of a bestselling book entitled “Gomorrah”, with five million copies sold, and a cinematic adaptation, in 2008.