18 thoughts on “Global Investigative Journalism Conference Set for November 2017

  1. Good day. Wanted to enquire about if there are any package deals if travelling to the conference in a group(students- from Botswana)

  2. Kgosi — we will launch the conference website in a week or so, and there will be information posted on it about attending GIJC17, including links to discounted hotels and travel advice. Hope to see you there!

  3. Hi,
    I am a journalist with seven years of work experience, but currently, I am on a study break and not pursuing as a full-time journalist. Is it possible for me to attend the conference, and if yes, what’s the procedure for applying?

    • You are welcome to join us at the conference, which is attended by journalists, professors, students, NGO staff, and others. We will launch the conference website in a few days with information on how to register, transportation, lodging, and more. Hope you can make it.

  4. I am a Tanzanian jouranlist working with the Daily news, an english daily broadsheet. I am a member of the Cross Borders Africa investigative journalists network started by a group of 25 africa seniour editors who attended a Pan african investigative journalism course at wits university in dec. 2012 when the US was launching africa media hub project. I would love to attend this conference to gain new insights on investigative journalism. i am a sub editor doing international features editing. i hold a second class diploma in journalism, a law degree and i am currently doing my master of arts degree in international cooperation and developemnt at tyhe open university of tanzania. i believe this course will suit me because i will have time to interact with many scholars from around the world. kidly let me know if i can be eligble and get a fellowship/scholarship.funds to attend. regards.

  5. actually i will like to attend, i am a working journalist from Nigeria Africa, but where do I start from? my transport ,accommodation and other logistics, who will take care of them?

  6. I am a broadcast media journalist from the southern part of India. What are the norms to participate in this conference?

  7. Wow, I bet #GIJC2017 will be great. I cant wait to be there and learn, network, interact with media practioctioners from all over the globe. I attended #AIJC16 last year and it was such an eye opener. Just the kind of networking that I needed. I was particularly struck by the cross-border collaboration sessions and after the conference, I initiated a whatsapp group with more than 20 journalists who I met at WITS. We share tips, story ideas, contacts, sources and alerts on upcoming media trainings & workshops. I am looking forward for this year’s event. Thanks WITS and GIJN for organising this

    • Thank you for your inquiry about membership in the Global Investigative Journalism Network. GIJN is a training and professional development association, and membership is limited to nonprofits, NGOs, and educational organizations. You can find membership criteria listed on our website here.

      Regardless, you and your colleagues are welcome to be part of the broader GIJN community by joining our Facebook and Twitter feeds, LinkedIn group, and Global Listserv, and by subscribing to the GIJN Bulletin. Also, our Help Desk and Resource Center have useful guides for journalists worldwide.


      Thanks again for your interest. Wishing you the best,

      Gabriela Manuli
      GIJN Deputy Director

  8. I am a Tanzanian Journalist work with Afya Radio, i would like to attend this conference to get new idea on investigative journalism also i would like to know well what can i do my job about how to collect, writing and presenting the news

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