We Need MUCH More Data


Telling us that traffic accidents happen on streets over time is nice, but it's just the beginning of an Open Data Odyssey that governments, civil society, and other organizations must begin together to document and describe the tertiary impacts of these events, and many other events, on our collective experiences and lives in large urban ecosystems like New York. Continue Reading →

Global Open Data Index: Only 11% of Key Datasets Are Open


Open Knowledge, the UK-based nonprofit that focuses on unlocking data around the world, has released the latest version of its Global Open Data Index. The index attempts to make sense of the explosion in open government data portals, which have grown from just a handful three years ago to nearly 400 worldwide. The good news: the number of entries and data sets is growing. The bad: only 11% of the datasets surveyed are deemed open by the index. Continue Reading →

Top Ten #ddj: The Week’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links


What's the data driven journalism (#ddj) crowd tweeting about? Here are the week's Top Data Journalism Links on Twitter (for December 1-9), including items from Stimme.de, Arnaud Wery, Datawrapper, The Economist, and m0le.net. Thanks to Marc Smith of Connected Action for gathering the links and graphing them. Continue Reading →