COLPIN Showcases Latin America’s Best Muckraking


The seventh Latin American Investigative Journalism Conference ended on Monday, bringing together 150 journalists from some 15 countries in Lima, Peru. The conference, held November 20-23, presented awards to an impressive array of stories from across the region. Noting the quality of the awards submissions, veteran journalist Gustavo Gorritti declared, "El periodismo de investigacion se ha salvado." ("Investigative Journalism has been saved.") Continue Reading →

¿Qué es el Periodismo de Investigación?


Aunque existen distintas definiciones del periodismo de investigación, entre las asociaciones de periodistas hay un consenso sobre los principales componentes: investigación sistemática, en profundidad y original, que en general implica revelar un secreto. Muchos señalan que la práctica a menudo también implica un uso intensivo de datos y registros públicos, con un enfoque en la justicia social y la rendición de cuentas. Continue Reading →

Top Ten #ddj: The Week’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links


What's the data-driven journalism crowd tweeting? Here are the top ten links for Nov. 17-22: ISIS killings mapped (@wireditalia); 50 years of #ddj (@gijn); Airbnb's Spain limbo (@elespanolcom); traffic accident black spots (@AalenerNachr); and Kickstarting Tanzania ddj (@Code4Africa). Continue Reading →

The Pentagon, Propaganda, and Independent Media

Pentagon 4

Gone are the days of complaints about information operations and psychological operations (PSYOPS) undermining media development being pursued by USAID and its contractors. But those have been replaced by broader concerns that the U.S government overall may now be too focused on counter-messaging at the expense of independent media development. “We are concerned that there is an increasing shift away from supporting genuinely independent media towards what might be termed counter-propaganda and promoting counter narratives,” says James Deane, director of policy and learning at BBC Media Action. Continue Reading →

European Parliament Taken to Court by Journalists from all EU


For the first time ever journalists representing all European member states have teamed up to file complaints with the European Court of Justice against the European Parliament (EP). The institution refused to grant the journalists’ requests for access to information related to how the 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) spend their allowances. Journalists filed complaints with the Court of Justice on 13 November. Continue Reading →