Database Launched with +300 Latin American Investigations

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A unique database of more than 300 investigative journalism reports from across Latin America was launched this week by The Institute for Press and Society (Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, or IPYS). Called BIPYS (Banco de Investigaciones Periodisticas, or Bank of Investigative Journalism) the UNESCO-backed initiative was announced July 6 at the annual conference of Abraji, Brazil's investigative journalism association. Continue Reading →

Top Ten #ddj: The Week’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links


What's the data-driven journalism crowd tweeting? Here are the Top Ten links for Jul 2 - 9: San Fermin's Running of the Bulls (@elmundodata); democratizing the data revolution (@OKFN); #ddj at Netzwerk Recheche's Conference (@berndoswald); prison phone calls (@IBTimes); 12 tips for #ddj; and more. Continue Reading →

Can Crowdfunding Support Media Business Models?


Monday July 6 saw the launch of The Ferret, a new Scottish investigative journalism platform, which joins an expanding list of media business models benefitting from crowdfunding. Given the seemingly increased popularity of this funding route many media players will understandably be asking if this source of income is for them. In this article we explore some of the benefits - and potential pitfalls - anyone exploring these channels needs to consider. Continue Reading →