GIJN and India’s CIJ Team Up for “Watchdog Reports”

India CIJ2

GIJN has partnered with the Centre for Investigative Journalism, India to launch a new feature, Watchdog Reports. This daily feed on CIJ's website curates items on investigative reporting from India and around the world, including news of the latest tools, techniques, fellowships, awards and more. India’s center, founded last year, is working with leading journalism schools and media “to train a new generation of Indian investigative journalists.” Continue Reading →

Japan’s Investigative Journalists Push Back Despite Secrecy Laws


As Japan imposes new laws that threaten to restrict the freedom of the press, some Japanese reporters and activists are seeking new ways to conduct investigative journalism. The problem for Japan now is finding its own sustainable business models, as happened in other Asian countries such as South Korea or the Philippines, where there are now thriving investigative reporting centres. Continue Reading →