Con Men, Dupes, and Terrorism: A Review of Risen’s Pay Any Price

pay any price

At long last we can retire Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as the icons of investigative reporting. With his second book probing the dark tunnels of the so-called war on terror, James Risen has established himself as the finest national security reporter of this generation... Although parts of Risen’s new revelations have been published in the Times or elsewhere, here they are fleshed out in richly reported chapters studded with eye-popping new charges. Continue Reading →

Treating Reporters as Crooks: Nations Crack Down on Press Visas


Getting hassled by authorities is nothing new for investigative journalists. But two recent incidents serve notice that some countries are cracking down with a tried-and-true technique to stop pesky foreign reporters: prosecuting them for visa technicalities. In Indonesia and Russia this week, authorities are trying to stop coverage and even training by investigative journalists. Continue Reading →

Welcome (Back) to Lillehammer — SKUP Gets Ready for GIJC15!


The ninth Global Investigative Journalism Conference at Lillehammer, Norway, is now less than a year away. Your local hosts at SKUP -- Norway's investigative journalists association -- went there last week and are pleased to report that plans for GIJC15 look most promising. For those who missed the fifth GIJC in 2008 -- also hosted in Lillehammer -- here are some quick facts about place and the conference venue. Lillehammer is a small city in the countryside north of Oslo. It is known as the host city of the Winter Olympics in 1994, and in recent years for the TV series “Lilyhammer,” about a New York gangster (Steven van Zandt) who hides in the town. Continue Reading →