Researching Corporations and Their Owners

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Government records on corporations reveal only the tip of the iceberg, if that. Unfortunately, the identity of the real owners can be obscured. So-called shell companies are created to disguise the real, “beneficial,” owners. The good news? There are many ways to research companies, who really owns them, what they do and more.

FOIA This! — Digging Out Government Spending

Tracking down local government expenses is a recurrent theme for many successful freedom of information requests. Some recent examples suggest that quite a variety of information is potentially available — about credit card charges, salaries, retirement parties, and even costs of leak investigations. Have a great story you developed using a FOI/RTI request? Send it to us at We’re currently looking for examples regarding immigration.

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David E. Kaplan, Executive Director. David Kaplan has worked as an investigative journalist for more than 35 years, reported from two dozen countries and won or shared more than 25 awards. He has managed nonprofit newsrooms, investigative teams and numerous cross-border projects. During the 1980s and early 1990s, at the original Center for Investigative Reporting in San Francisco, he and his colleagues developed the model of a nonprofit investigative news enterprise. At its peak, CIR derived 40 percent of its income from commercial revenue, drawing from television news retainers, documentary production, publishing contracts and syndication. In 2008, Kaplan became editorial director of the Center for Public Integrity.