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Pulitzer Center

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Pulitzer Committee attendees protest missing journalists in Brazil amid reports their bodies have been found

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Pulitzer Center Climate Conference Attendees Call for Action

Attendees at the Pulitzer Center’s climate change reporting summit held up posters and spoke out to raise awareness about the disappearance of journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous activist Bruno Pereira, who went missing in the Amazon rainforest. A suspect has since confessed to killing the men, and two bodies thought to be them have been found, according to media reports.

News & Analysis

How Collaboration Enables Transcendent, World-Changing Journalism

The Pulitzer Center’s Marina Walker Guevara sees collaboration as one of the most significant paradigm changes in journalism of the past 50 years. In a keynote speech at the Collaborative Journalism Summit, she said that by working together, reporters can investigate stories that “transcend us, transcend our competitive instincts, our newsrooms’ politics, and our own egos.”

News & Analysis

9 Leadership Tips for Women in Investigative Journalism

At GIJC21, a panel of editors and newsroom leaders currently at the helm of leading investigative journalism organizations around the world detailed how they had risen to the top despite the challenges facing women in many newsrooms, and gave tips for female investigative reporters.

Member Profiles

Using Theater—and Zoom—to Tell Stories of Investigations into Solitary Confinement

After spending time in solitary confinement in Iran, Sarah Shourd started to explore what confinement meant in the United States and has produced a body of work about what she found in prisons around the country. Her play about confinement – “The BOX”– was broadcast over Zoom, bringing a story about the desperation of solitary confinement to audiences experiencing isolation around the world.