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News & Analysis

Document of the Day: White Supremacists Charged with Targeting US Journalists

A small but violent American neo-Nazi group targeted journalists who covered their activities by sending threatening messages to their homes and making fake calls to law enforcement. The harassment and intimidation campaigns were detailed by prosecutors in charges against five men announced last week.

Data Journalism

10 Visualizations About Criminal Justice

Journalists and data experts were busy last year attempting to quantify and analyze the criminal justice machine in the United States. Storybench cut through the noise and pulled out these 10 visualizations that best explain the world of criminal justice.

Reporting Tools & Tips

MOUs: How to Get Everyone on the Same Page for Collaborative Projects

As collaborative journalism becomes a common practice across the media industry, news outlets may need clear documentation to guide their projects. Drafting a memorandum of understanding between collaborating partners can help get everyone on the same page. Stefanie Murray, from the Center for Cooperative Media, gathered six MOU template examples as a guide.

Case Studies

How ProPublica Used a Game to Tell Stories of Five Immigrants Seeking Asylum

Video games and journalism have had a history — the melding of the two has been less successful in breaking news because of the fast turnaround. However, it has seen more successes in longer investigations that take more time to develop. ProPublica’s Sisi Wei shares the process behind the unit’s gamification of five asylum seekers’ stories.

Case Studies

How One Reporter Uncovered the US Role in a Mexico Massacre

In 2011, Miguel Ángel Treviño and his brother Omar, two of the most wanted drug kingpins in Mexico, sent members of the criminal syndicate Zetas to murder and disappear entire families in Allende, Mexico. ProPublica’s Ginger Thompson spent two years investigating the role of the US Drug Enforcement Administration in the massacre by gaining the trust of the citizens in the town.

Member Profiles

The Dogged Investigative Reporter on the Aging Beat

Peter Gosselin at ProPublica has a very different investigative beat: Americans 60 years and older. More specifically: age discrimination and the treatment of older workers. Read how he recently exposed such practices at IBM by leveraging on crowdsourcing.