Tools for Measuring Your Group’s Audience and Impact

As news publishers, it’s tempting to think of our analytics like the weather: they just happen to us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By tracking our readers’ behavior and understanding what makes them act a certain way or click on a certain page, we can better understand how to recreate or manipulate their behavior the next time around. The following is a comprehensive list of tools to give you incredible insight into your readership.

Journalism and Digital Times: Wider Reach and Sloppy Reporting

Digitization is one of the primary driving forces behind recent changes in journalism, including news values, professional ethics, workflows, working conditions, and newsroom management. The Mapping Digital Media study shows that digital media have not only changed journalism practices in developed countries but have also significantly shaped the way journalists work in emerging markets. Digital media bring opportunities, risks, and challenges to journalism. While digitization facilitates news gathering and dissemination, it does not necessarily foster better journalism. Plagiarism, lack of verification, and other unethical journalistic practices have increased alarmingly in many countries.