GIJN Toolbox: Hunting for Secret Money and Financial Conflicts of Interest

In this edition of GIJN Toolbox, we profile three brand new — or newly expanded — tools to dig into financial secrecy and hidden gains from corruption or crime. Our list includes a user-friendly database to search for sanctions and conflict-of-interest red flags, a site that uses an algorithm to detect hidden bank accounts, and a newly expanded database on the true owners of offshore companies.

Топ-10 DDJ: тайна «лодок-призраков», атака троллей на ВОЗ, шорты Аль Пачино и перелеты в эпоху коронавируса

Спутниковые снимки помогли понять, отчего гибнут рыбаки в Японском море; данные со смартфонов – отслеживают влияние COVID на траты потребителей; а специальный трекер поможет каждому провести исследование о ношении масок в своем регионе.

Data Journalism Top 10: North Korea Ghost Ships, Trolls Attack WHO, Al Pacino’s Wardrobe, COVID Air Travel

Satellite imagery has become increasingly useful in establishing evidence of human rights abuses and in shining a light on dubious activities being conducted in secretive parts of the world. Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from August 17 to 23 finds NBC News utilizing satellite data to solve a long-standing mystery about North Korean “ghost boats” washing up on Japanese shores, The New York Times analyzing footfall data to determine how the coronavirus pandemic has influenced consumer spending, and Bellingcat revealing a coordinated network of attacks on Twitter against the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO).