Freelancing: Funding Your Investigative Projects

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Grant funding for reporting projects is available from a variety of sources. Some funders welcome all kinds of proposals, while others seek to support specific topics. Here at the Global Investigative Journalism Network we maintain a list of grants and fellowships for international journalists. For more on Distribution, Promotion, and Freelancing, see our GIJN Guide.GIJN’s list is focused on opportunities available to journalists internationally. While grant programs offer the most direct support for reporting projects, check out the fellowship opportunities, too.

Data Journalism Top 10: Border Disputes, Mediterranean Gas, Data Reporting Grants, Newsroom Cuts

Territorial disputes — over land, borders, or resources — are a long-standing source of tension around the world. Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from September 7 to 13 finds Al Jazeera explaining the India-China dispute over a shared Himalayan border in seven maps, and the Financial Times attempting to put into context the tensions between Turkey and its neighbors competing over natural gas discoveries. We also find Stanford University and Big Local News offering data reporting grants on the pandemic, and other groups offering free data journalism workshops and webinars.

New Sources of Media Funding on the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The pressing need for good reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged a growing list of donors to offer grants to journalists. Looking for more resources on covering COVID-19? Be sure to check GIJN’s Resource Center.In addition, offers of aid to publishers are emerging in light of the increased financial pressures on small businesses. GIJN has summarized both kinds of opportunities below. In addition, other opportunities, not specifically targeting the media, might be available from governments and various philanthropies.

Most Popular Resources on GIJN in 2019

GIJN’s ever-growing Resource Center added many new or substantially revamped guides this year, including packages on climate change, land ownership, women journalists, data journalism, tracking planes, and working with whistleblowers.

A New Resource for Women Journalists

Women muckrakers are breaking important stories around the world, but there are still relatively few female investigative journalists. To help them find communities and support, GIJN has compiled a comprehensive list of global resources designed for women journalists.