Consejos para usar herramientas de código abierto al reportear desde casa

El uso de herramientas de código abierto, contenido generado por el usuario y filtros de búsqueda avanzados ha permitido a los reporteros reportear historias importantes sobre la pandemia de COVID-19 desde la cuarentena domiciliaria. En un foro web reciente de GIJN, tres investigadores de investigación compartieron conocimientos clave sobre las herramientas y técnicas que han desenterrado hechos y visuales más allá del alcance de los informes de campo tradicionales.

Data Journalism Top 10: Breaking into Data Journalism, America’s 5G Fail, Thai Pop, Gender Bias, Fake Google Reviews

We often talk about climate change as an issue future generations will confront. But society is already feeling the dangerous impact of rising temperatures as more and more regions around the world slowly become unlivable. The Guardian produced an ambitious data project on this issue as well as another piece examining the shifting carbon center of gravity. The most popular data journalism tweets between October 11-17, as discovered by our NodeXL mapping and human curation, also include stories on the long-expected arrival of 5G technology, the rise of Thai pop, and fake reviews on Google Maps.

Press holding binder, arm, microphone, reporting tactic

Investigative Tactics That Reporters Love

In interviews over the past year, dozens of leading journalists have told me about the scores of tools and techniques that proved helpful in their investigations. But, again and again, these top muckrakers point to about a dozen tactics that they rely on all the time. We share those favorite techniques in this roundup.